Is Placing a Couch in Front of a Window Good for Feng Shui?

Published January 25, 2021
Feng Shui couch in front of a window

For a couch in front of a window, feng shui principles can lessen the effects of negative energy. A couch in front of a window isn't considered the best feng shui placement.

Couch in Front of Window Feng Shui Challenge

A couch in front of a window in feng shui leaves you vulnerable to the chi energy pouring in through the window. A couch placement under or in front of a window will leave you feeling unsettled. It is difficult to relax with a window directly behind you.

Should Sofa Be Against the Wall?

The ideal feng shui couch placement should be against a solid wall. This placement provides you with support and a feeling of protection.

Should feng shui sofa be against wall

Is It OK to Put a Sofa in Front of a Window?

If you're wondering if it is okay to put a sofa in front of a window, the short answer is no. While placing a couch in front of a window isn't the ideal feng shui placement, many people have no choice when arranging their living room furniture. Since western architecture isn't typically designed using feng shui principles, many people face the challenge of where to place furniture, so it follows feng shui rules. The good news is feng shui has remedies for every problem.

Chi Energy, Windows, and Feng Shui Couch

Windows and doors are the way chi energy moves in and out of your home. If you place a high-backed sofa in front of the windows in your living room, you block auspicious chi energy from entering your home, but protect those sitting on the couch. If your couch is low-profile and fits snuggly underneath the window, when you sit on the couch, your shoulders and head are exposed to the rush of chi energy entering your living room through the window.

When Is Placing a Couch in Front of a Window Okay in Feng Shui?

There is one circumstance when it is acceptable feng shui to place a couch in front of a window. That's when you use two couches in your living room. It is acceptable in feng shui for the second couch, preferably the smaller one, to be placed in front of the window.

Couch in front of window feng shui

How to Use Two Couches in Feng shui

You can use either two same-sized couches or a couch and a loveseat. The larger couch is the more important one and should be treated as the main piece of furniture in your living room.

Where to Place the Larger Couch

You will need to place the main couch (larger couch) against a solid wall. The main influence over the family's luck is the couch against the wall that is protected and supported. This means the family's luck is also supported and protected. This placement provides the main seating of the living room with the support required to stabilize the family's health, wealth, careers, and overall good luck and abundance.

Choose Main Couch to Place in Front of Solid Wall

If both couches are the same size, choose one to be your main seating and place it in front of a solid wall. You can allow around 2"-3" of space between the couch and the wall, so the chi can move around the couch. However, you don't want a great deal of space between the couch and wall since this will lessen the benefit of having a solid wall for support.

Where to Place Second or Smaller Couch

You can place the other couch in front of the window. By placing the less important couch in front of the window, the luck of the family won't be impacted. If the couch in front of the window were the only couch in the living room, then the placement in front of the window would be harmful to the family's luck.

Feng Shui Remedies for Couch in Front of a Window

Whether the couch in front of the window is the primary or secondary couch in your living room, there is still a negative chi impact for anyone sitting there. There are a couple of feng shui remedies for the loveseat or couch in front of a window. These remedies are especially important if you have no choice but to place your main couch in front of a window.

Lessen the Negative Effect of Couch in Front of Window

When you apply these feng shui remedies, you won't completely remove the negative aspect of this placement. However, you can lessen the effect on anyone sitting on the loveseat or couch.

Create a Buffer Zone With a Sofa Table

You can use a sofa table between the loveseat/couch and the window. This can create a slight buffer zone while allowing you the opportunity to add feng shui objects to disperse the fast flowing chi energy.

Add to Your Buffer Zone

You can place one or two lamps anchored on each end of the sofa table. Light attracts/generates auspicious chi energy and can slow down the incoming chi energy, so it lingers and doesn't rush over those sitting on the couch.

Multi-Faceted Crystal Balls Disperse Chi

You can set one or more multi-faceted crystal balls on the table to disperse the chi energy, redirecting it from slamming right into the people sitting on the couch or loveseat. You can also hang a multi-faceted crystal ball in the window to attract and disperse the chi energy into the room before it passes over the couch.

Feng Shui Plants Behind Couch in Front of Window

A faux wall can be created behind the couch with several feng shui plants. You don't need to blot out the entire window. You want just enough height to shield your head from the onslaught of chi energy pouring through the window. You need to select plants that have rounded and non-pointy leaves and can survive in the type of lighting the window features as in direct or indirect sunlight.

Plants on windowsill behind couch

Window Treatments for Placing a Couch in Front of a Window

If you must place your living room couch in front of a window and you have ample lighting from other windows, you can use window treatments as a feng shui cure. You can use mini-blinds or plantation shutters to direct the light. This will also direct the chi energy. You can may prefer to use draperies and keep them closed behind the couch.

Bookshelves Behind a Couch

If your couch is wider than your window, there might be bookshelves on either side of the window. If you plan to use the bookshelves to store part of your library, you can avoid creating poison arrows by simply aligning the books to the edge of the shelf. When books are irregularly lined up on a shelf, the spines of the books can create poison arrows.

Bookshelves behind couch feng shui

Shelf Scarves Diminish Poison Arrows

You may decide to use objects on your bookshelves or a combination of objects and books. If you are concerned about the shelf's sharp corners creating poison arrows, a good feng shui remedy is to drape a shelf or mantel scarf over the shelves.

Plants Are Great Feng Shui Cures

Another cure for a bookshelf behind a couch is to use non-pointy leaf plants. You can choose a trailing plant like golden pothos to tumble over the sharp corners of the shelves.

Feng Shui Bedroom Best Couch Placement

If your bedroom is large enough to place a couch, you may want to go with a small low-profile couch and place it at the foot of your bed. This can be an excellent feng shui design choice for a place to change your shoes or for spending quiet time reading before retiring for the night.

couch in bedroom feng shui

Keep Feng Shui Balance in Furniture Placements

Feng shui is always about balance, whether it is balancing elements, colors, or furniture layouts. When you make furniture placements, especially in a bedroom, you need to keep this feng shui mandate in mind. This means you don't want one end or one side of the bedroom to have more furniture than the opposite end or side. A feng shui bed with a loveseat at the foot of the bed creates a weighted end, so you can place a dresser or armoire opposite the bed (no mirrored doors) to balance the room.

Bedroom Suite Feng Shui Couch Placement

If you have a bedroom suite, then you can always apply the same feng shui rules for couch placement as you would a living room. When sitting on the couch, you should have a clear view of the bedroom door. You'll want to place the couch with a solid wall behind it and if possible, avoid placing the couch in front of the window or directly across from the door.

Worst Placement for Bedroom Couch

The floating couch placement is the worst placement for a bedroom couch. Just as a floating arrangement is inauspicious in a living room, you don't want to place a couch that isn't anchored to a wall. Setting a couch opposite a fireplace in the middle of the bedroom leaves you vulnerable to chi energies coming from all directions. Instead of this being a restive addition to your bedroom décor, a floating couch will make you feel uneasy, restless, and nervous. These are the opposite reactions you wish to have in a bedroom retreat.

Placing a Couch in Front of a Window in Feng Shui

In feng shui, placing a couch in front of a window isn't the ideal placement. Fortunately, feng shui offers several remedies when this placement is unavoidable.

Is Placing a Couch in Front of a Window Good for Feng Shui?