Where to Find Skull Candle Holders

Updated May 24, 2018
skull candle holder on desk

When you're in the mood for the macabre, nothing beats a spooky skull candle holder. Whether you're shopping for Halloween decorations or are completing a Gothic-themed décor, there are many choices for skull candle holders.

Shadow of Darkness Skull and Bones

This pair of skull and bones inspired candlesticks is available from Wayfair and has a sculpted appearance. Made of resin, the candlesticks are hand-painted in a black matte finish. The candlestick is mounted on top of a skull pedestal and supports pillar sized candles. The Gothic design is ideal for a Halloween table setting or a candy bar set-up for trick or treaters.

Black Skull Sculptural Candle Stick
Black Skull Sculptural Candle Stick
  • Pro: This design is also a great addition for Gothic themed décor.
  • Con: The candlesticks are only available in the ebony color.

Customer Reviews

Customers are very pleased with the candlesticks. Some reviewers share:

  • "The set is beautiful and they have a nice weight to them."
  • A few customers purchased these for a gothic themed bedroom.
  • Other customers commented the candlesticks are very heavy and won't tip over easily.

Size: 14''H x 4.5''W x 4''D

Price: Around $33 (Set of two) plus free shipping on orders over $49

Skull Candle Holder

Three ivory-colored skulls resting on a pile of bones serve as the base for this pillar candle holder from Amazon. A pair of skeletal arms emerge from the base with skeletal hands grasping the black candle holder as though supporting it. The skulls and bones have an ivory finish with realistic shading.

Melrose Skull and Bones Candle Holder
Melrose Skull and Bones Candle Holder
  • Set the candle holders on either side of a dining table centerpiece.
  • Pro: The design is unique and supports taller pillars.
  • Con: The design might be frightening to young Halloween fans.
  • Size: 5"W x 4.5"H
  • Price: $35 (set of two) plus $8.95 shipping

Multiple Skulls Candle Holder

This resin candle holder, found on Walmart's website, features a large skull resting on top of several smaller skulls. A faux red wax appears to pour from the metal candle holder and drip from the top of the skull. The large skull rests on top a several smaller skulls. It is hand-painted, with all of the skulls finished in a bone color with natural-looking shading of brown and black. Use a red taper candle to take advantage of this visual effect and place on a serving table or buffet.

Multiple skulls resin candle holder
Multiple Skulls Resin Candle Holder
  • Pro: This candle holder is a great choice for anyone who wants a surprise element.
  • Con: The faux blood effect might prove too much for a young trick or treaters.
  • Size: 3.75"H
  • Price: Around $15 each plus free shipping

Stacked Skull Candle Holder

The saying, "Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil" is portrayed in this three-skull candle holder ideal for tapers and candlesticks. It's sold online through Shindigz Party store. Each skill is crafted with realistic detailing featuring skeletal hands covering the ears, eyes and mouth. The skulls are stacked on top of each other supported by a 4" square resin base that's finished as a carved wooden base. Place this candlestick on the candy bowl table by the front door to greet trick or treaters.

Stacked Skull Candle Holder
Stacked Skull Candle Holder
  • Pro: The design is a mix of macabre and humor.
  • Con: The design limits the type of candle you can use.
  • Size: 12"H
  • Price: Around $20 each plus shipping (free shipping on orders of $69 or more)

Steampunk Skull Candle Holder

This Anne Stokes creation, available in Amazon, is a great find for any steampunk fan or enthusiast. The unique style of anachronistic technology and the retro-futuristic look of pseudo-mechanisms are aptly represented in the skull decorations. The steampunk Victorian flair includes a half-goggle, metal implants and various gears with traditional copper and brass finishes. This candle holder is perfect for tapers and candlesticks. Set on a bookcase, desk or coffee table for a fun look at Halloween or year-round.

Anne Stokes Steampunk Candle Holder
Anne Stokes Steampunk Candle Holder
  • Pro: The steampunk skull has all the features that fans expected from a design.
  • Con: Not everyone appreciates steampunk artforms.
  • Size: 7.3"H x 7.2"D x 5.8"W
  • Price: Around $44 each plus free shipping (Not eligible for Amazon Prime)

Skull Tealight Holder

This candle holder from Darkothica features a bed of skulls with a hand rising from it that's supporting a larger skull in the palm of skeletal fingers. A tea light candle fits neatly behind the open eye sockets for a dramatic effect. A realistic shackle and chain dangle from the bony wrist and curls around the pile of skulls. You can use this candle holder as a gruesome centerpiece for a dining table or serving table.

Skull tealight candle holder
Skull Tealight Holder
  • Pro: This candle holder makes a great addition to any scary Halloween decorative grouping.
  • Con: You can only use tea light candles.
  • Size: 6.10" H, 2.5"W base
  • Price: Around $10 each plus shipping calculated at checkout

Red Still Life Skull

Reminiscent of the crystal skulls, this modern take in red has a melted watery appearance. The candle sets inside the skull, illuminating the vacant eye sockets, similar to a Jack-O-Lantern effect. This candle holder can be used on a porch step or railing post to light the way for Trick or Treaters, or on a serving buffet for a Halloween party.

Red Still Life Skull Candle Holder
Red Still Life Skull Candle Holder
  • Pro: Provides a unique Halloween decoration or a Goth themed décor addition.
  • Con: If your Halloween theme is orange and black, this color might not fit with the other decorations.
  • Size: 4.5"L x 3.5"W
  • Price: Around $55 with free shipping

Spooky Skull Candle Holders

If you're in the market for a truly spooky touch of skull and bones, then shopping for a skull candle holder is a perfect find. Decide on the type of candle you want to help narrow your choices.

Where to Find Skull Candle Holders