How to Feng Shui Your Car

Car Feng Shui

Feng shui principles can be applied to anything, even your car. In fact, since many people spend a great deal of time in their vehicles, adding feng shui touches to your car to create auspicious chi is beneficial.

Follow Feng Shui Rules for Your Car

Just as you would approach feng shui for your home, so should you approach the feng shui of your car. Start with the basic feng shui principle of decluttering.

Declutter Your Car

It's easy for trash to accumulate in a car. If you travel for a living, you may end up with clothes, suitcases, and work papers scattered in the back seat or trunk space. Not only does this present an unprofessional look for a business car, clutter creates stagnant energy.

If your car is cluttered and energy trapped underneath stacks of books, papers, used fast food bags, and empty drink cups, then every time you get into the car, your energy level is going to sink and sag.

So, get a large trash bag and a couple of bins and clean out your car. The bag is for trash, one bin is for clothing, and the other bin is for work or school-related clutter.

Clean It Up!

The second rule of feng shui is to clean it up. That means you want to vacuum the carpeting and upholstery. If you have small children and there are sticky places from dropped cones of ice cream or popcorn strewn about, then vacuum and wash the upholstery.

Next, tackle the windows inside and out. One of the feng shui tenets is to keep windows clean so auspicious chi energy can come and go. It's also a safety concern for a vehicle, so make sure your windows sparkle.

Wash That Dirty Car!

A good washing is needed to complete the clean up process. Don't forget the grill work and the tires. Once you're finished, you may want to put a super shine on your car with a nice wax job.

Now, sit in your car and take a whiff. Does it smell clean? If not, it's time to deodorize your car so that it smells fresh every time you enter. That new car smell is even available in a can, if that's your scent, or choose an air freshener with your favorite scent.

Let Fresh Chi Enter Your Car

If you ride with the windows closed and park your car in a home garage, chances are, you only lower the window at drive-thrus for banks, pharmacies and food pickups. Take time each week to ride with the windows down or at least lower the windows in the driveway to allow fresh air (chi) energy to enter and replace stale inauspicious chi energy.

Do an Engine Check-Up

Now is the best time to check and refill car fluids, such as anti-freeze, check the radiator, do a battery check, and add more windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and oil. If you're due an oil change, take care of it immediately.

If your ties are looking thread worn, get new tires. If your tires a good, it may be time to rotate them. Got squeaky brakes? Get them checked out and the pads replaced before they get too worn.

Any message lights coming on the car shouldn't be ignored. Take your care in for a thorough check-up to make sure your feng shui efforts aren't wasted.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms for Your Car

Add a few feng shui good luck charms or energy objects to your vehicle. Just be careful about hanging anything from a rear view mirror since reflections can blind other drivers and cause wrecks. You can always place things like crystals in a glove compartment, cupholder, or storage compartment between the two front seats.

Charms on a rearview mirror
  • Five or three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon are great for those in sales or working toward a promotion.
  • A quartz or amethyst crystal can be placed on a keyring for auspicious energy.
  • You can carry your Chinese astrology animal as a key fob for good luck or a key chain with a favorite Chinese symbol.

Car Color Choices for Good Feng Shui

You can use your kua number to determine the best car color for your next vehicle purchase. Boost your personal power number by selecting the color from the choices offered. Be sure that you truly love the color before making that choice.

Kua Numbers and Colors
Number Color(s)
#1 Blue or black
#2 Yellow or brown
#3 Green (olive or emerald)
#4 Green (light hue)
#5 Yellow or brown
#6 White, silver, or gold
#7 White, silver, or gold
#8 Yellow or brown
#9 Red, pink or orange

If your favorite color isn't one of your kua number colors, don't worry. You can also utilize the five elements theory to see what sector your favorite color symbolizes and use it to enhance that area of your life.

Use Feng Shui to Keep Your Car Auspicious

Just as you must maintain your home through housekeeping, you will want to do the same with your car with regularly scheduled cleanings and check-ups. Add some good luck objects, if you desire, and use the car's color to enhance your life. If you keep the feng shui of your car constant, you'll quickly begin to see a difference in your driving time.

How to Feng Shui Your Car