Feng Shui Uses of Orange to Invigorate Your Home

Published December 3, 2020
Concerete Wall with Table and Orange Decors

Feng shui orange is a color that invigorates and brightens your home décor. You can use the orange color in feng shui in specific luck sectors.

Uses of Feng Shui Orange in Home Décors

While colors cannot activate elements, they are powerful symbols of the five feng shui elements. Orange is a variation of the fire element color, red. When you use orange in your home décor, it invigorates with auspicious chi energy.

Orange Color Feng Shui Applications

You can decide on the best luck sectors to use the orange color in feng shui. You want to keep in mind that orange is a fire element color.

Orange and Fire Element

The fire element rules the south (fame and recognition luck) sector. You can use orange as a primary color in this sector to represent this powerful element. Other fire element colors can be used with orange as long as you maintain a good balance between the colors. There are some great textile choices of upholstery, draperies, rugs, throw pillows, and various decorative objects that feature a mix of oranges and reds. These color blends can be used in your feng shui home décor.

Modern Domestic Kitchen Interior

Orange Feng Shui and Earth Element

In the productive cycle, the fire element produces the earth element (ash). When you use the fire element in sectors ruled by the earth element, you are in effect nourishing and supporting the earth element. You can use orange as a primary color in the southwest (love and relationship luck) and northeast (education luck) sectors. Auspicious secondary colors include the wood element colors of green and tan/light brown.

Center of Your Home

The center of your home delivers abundance to your family. It is also ruled by the earth element. You can use orange in this area of your home to generate auspicious chi to ensure the energy of abundance is being fed.

Wood Element Feeds Fire Element

In the productive cycle, the wood element feeds the fire energy, so the wood element colors go great with orange. You can decorate with one or both of the wood colors for a good mix of element colors. You can use orange and tan, orange and green, or orange and various light brown color combinations.

Using Feng Shui Orange Accent Colors

While you won't make orange a primary color in the east (wood) or southeast (wood) sectors, you can invigorate these areas with a few orange accent pieces. These could be an orange ceramic flowerpot or a pair of orange and green plaid or floral design throw pillows.

Sectors to Avoid Using Feng Shui Orange

The east (health luck) and southeast (wealth luck) are ruled by the wood element. These are two sectors where you won't use feng shui orange as a dominant color scheme. You don't want to symbolically burn up the wood element.

Fire and Metal Elements

The metal element controls the west (descendants luck) and northwest (mentor luck) sectors. In the destructive cycle, fire destroys metal. Other than accent pieces, you won't use orange in these sectors.

Fire and Water Elements

It's easy to see why you won't use orange in the north (career luck) sector, since it is ruled by the water element. Water destroys the fire element, making this another sector where you should only use orange accent pieces.

Best Rooms for Orange Feng Shui Color

The best rooms for splashes of feng shui orange color are the kitchen, living room, and dining room. If you have a home office, you can add orange here, too. If none of these rooms are in a favorable sector (fire or earth ruled), you can use the orange color in the northeast or southwest corner, or on the south wall.

Orange and Green Accents in Living Room

Add Feng Shui Accent Pieces

The orange color can be featured in a wall tapestry or other form of wall art, a decorative art object or a chair lumbar pillow. Again, you don't want the orange color to be overpowering. Balance is always the goal in feng shui.

Orange Is a Symbol for Gold

When you use either real oranges or the orange color in feng shui, you are also using a long-held feng shui symbol for gold. Orange, like kumquats, share the Chinese word for gold, kum. This might be one possible explanation of why oranges are a feng shui symbol for gold.

Feng Shui Uses of Orange Fruit

Citrus is a feng shui favorite energy booster. You can use orange fruit in your feng shui décor to attract auspicious chi energy. A bowl of oranges can be placed as a centerpiece on a dining room table, kitchen countertop, or living room coffee table. You can mix oranges with other citruses, such as lemons in a bowl or glass vase as part of your home décor.

Feng Shui Orange and Décor Uses

It is easy to see that orange can be an important feng shui symbol for wealth. You can use this great feng shui color to invigorate your home chi energy.

Feng Shui Uses of Orange to Invigorate Your Home