15 Beautiful Koi Fish Drawings

Updated July 9, 2019

Powerful Feng Shui Symbol


Whether you have a koi fish pond in your backyard or a koi fish drawing on your wall, koi fish are powerful symbols in feng shui for attracting abundance and prosperity. You can place this type of drawing in the southeast sector of your home to stimulate your wealth or in the north sector (water element) for a career boost.

Koi Fish Drawings


The color of a koi fish also has a specific meaning and has an effect on its symbolism. For example, this drawing of a white fish with a red dot on its head should be avoided since it's considered inauspicious and a symbol of failure! Any other color on the dot is fine.

Two Koi Fish


When koi fish are represented in pairs, they symbolize a marriage or love relationship filled with happiness and good luck. You can place this drawing in the southwest sector (love relationship) of your home or living room.

The Balance of Yin and Yang


The black and white teardrop shapes inside the yin yang symbol represent two koi, a male and a female, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang energies. This symbol of harmony can be placed in a living room to encourage peace within the family.

A Long Life


An ornamental carp (koi fish) can live for more than seventy-five years and is a symbol of a long life. You can place a drawing of a pair of koi in the east (health) sector of your home. If you wish a long career, place a drawing of a pair of koi in the north sector of your office.

Koi Fish Attract Happiness and Wealth


Whether you have a koi fish drawing, painting, statue, or live fish in an aquarium, it will attract auspicious chi to fill your home with good luck and prosperity. Select a drawing of two or more koi for the best depiction.

Positive Energy


Koi fish energize the area with a strong positive energy. You can add a koi drawing in a sector that has too much yin energy or suffers from an imbalance. Choose a drawing of two koi to ensure you represent the ideal balance between positive and negative energies.

Nine Koi for Prosperity and Wealth


Having a drawing of nine koi fish, eight red/gold and one black, draws wealth and prosperity into your space. The single black koi absorbs all the negative energy from the surrounding area while the eight red or gold koi attract vibrant healthy chi energy.

New Year Blessings


This drawing is an ideal choice for a new year blessing. The cherry blossoms and hanging red lanterns greet the two pairs of koi. The lotus blossoms are bearers of good fortune. The Chinese character greeting says it all, "May there be bounty every year." This drawing could be placed in the dining room, since it generates abundance for the entire family or in the foyer to attract chi energy into your home.

Circle of Energy


A drawing depicting two pair of opposite colored koi makes a good addition to your feng shui décor. A drawing that shows a pair of koi swimming in a circle represents the process of energy transformation of the elements in the productive cycle. Never use a drawing that depicts just one koi, since you want a symbol of balanced energy. In feng shui, the only fish featured alone is the powerful wealth magnet arowana.

School of Koi in Pond


A colorful school of koi swimming in a pond is guaranteed to infuse that beneficial chi energy into any sector. The yang energy generated by a school of koi is life enriching and stimulating. Place this drawing in the east sector to revive or jump start personal health or the southeast sector to stimulate wealth.

Blue and Gold Koi


This pair of koi are swimming in unison and are a great example of harmony. Blue is the color of water and generates auspicious chi energy. The gold koi is a symbol of creativity and wealth. Paired together, it looks like smooth sailing for any sector you decide to place this drawing.

Blush of Happiness


A pair of koi in a blush color depicts serenity and happiness. These two fish are different sizes, suggesting a parent and offspring relationship. They seem at peace in still water. This is a good drawing for a parent and child representation. You can place this in your living room to encourage a happy relationship between parents and children.

Yin and Yang of Koi


This drawing conveys movement and harmony as this pair of koi fish swim toward each other, creating a circle of infinity. This is a great drawing to use in a sector where you need constant energy and the omen of never-ending auspicious chi.

Koi Fish


You can use drawings of koi fish in lieu of an aquarium for an auspicious energy addition to your home. If you have live koi fish, always keep their pond or aquarium very clean to prevent stagnant chi energy. The koi inspired yin yang symbol is a great symbol to use for balance and harmony.

15 Beautiful Koi Fish Drawings