How to Feng Shui Your Business Entrance

Published October 10, 2019
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Knowing how to apply feng shui principles to the entrance of your business is vital for successful business owners. You can increase sales and support business growth when you feng shui your business entrance using proven tips.

1. Hidden Poison Arrows

One of the most detrimental things to a business is a poison arrow. To identify hidden poison arrows, just stand inside your business entrance and look out. Let your attention travel as far to the left and as far to the right as you can.

  • What is in your line of sight? Does anything obstruct your view?
  • Is your business at the end of a street (T-junction)?
  • Are any of the neighboring building rooflines pointing toward your entrance?
  • Are there any utility or streetlight poles or towers across from your entrance?

Remedies for Business Poison Arrows

Feng shui offers several remedies for poison arrows. You can try a few that are specific for a business suffering from poison arrows. These remedies use compass directions and the destructive cycle. This means the element used will destroy the element assigned to a specific sector. In addition to the element, you can use the color assigned to the sector.

East or Southeast

Create a wall made of metal grating, such as a grille can be erected between your entrance and the poison arrow. You can paint this wall a metal color either gray/silver or gold/bronze.


A wall featuring cascading water on the side facing the poison arrow can negate a poison arrow. You could substitute the wall of water with a fountain in front of the wall. Make sure the fountain sprays upward to disperse the negative energy created by the poison arrow.

Water statue

Southwest or Northeast

You can plant a hedge with thorny plants between your entrance and the offending poison arrow. Allow it to grow at least five feet high. You'll need to keep the hedge neatly trimmed. You can also plant trees in odd numbers.

West or Northwest

A wall will help disperse the poison arrow effect coming from the west or northwest. For an added boost, you can paint the wall a cherry red. As a great side effect, the color will help customers find your business very easily.


You can build a brick wall that's about five feet high. Landscape in front of the wall with a bermed area, supporting three or five tree plantings.

Alternatives to Walls

If you can't build a wall, plant a hedge or add a bermed area, you can use planters filled with tall plants or small trees. If city/town ordinances prohibit adding planters, you can hang a multi-facete crystal above the entrance door of your business, high enough so it won't interfere with customers entering and exiting your business.

2. Lighting to Attract Business

Lighting is the most effective feng shui tool for attracting auspicious chi energy into your place of business. There are several places you want to maintain good lighting. Be sure to replace any burned out bulbs.

  • You can use attractive fixtures that convey wealth and high quality. Gold or silver is a good metal color choice for business fixtures.
  • Exterior wall sconces on either side of your entrance door(s) should remain turned on 24/7 to attract good yang energy for your business.
  • Landscape lighting can be placed on a timer or light sensitive meter to illuminate your business whenever it is dark.
  • You need one or two up lights shining on your business sign and building entrance!
  • A mixture of interior lighting options in your entrance, such as a crystal chandelier, wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps attracts chi energy.

3. Landscaping Your Entrance

Your business entrance should be landscaped, spotless and meticulously designed to be inviting. You can use large commercial planters for round or oval leaf plants (no pointed leaves) that you can change out with seasonal flowers. Be sure you keep these spruced up by deadheading spent blooms. Define and frame the entrance with identical plants/planters placed on either side of the door(s) out of the path of customers. If exterior floor space is limited, use a pair of hanging baskets with one on either side of the entrance door.

4. Entrance or Reception Area

First impressions are vital to your business. You want customers to enjoy being in your space and not want to leave. The reception area of a business or front window of a retail business, should be cheerful and energized with appropriate decorative objects and artwork to improve your luck.

  • Make sure all your furniture is clean and upholstery isn't worn or in need of repair. Either reupholster or invest in new furniture.
  • Flooring should be clean and in excellent condition. Hardwood or vinyl flooring should be polished and free of scuff marks.
  • Carpeting and rugs should be vacuumed as often as necessary to keep presentable, especially if you have heavy foot traffic.
  • Strategically place live plants (no pointed leaves) in the east, southeast and south corners/areas of your entrance/reception area. You can use fragrant herbs, too.
  • Fresh flowers on the reception desk or cashier counter bring vibrant chi that your customers will appreciate.
Reception or check-in area

5. Clutter Free Zone

Your entire business should be free of all clutter. This can be something as simple of emptying trash cans more than once a day, or regularly straightening magazines or books in a waiting or reception room.

Clutter Robs You of Money

Clutter makes everything become stagnant. No business owner wants a stagnant business. You can avoid this by using a decluttering checklist. You want to keep the front entrance clean, even if it requires sweeping or vacuuming more than once a day. This area should always be free of dirt and debris. Glass doors and windows should sparkle.

6. Desk Placement

If your desk is located in the entrance area of your business, it's important that your desk is placed in the command position. This means you want to be able to see anyone who comes into your business. Never sit with your back to the main door. There are a few configurations that can help you take advantage of feng shui office layouts.

7. Generate Yang Energy With Water

Yang energy is active and creative chi energy that a business must have in order to thrive. You can generate this auspicious energy by adding a water fountain or aquarium in the east (health), southeast (wealth) or north (career) sector of your entrance/reception area. Always keep the water fresh and replaced in fountains and aquariums. Replace any dead fish immediately.

Woman at workstation

8. Create a Wealth Vase

You can create a wealth vase to store in an office cabinet or closest in the entrance of your business. This is a secret feng shui money magnet that needs to be hidden from view and stored where it won't be disturbed. You can place it in the north (career) or southeast (wealth) corner of the entrance. Foyer or reception area.

9. Use Your Kua Best Directions

You can calculate your kua number to reveal your four best directions. The ideal is for the facing direction of your building to be in one of these four directions. However, if it doesn't, you can still sit facing one of your best directions while working, negotiating deals, and working with customers.

10. Activate Career and Wealth Elements

You can go beyond a water fountain or aquarium to activate other areas important to your business success. For example, you can place a crystal or two to activate your education sector (northeast) to attract educational opportunities for advancing your business. If you need a mentor, place a metal object, such as a metal wall medallion on the northwest wall of your office.

Close-Up Of Purple Mineral

11. Scents for Wealth and Fame

You can use aromatherapy essential oils to infuse your business with pleasing scents to attract wealth. Choose a pleasing scent, such as lemongrass (wealth) or peppermint (fame and reputation).

12. Music for Good Feng Shui Vibes

You can attract auspicious chi energy by playing the right kind of music. You want unobtrusive background music. There is specific feng shui music that you can play according to the sector to assist in activating the ruling element.

Tips for How to Feng Shui Your Business Entrance

Feng shui tips can teach you how to create an auspicious entrance for your business. You'll immediately feel the difference in the energy and soon reap the beneficial results in your business.

How to Feng Shui Your Business Entrance