Good Luck Charms for Restaurants

Published October 14, 2019
Good Luck Charms On Restaurant

Good luck charms can be used in restaurants to attract good fortune and increase business. Once you learn where to place feng shui good luck charms, you can begin reaping the rewards of these ancient symbols.

1. Three Chinese Coins

Chinese ancient good luck charms for money include using three Chinese coins. You can purchase or tie three Chinese coins (ones with center square hole) together with a red ribbon. Always place these with yang side up (side with four characters). It's believed these coins will attract wealth. Choose one or two places. Don't go overboard. Overusing symbols is considered greedy and can backfire on you.

  • You can place these coins on top of your cash register.
  • It's easy to add these coins inside your cash register drawer or cashbox.
  • You can also place this symbol of great wealth on your safe.
  • You may want to place the coins on your phone cradle/charger.
Antique Chinese Coins

2. Dragon and Water Charm

Another great feng shui symbol for a restaurant is the dragon and water. These two feng shui symbols work best when placed beside each other. The dragon will activate the auspicious cosmic chi energy to attract good fortune.

Don't Oversize

Keep both the dragon and water fountain in proportion with the size of your restaurant. Never oversize the water fountain or dragon since gigantic sizes create an imbalance of chi energy and will bring inauspicious energy to your restaurant. Feng shu always dictates you maintain a balance of energy and this is especially true when using feng shui symbols.

Optimum Placement

You can place a dragon beside the water fountain. Make sure the direction of the water flow is toward the inside of your restaurant and never out a door or window. The dragon should be placed to overlook the fountain yet also facing inside.

Dragon statue

3. Metal Bells

Another great feng shui symbol of good fortune is metal bells. Many merchants place small bells over the entrance doors to announce customers as the door opens and closes. However, the origins of this practice come from good feng shui practices of ringing in abundance. The sound of tinkling bells is a nice ambient touch and generates auspicious yang energy each time the door opens and closes.

Bells Attract Yang Energy and Customers

You can use this good luck symbol for business by tying six or seven bells together with a red ribbon or cord. You may decide to purchase an old-fashioned shopkeeper's bell and modify the single bell with your smaller ones.

Tiny bells

4. Mystic Knot

You will often find Chinese coins, amulets and various good luck charms suspended from a red mystic knot. The knot contains six infinity knots and symbolizes an infinity of luck. You can hang an infinity knot or one that supports an auspicious good luck symbol above or beside your cash register or reception/hostess stand.

Chinese red knot

5. Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is known as a wealth and success magnet. You can place this symbol in the southeast sector of your restaurant. You can also set one in the north sector of your restaurant office. Make sure the dragon turtle is always pointing into the room, never out a door or window.

Golden Dragon Headed Money Turtle

6. Ru Yi

One of feng shui's most powerful good luck charms is the Ru Yi. This scepter of power is an ancient symbol of leadership, prosperity and good fortune. The Ru Yi means, "It is as you wish." This symbol attracts yang chi energy to support your desires and plans for your business/career and reputation.

  • Set this charm in the north sector of your restaurant.
  • The north area of your office is a good place for this symbol.
  • Some people prefer to display the Ru Yi on their desk in the north part of the desk surface.
Ru Yi

7. Aquarium

Many restaurants opt for an aquarium instead of a water fountain for their feng shui water feature. This symbol of good fortune can be used in the front entrance of your restaurant or a waiting area at the front entrance. The best compass directions for this business symbol of good luck is the southeast (wealth) or north (career).

8. Sailing Ship

In feng shui, the sailing ship loaded with gold ingots is the symbol of great wealth coming your way. Restaurants can use this powerful charm to attract new business and great wealth.

Ship Location for Best Results

This well-known business booster is placed near your restaurant entrance to attract more customers. The ship should have all sails unfurled so they can catch the winds of good fortune.

  • You can load the ship with small faux gold ingots. If possible, place these inside the ship for added fortune.
  • You can also place coins and paper money inside the ship so it's out of sight and part of the cargo.
  • Avoid using a ship of war, especially one with cannons or a model of a famous but doomed vessel.
Sailing Ship Statue Feng Shui Decor for Fortune
Sailing Ship Statue

9. Ox

The ox is an ancient and sacred symbol in feng shui. The ox is considered a wish granter. It's used in a business to bring good luck and great success. You can place an ox symbol in the north or southeast sector of your restaurant. If you hold your deepest desire for your restaurant business in your mind as you set the ox in its special place, your wish might be granted.

Red Ox

10. Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat, a Japanese symbol adopted by feng shui, is also known as Maneki Neko (beckoning cat). This cute good luck charm is eagerly accepted by many business owners. This bringer of good fortune can be placed near the entrance to your restaurant or by the cash register.

Japanese Lucky Cat

11. Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of great abundance, good luck and powerful success. As with any Buddha statue, pay respect to it and place it eye level or higher. You can set this feng shui symbol near the front entrance of your restaurant, overlooking your customers as they enjoy their meals. The Laughing Buddha is often used in feng shui to conquer competition and protect you from those attempting to sabotage your business.

Laughing Buddha

12. Trumpeting Elephant

You can trumpet your restaurant as a huge success by placing an elephant with its trunk raised in the air at the front entrance. This symbol of strength can fortify your business and herald success. The elephant will attract more business and accolades with its trunk raised in celebration and announcement.

Elephant Figurine

Good Luck Feng Shui Charms for Restaurants

There are many good luck charms you can use for a restaurant to attract customers and grow your business. Choose two or three that appeal to you and fit naturally into your restaurant theme and enjoy the good luck that follows!

Good Luck Charms for Restaurants