Free Feng Shui Business Card Designs

Updated May 9, 2019
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Use feng shui principles to design a business card and take advantage of auspicious colors, shapes and symbols. A well-designed business card based on feng shui elements can attract wealth to a company and career luck to an individual.

Two Free Printable Business Cards

The two business card examples below can be used for any business. The business card layouts can be opened, downloaded, and printed using Adobe Reader or another PDF reader. Note that in the diagram the text and logos can be customized for a unique look for your business.

Purple Business Card

Click to open the purple card file.
Click to open the purple card file.

The first feng shui business card example demonstrates how to use the powerful colors of purple and silver together for a balanced yin yang design. The Chinese words for silver and purple mean wealth. This makes purple an extremely auspicious choice for a business card.

Purple Combines Water and Fire Elements

According to a well-known Chinese saying, the color purple is born from the color red growing too hot. Red is assigned to the fire element that governs the south sector of fame and recognition luck.

Purple is also the color created when combining red and blue (fire flames). This is significant since blue is the color that represents the water element (career luck).

The power blending of silver and purple creates perhaps one of the most auspicious combinations representing prosperity and luck.

Silver Is a Metal Element

In the five element productive cycle, metal attracts water. This stimulates career growth and production. In feng shui applications, metal also enhances mental abilities. It's an ideal color choice for any business card.

Red and Gold Card

red and gold feng shui business card
Click to open the orange card file.

One of the most recognized feng shui color combinations is red and gold.

Gold and Yellow Colors

The color gold is an obvious choice because, like silver, it has monetary value. The gold color is a universal symbol for wealth. As a metal element, gold attracts the water element that drives and governs career luck.

The Earth's sun is golden and bestows energy and life to all living things. Yellow (color of gold) represents the earth element and in the production cycle earth creates metal. Earth provides stability to a company while yellow is also symbolic of happiness and vitality.

Red Color Choice

Red is a powerful color for any business since it signifies the fire element. Using this color can destroy office politics, professional jealousy, arguments, gossip and any negative aspects within the company, rendering these obstacles weak and harmless. Fire (red) can melt metal (gold) and mold it into any shape it desires.

Meaning of the Color Combination

This color combination imbues power and strengthen to businesses, ensuring that business plans and implementations are successful. They allow you to have full control of the direction you wish to take your business. The colors red and gold symbolize these elements and ensure a business will thrive and generate much wealth.

Other Auspicious Color Combinations

There are other color combinations that make good choices for business cards.

  • Black and white represent yin and yang. Bring harmony to a business through the symbol of water (black) and metal (white). Metal draws water (wealth) to it, making it a wealth-attracting color combination.
  • Green and brown represent the wood element that nourishes and grows a business by providing fuel for the creative yang element of fire. Brown is a wealth luck color and supports company finances.
  • Yellow and brown represent the earth element. Yellow gold is a metal produced by the earth. Brown is also associated with darker metals, such as bronze.

For other auspicious color combinations, check out the elements and specific colors assigned to the eight compass directions.

Choose Industry Relevant Colors and Symbols

Whenever you use a symbol, it should be relevant to your business. It should make sense for it to be included in your business card design. If you're unsure, then choose the element that best represents your company's product or service and use the related colors and symbols.

  • Silver or Gold: Banking, financial, jewelry, medical and surgical, government agencies, computers and technology, sales, aircraft, insurance and automobile companies
  • Purple or blue: Music, food, healing arts, transportation, distribution, beauty supplies, cleaning, counseling, and therapy industries
  • Yellow: Rock quarry, compost and dirt supplier, real estate, ecological or agricultural industries
  • Green: Landscaping, furniture, lumber, carpentry, home builders, paper products, publishing, daycare, education, and clothing companies
  • Red: Fire-related products, candles, cooking appliances, restaurants, creative, sports, and retail industries

Feng Shui Symbols for Elements

Whenever you use a feng shui symbol of an element you want to be sure that the symbol is relevant to your business. It should make sense for it to be included in your business card design.

  • Water (liquids): Curved, curled, wavy, or arched lines (represent wave, fluid, or liquid); tortoise, dragon, and fish
  • Fire: Flame, phoenix, horse, and rooster
  • Metal: Shield, disc, rock, gold ingot, and coin
  • Wood: Lotus flower, trees, bamboo, tall cylindrical and column shapes
  • Earth: Oval, circle, triangle, pottery, and crystal

There are other symbols that industries use that relate to the five elements of water, metal, earth, wood, and fire, such as a spigot with a drop of water, a welder's torch, a lumberjack sawing down a tree, a bulldozer moving a mound of earth, and so on.

Other Layout Designs

There are other layout designs options. Depending on what part of the world you live in, the following may be more expected of normal business card styles.

Left Right Layout

The left and right side card layout is a simplistic and auspicious design. The company logo is placed on the left side of the card, typically taking up the majority of the card height.

Company information is placed on the right side with all lines evenly spaced without any breaks between the company name, your name, your title, address, website, phone number, and email. This design ensures that clients can easily find important contact information.

Top Bottom Layout

The top and bottom card layout is also simplistic with the company logo centered in the top portion of the card. The company info is then placed in the bottom portion, also centered, and again with no line breaks.

Bagua Layout

Bagua layout uses the card rectangle shape as one would a house layout. Various elements of your company information can be placed using compass directions.

For example, the south direction is located at the top of the card and north is at the bottom. Place the company logo in the south sector since it governs fame and recognition. The north sector governs career, so your name can go in this area. Each compass direction rules a specific area of life. Take advantage of these areas with this type of card layout.

Create an Auspicious Business Card

You can use colors and symbols to create an auspicious business card that will enhance your business and career. By being aware of the elements associated with your industry, you can capitalize on more feng shui symbols to increase your business wealth.

Free Feng Shui Business Card Designs