Gold Canyon Candles Overview

Updated September 4, 2019
Lit Candle In Jar And Eyeglasses On Table

Gold Canyon is known for long burning handmade scented candles. The company offers other scent-related flameless fragrance products for your home.

Gold Canyon Candles Popular Choices

There are several reasons why customers love Gold Canyon candles. The handmade candles are made in the United States and are made with a proprietary cool wax blend. The wax is a food-grade paraffin. This means you'll get a clean burning candle.

Fragrance Throughout Candle

Unlike some scented candles, Gold Canyon prides itself on fully scented candles. The fragrance is distributed from the top to the bottom providing a consistent release of the fragrance as your candle burns down. The company boasts over 60 fragrances sold in candle and flameless products.

Safety Wicks Prevent Fire Hazards

Gold Canyon candles have a safety wick that features a safety collar. This collar ensures the wick is self-extinguishing. This feature prevents the glass from breaking and hot wax spilling out onto your furniture.

Types of Candles Sold by Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon offers several types and sizes of candles. Some are standard while others are seasonal specialties. Instead of giving burn times for each candle, Gold Canyon uses the hours the fragrance will last.

Heritage Candle

The most popular and well-known style is the Heritage® Candle. It's available in large, medium and mini sizes. Each candle comes in an attractive diamond pattern (Diamond-Light?) glass jar. Made from food-grade paraffin wax, the candles have varied burn times that include:

Seasonal Specialties

Seasonal Specialties feature holiday themed candles as well as seasonal ones, such as summer or fall fragrances and designs. Depending on the season, you may find star-shaped candles in star glass holder or 12 oz mason jar candle collection.

Modern Farmhouse

The collection of Modern Farmhouse candles features two berry and one apple fragrance candles. The candle colors are red, purple and green. The candles come in a square glass jar with a black lid. The candles have a burn time of 56 hours of fragrance.

Lux Collection

Unlike the other Gold Canyon candles, the Lux Collection candles are made from a premium coconut wax blend. The candle comes in a glass jar with a logo embossed wood lid. Each candle has 50 hours of fragrance.

Life Occasion Lumie

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, try a Life Occasion Lumie? candle. You may want to wish a happy birthday or say 'thank you' to someone. These candles feature cute glass containers decorated with word graphic messages. The candles have 120 hours of fragrance and feature double wicks.

VoLight Candles

VoLight? candles are votives of various scents and come with their own glass candle holder. These are rate with tested burn times of 15 to 30 hours!


The tealight candles are ready to be placed in your own holders or displays. Sold in a set of eight, each tealight will burn up to seven hours.

Flameless Fragrances and Supplies

In addition to fragrance candles, Gold Canyon offers various unique items such as wick trimmers and wick dippers. If you don't want to burn a candle, you can still enjoy the various fragrances with flamless fragrances. These include:

Scent Pods® and Scent Pod® Warmers

The Scent Pods® will last up to 20 hours. Each pod features a lid that can be used between uses. The Scent Pod® Warmers are electric and slow release the pod scents. It can also be used for oils by using an oil warmer adapter.

Gold Canyon Candles Scent Pod Wickless Candle (White Magnolia)
Gold Canyon Candles Scent Pod Wickless Candle (White Magnolia)

Scent Cube

The Scent Cube uses 3 AA batteries to operate a dispersing fan. You pour a few drops of fragrance oil onto the fragrance pads. A small LED light remains on while in operation. The cube will turn off after two hours of continuous operation.

Scentre? Plug-In Fragrance

Scentre? Plug-In Fragrance fits either horizontal or vertical electrical outlets. It holds one Scentre® fragrance bulb that is activated for 24/7 and lasts up to 30 days.

Scent Clip

This attractive clip holds a pad that you place a couple of drops of oil. You can clip it onto the air vent in your car or anyplace you wish to give a little scent.

Gold Canyon Color Block Scent Pod Warmer
Gold Canyon Color Block Scent Pod Warmer

Home Fragrance Oil

The Home Fragrance Oil is used with a Scent Pod® Warmer, Scent Cube, Scentre? Plug-In Fragrance or Scent Clip. The fragrance oil is available in 30 scents and contains 100% fragrance oil. It only requires a couple of drops of oil, but you can make the scent as strong or subtle as you like.

Gold Canyon Candle Pitanga Peach Home Fragrance Oil
Gold Canyon Candle Pitanga Peach Home Fragrance Oil

Limited Editions and Outlet Specials

You may want to check out the Specials section for savings on Limited Editions. Under the Specials section, you'll also find an Outlet section featuring various products, such as candle holders, candle wraps and home décor items.

Return Policy

Defective candles must be returned within 90 days of order to receive a replacement of same product, unless no longer available. In such cases, you can select an item of equal or of greater value. If you don't want a replacement, you can request a refund.

Preferred Customer Program

If you're a regular customer, you may want to join the Gold Canyon's Preferred Customer program. You can subscribe with a monthly fee of $29.95. This subscription entitles members to:

  • 30 Gold Dollars (40 Gold Dollars in Canada) monthly to redeem for purchases
  • Gold Dollars credits expire after six months.
  • 15% discount on all products
  • Free shipping for order $90+
  • Exclusive promotions and new product early access
  • Cancel any time.
  • Prior to ordering over $200, you need to contact your Independent Executive to issue an exception request.

Customer Reviews

There are several reviews on Gold Canyon website. Customers find the scents very pleasing with many repeat customers purchasing the same ones as well as other scents.

  • Amazon customers remark how surprised they are at the consistent aroma.
  • However, according to another Amazon reviewer the candle continued to burn after the scent dissipated.
  • Birdeye reviews customers comment on the fragrance being "so good and strong" and another customer said, "I never had such a fragrance from a candle."

Where to Buy Gold Canyon Candles

You can purchase candles directly from the Gold Canyon website, by attending a party hosted by someone you know, or through a fundraiser. You can also buy Gold Canyon candles on

Career Opportunity With Gold Canyon

If you're looking for a new career opportunity, Gold Canyon offers an Independent Executive program for selling Gold Canyon candles. A monthly fee of $29.95 and the purchase of an enrollment kit $200 are required. Gold Canyon consultants have the following benefits:

  • 25% discount
  • 30 Gold Dollars each month
  • Monthly free shipping for single $90 online order
  • Free personal website with 2 additional Preferred Customers each month
  • Early access and exclusive promotions
  • Cancel any time

Fundraising Opportunities

Many organizations, schools and groups take advantage of the fundraising opportunity Gold Canyon offers. Your group will make $8.00 US and $10.40 CDN per candle sold.

  • Length of fundraiser averages 2-3 weeks, but you can decide on selling period. It can be longer or shorter if you prefer.
  • One candle size in 15 fragrances.
  • You can hold two annual fundraisers, Spring/Summer (January 16 through August 31) and Fall/Winter (August 16 through January 15).
  • Your organization chooses either to buy bulk or sell to individual via online webpage.
  • Payment to organizations is made between 5 and 9 business days of closing out fundraiser.

Shipping Costs

The shipping cost for fundraiser orders depend on type of orders. Bulk order shipping cost is $2.00 per candle. The shipping cost for eFundraisers using direct shipping is $9.99 or 10% of the total order, depending on which is greater. The shipping cost is paid by the customer at the time they place the order online. Free shipping on bulk orders by tax exempt organizations on $400 orders (non-direct ship).

Shopping Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon candles offer customers quite a range of choices of candles and flameless fragrance options. You can take advantage of customer savings, fundraising opportunities, and an entrepreneurial opportunity that Gold Canyon offers.

Gold Canyon Candles Overview