Feng Shui Symbolism & Strength of the Number 8

Published March 18, 2021
Number 8 On Brick Wall

In feng shui, number 8 is considered the most auspicious and luckiest number. The number 8 is used in many feng shui tools, symbols, and feng shui applications.

Feng Shui Number 8 Good Luck Meaning

There are numerous reasons that feng shui number 8 is considered a good luck number. The most common one is because the Cantonese word that sounds like 8 means prosper. But some might argue that the good luck that surrounds the feng shui number 8 is due to the current feng shui Period 8.

Feng Shui Period 8 (2004-2024)

Feng shui is based on 20-year cycles known as periods. The 20-year cycle is actually a sub-period of a 180-year complete cycle that is made up of nine 20-year cycles. The periods are defined by the flying star school of feng shui sometimes referred to as time dimension feng shui. The ruling direction of Period 8 is northeast, which is ruled by the earth element. This 20-year cycle for Period 8 also makes the feng shui number 8 more powerful.

Feng Shu Flying Star 8

A feng shui practitioner can create a flying star map. The flying star map is a blueprint of how the luck energy is spread out in your home, identified by each sector. There is a water star 8 and mountain star 8. During the Period 8, both stars are very auspicious and lucky. The water star 8 brings great wealth when the water element is activated, so you want to know where this star is residing to take advantage of its good luck energy. The mountain star 8 is key to exceptional relationship luck and health luck during Period 8.

Feng Shui 8 Sided Bagua

The 8-sided bagua is a feng shui tool that defines the 8 compass directions. The bagua is a valuable feng shui tool for determining the compass directions of your home or office. The 8 pie wedges of the bagua are called sectors. Each represents a specific area of life and also is governed by one of the five elements.

The 8 compass directions, 8 areas of life luck and ruling element:

  1. North: Career luck (water element)
  2. Northeast: Education luck (earth element)
  3. East: Health luck (wood element)
  4. Southeast: Wealth luck (wood element)
  5. South: Fame and Recognition luck (fire element)
  6. Southwest: Love and Relationship luck ( earth element)
  7. West: Decendants luck (metal element)
  8. Northwest: Mentor luck (metal element)
Feng Shui 8 Sided Bagua

Feng Shui 8 Auspicious Symbols

The feng shui 8 auspicious symbols are considered good luck signs. These ancient symbols are used in various feng shui applications to promote harmony and prosperity. The 8 auspicious good luck symbols are often used in the decorations of monasteries and temples. Many people place the individual symbols in the appropriate sector to take advantage of the symbol's good luck.

Feng Shui Number 8 and the Mystic Knot

One of the most prevalent of the 8 auspicious symbols is the mystic knot. The number 8 is known as the symbol of infinity, having no beginning and no ending. In feng shui, the number 8 is used six times to weave the mystic knot. This repetitive knot tying infuses the mystic knot with powerful energies of good luck. The mystic knot is often the decorative hanger used for various feng shui symbols and charms.

Other Feng Shui Number 8 Symbols

The feng shui number 8 is used for various good luck charms and symbols. A few of these include the 8 bamboo stalks in a lucky bamboo plant arrangement, the 8 red fish in an aquarium, or 8 Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon. All of these symbols can be used in your home or office, placed in the southeast sector (wealth luck) to generate wealth.

The 8 Immortals

The 8 immortals are considered Taoist saints. In feng shui, a painting or individual figurines is placed in the home or office, so the 8 Immortals can bless you. Each Immortal saint is responsible for one of the eight sectors. Each saint will infuse their magic energy into the sector to bestow the sector's bounty on you and your family.

Feng Shui Kua Number 8

You can calculate your kua number, so you can take advantage of your personal number. The feng shui kua number 8 belongs to the West Group. The group provides your four best directions for daily tasks and special events, such as eating, sleeping, studying, working, and special events. The number 8 also reveals your worst directions that you can avoid facing when performing various tasks or attending an important meeting and other events.

Feng Shui Kua Number 8

Feng Shui 8 for Wealth Luck

Since feng shui 8 is considered a wealth luck number, it is the prized number for businesses and savvy individuals. The number 8 is used for bank accounts, phone numbers, home and business addresses, car license plates, wedding dates, and dates for other important events.

Good Luck Energy of Feng Shui Number 8

The powerful luck energy of the feng shui number 8 is widely used throughout feng shui applications. You can take advantage of the outstanding luck this number can bring to you.

Feng Shui Symbolism & Strength of the Number 8