8 Feng Shui Tips You Need When Selling Your House

Updated May 6, 2019
Feng shui can help sell house.

Feng shui tips for selling your house are a perfect tool to use as you prepare to place your home on the market. If you don't do anything other than follow the basic feng shui rules, you'll increase your chances of a quick sale.

Get Organized

This sounds so simple, but organization is a basic feng shui principle. You want your home to be in order when potential buyers come to look. Stop viewing your home as yours and see it as someone else's. Feng shui is all about organization and creating a space where chi energy can flow freely. This principle goes hand in hand with getting your home ready for the market.

Declutter to Make Your Home Marketable

The next thing you need to do is declutter. This means getting rid of more than just trash. Get rid of things you don't need on a daily basis. Either give it away, place in a consignment shop, or pack it up. In feng shui, clutter clogs up the chi energy flow and the chi become stagnant. When that happens, money flow can halt and potential buyers are stopped before they ever get to your front door.

Move Non-Essential Items to Offsite Storage

Don't just pack up items and store the boxes in your garage. In feng shui, this is still considered clutter because the boxes will block the flow of chi. If you can afford it, rent a mini-storage building to keep the boxes offsite temporarily. This will make your home look larger and uncluttered. In feng shui it's all about the energy. If you have dispersed part of your belongings from the property, then you have literally moved your energy out of the space in preparation of your move. This will help draw new energy (buyers) into your home.

Fix Anything Broken to Correct Inauspicious Chi

Feng shui is practical enough for everyday living as well as selling your home. In feng shui, if something is broken like a light switch, get it repaired. A malfunctioning device creates shar (negative) chi. This principle applies to all appliances, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and other fixtures that may need repairing.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Take a very objective look at your front yard. Is it inviting? Does it welcome visitors? Yards can be cluttered, too. Overgrown shrubbery can create obstacles for chi energy to enter your home. You can do a few simple inexpensive things to ensure proper chi flow into your home.

  • Trim all shrubbery (improves chi energy flow).
  • Paint exterior (attracts positive chi).
  • Repair any windows, seals, exterior lighting, garage door openers, and unclog gutters.
  • Clear all debris from driveways and walkways (removes obstacles for energy flow).
  • Keep lawn mowed and grass clipping collected and disposed.
  • Remove all limbs, twigs, broken, or fallen trees (obstacles and clutter).

Feng Shui the Front Door

The front door is the single most important part of your home, second only to the outside of your home. Paint the front door so the color is appealing and make your door stand out as a positive feng shui design element to invite positive chi into your home.

Green double front door

Fix Front Entrance Lighting

If you don't have lights on either side of the doorway, install them. The lights attract chi energy. If you already have lights, clean any debris out from them, replace if necessary and make sure the light bulbs work, if not, replace them.

Make Repairs to the Front Entrance

Any of these problem areas can block chi from entering your home. Neglected home repairs create stagnant chi and shar energy.

  • Replace any torn screen doors or storm doors.
  • Make sure all locks on doors work easily.
  • Wash all windows inside and out so positive chi can enter your home.
  • Repair any windows that don't open or don't open easily.
  • Repair loose or broken window panes.
  • Make sure all window locks work.
  • If your sidewalk is broken or missing pieces of brick or concrete, repair.
  • Clean all overgrown grass and shrubbery out of the pathway so there is easy access to the front door (remove all obstacles to chi flow).

Enhance Mailbox and Curbside for Auspicious Feng Shui

It may sound like an insignificant thing, but your mailbox should look fresh and clean. If necessary, give it a new coat of paint or replace it. Do some landscaping around your mailbox. If it's the right time of year, plant a bed of colorful flowers around or near it. Draw the chi energy to your mailbox and up your driveway.

Properly Place Feng Shui Water Features

You may have some problem areas in your home that could prevent your house from selling regardless of the basic feng shui principles discussed. The biggest mistake people make when applying feng shui principles is to confuse or misinterpret how to implement feng shui element enhancements. For example, some people choose to add a water feature to the outside of their home. If you aren't sure of the correct direction to place this feature, you can do more harm than good.

Pond in a backyard

Water Flows Towards the House

You want to make sure that the water always flows toward the house and not away. The water will bring money to you when flowing toward the house, but if flowing away from your home, the water will siphon your wealth and you'll find it and potential buyers flowing away from you.

Keep Water Out of the Bedroom

Never place a water feature in a bedroom, this includes an aquarium. The chi energy is too intense for a bedroom and you could be placing a water feature where it can dampen instead of activate elements.

Trying Only a Few Suggestions

Using feng shui when selling your house is more than taking a couple of suggestions and trying them out. This method will certainly help you in your resell quest. However, if you want to increase the chances of your home selling, especially when it's a buyer's market, you'll want to use all of the feng shui tips you can.

8 Feng Shui Tips You Need When Selling Your House