How to Change Your Luck With Feng Shui

red envelope and lucky rock

Feng shui is all about placements that improve the flow of chi energy that impacts the various sectors of luck. There are many feng shui remedies to change your luck, reversing bad luck and bringing auspicious chi into your life.

Change Your Luck by Unblocking Stagnant Chi Energy

The easiest way to change your luck is to unblock stagnant chi energy. If you're experiencing bad luck in a specific area in life, look at the sector governing it to see if the chi energy is stagnant. For example, if you've had a run of bad luck in finances, assess the southeast sector to make sure you don't have clutter blocking the flow of chi energy. Clearing out clutter has an immediate effect that you can sense the moment obstacles are no longer blocking the flow of auspicious chi energy. You can work on a specific sector to change luck, but for a change in general luck, declutter your entire home. There are several ways to achieve this.

Declutter and Clean House

The most common cause of stagnant energy is clutter. This can be easily remedied with instant results. Follow a declutter checklist and you'll be amazed how quickly your luck changes with these simple feng shui remedies as soon as the stagnant chi begins to flow freely.

Create a Bright Hall

In her book, Lillian Too's Easy-to-use Feng Shui: 168 Ways to Success, the feng shui guru discusses the importance of a "bright hall" for a home. This is the entrance space inside and out of your home. If you're experiencing bad luck in your life, turn your attention to the front entrance of your home. You may not be allowing auspicious chi energy entry into your home. The chi energy could be stagnant and not flowing into your home. The purpose of inviting auspicious chi energy into your home is to activate the chi in the various sectors that influence your life. If you don't have free flowing chi energy moving into and throughout your home, your luck will become stagnant or nonexistent.

Front porch of house

If you need to change you luck, change the way chi energy enters your home by creating a bright hall. A bright hall will give chi energy the space to pool outside your front door and provide a never-ending reservoir of chi energy to move freely into your home. Some things you can do:

  • The front door should open into a green open space, such as a garden with low growing plants and no trees.
  • The front door entrance should be large so more auspicious chi can enter your home.

Use the 27 Object Cure

This cure is also known as the Magic of 27 Objects. It may sound too simple, but this ancient feng shui technique works to get chi energy moving and flowing once more. As mentioned, stagnant chi can be the culprit causing bad luck. This can be general luck or it can be a specific area in life. When you unblock stagnant chi energy, your luck can change instantly.

With this technique, simply move 27 objects in the sector you wish to change luck. This can be as simple as moving furniture one inch. You can move various objects on shelves, books or objects on a desk. It doesn't matter if you move an object a fraction of an inch or change the location. Just moving 27 objects from their original spot is enough. The results are immediate and often profound. You can incorporate this technique into your weekly cleaning routine to keep the auspicious chi energy flowing. You can move 27 objects in each sector of your home if desired. Anytime you need to change your luck, just move 27 objects.

Use Color Red to Change Your Luck With Money

The color red is a highly auspicious feng shui color. Considered the color of royalty, the color red brings blessings, abundance, and luck to those who wear it and decorate with it. You can take advantage of this prized feng shui symbol of luck and prestige on a very personal level.

red envelope packet
  • If you need to change your personal luck and wealth luck, then wear red clothing and accessories, even red lipstick.
  • Red envelopes are always auspicious. Tradition dictates using red envelopes for giving money gifts, paying bills, and simply carrying in a purse or wallet with a coin tucked inside for wealth luck. The gifting with red envelopes can change wealth luck to the giver and receiver.
  • Paint a front door in red is auspicious for south facing homes and invites abundance and luck inside. The color red ignites the fire energy and activates the luck of this sector of recognition and fame. If you need a little luck to gain the kind of recognition and/or fame you desire, go with red.

Remedy Poison Arrows

One of the most detrimental causes of bad luck is the poison arrow, also known as sha chi. These can be found in the exterior and interior of homes and offices.

  • A poison arrow can be something as simple as a utility pole or the roofline of a neighbor's house. These create sharp angles of energy that are pointed directly to your home.
  • Interior poison arrows range from columns to furniture edges and cabinet corners.

All poison arrows have remedies, such a bermed landscape to block a deadend road that becomes a poison arrow or a simple potted plant placed in front of a column. Ascertain if your bad luck is resulting from one or more poison arrows and remedy for a quick luck change.

Change Luck in Negotiations and Meetings

One of the best kept secrets in feng shui is how to gain control over a negotiation or other important meeting. Any time you are in a situation where you need good luck to win, be sure you take the seat in the north sector of the room. This is considered a position of power and luck since you are facing the auspicious direction of south. For example, when sitting at a conference table during a negotiation or business meeting, sit in the north sector to establish control over the processes and ensure you end up in the lucky favorable position.

Use Personal Kua Number

One of the best ways to change a streak of bad luck is to utilize your personal kua number.

  • Use the kua calculation formula to find your personal number.
  • Face one of the four auspicious directions for your kua number when, working, sleeping, studying, eating, and resting to ensure you capitalize on chi luck energies. For example, if you need health luck, you can face your Ten Yi (heavenly doctor) direction when eating, sleeping, and resting. Doing these activities while facing this direction allows you to capitalize on the benefits of health luck energy.
  • You can face one of your four auspicious directions when attending a meeting or negotiation. This works as well if not better in some instances as the north position since you're aligning with the direction most beneficial (luck) to you personally.

Add Lucky Bamboo

You can add a lucky bamboo plant in the east, southeast, or south sectors for good luck in each area of life these sectors control. East controls health, southeast controls wealth and south controls fame and recognition.

Lucky bamboo plant

If you need career luck, then set a lucky bamboo plant on your desk. Place the plant in one of these three directions to ensure career and wealth luck. In addition, give a lucky bamboo as a housewarming, new job or promotion and any special occasion to convey good luck for the occasion.

Enhance Compass Luck Sectors

In feng shui, each of the eight compass points governs specific areas of life. These sectors are influenced either positively or negatively and impact the chi energies residing there. Use the following listing of each sector to determine if you need to activate with its appropriate element and/or symbols.

Feng Shui elements

Career Luck

The north sector governs career luck. If you're experiencing an impasse or decline in your career, this is an area you can bolster to invite auspicioous chi energy. You can use such things as desk placement, activating the water element in the north sector and career luck symbols for auspicious career luck.

Education Luck

The northeast sector governs education luck. If your grades are slipping or you need to pass an exam but are concerned you will fail, you can activate this sector to bring auspicious chi for these and other scholastic or higher learning endeavors. By activating the earth element in this sector with a seven or nine tiered pagoda or crystal globe, you can activate and attract education luck. In addition, you can also take advantage of education luck by facing your personal studying (fu wei) direction (based on kua number).

Health Luck

The east sector rules the health sector. There are many ways to activate and enhance this luck energy. If you are suffering from an illness or your health is in decline, activating the wood element in this sector can bring health luck to you. Use plants, wood furniture and wood objects to activate the health luck energies. Use a wu lou by your bed to attract health luck. Add a water feature to nourish and support the wood element and health luck it generates.

Wealth Luck

If you're suffering a financial slump or downturn in wealth, you need to activate the southeast sector that governs wealth. You can use the same suggestions for activating the wood element (governs southeast sector) and adding a water feature as the east sector. These actions will bring wealth luck into your life. In addition, you can use various wealth symbols and money cures, such as a wealth ship or money vase. All of these things attract and activate the wealth luck sector to change your wealth luck.

Recognition and Fame Luck

The south sector governs your recognition and fame luck. If your luck for this sector is non-existent or lagging, you can change it with a few simple additions to this sector. Activate the fire element governing this sector with candles, lights, lit fireplace, plants to fuel the fire and symbols, such as a horse or phoenix.

Love and Relationship Luck

If your love relationship is rocky or if you don't have a love interest, but desire one, you can activate the love and relationship luck to change it. The southwest sector rules love and relationship luck. and can be activated by the ruling earth element same as the northeast sector. You can attract love luck to strengthen an existing love relationship or attract one with a pair of mandarin ducks in rose quartz (symbol of love). Place the mandarin ducks on a bedside table. To ensure luck in love, use the double happiness symbol in the southwest sector of your home and/or bedroom.

Descendents Luck

The west sector governs descendents luck, which is commonly known as children's fortune. If your child or children are having difficulties, you can give them a boost of luck and change it by activating the west sector. The descendents luck is governed by the metal element. This can be something as simple as metal frames with photos of your children grouped together, or metal wall art. You may prefer to add a metal sculpture or metal bowl/tray. Feng shui symbols, such as pomegranate, laughing Buddha with kids, or an elephant can also be used in the west sector to attract good luck for your children.

Mentor Luck

The northwest governs the mentor sector. This sector can help you to connect with a mentor and/or mentor energies. To activate good luck in finding a mentor or simply being able to tap into the energy of someone you admire as a mentor, add metal to this sector. You can use metal bowls/trays, wall art and/or a 6-rod (hollow) metal wind chime. Place a photo of someone within your industry you respect/admire in this sector to generate auspicious energy and luck where you need mentoring. You can also add mentor luck statues, such as Kwan Kung and Fuk Luk Sau.

Auspicious Chi Energy and Good Luck

Any time you can attract auspicious chi energy into your home, you can reap a change in your fortune and overall luck. Select the areas in your life that need improving and activate each luck sector with specific remedies.

How to Change Your Luck With Feng Shui