Important Lighting Tips in Feng Shui

Updated May 6, 2019
Lighting attracts positive chi energy.

In feng shui, lighting is often used as remedies for problem areas. Choose ideal feng shui light fixtures to correct any number chi energy issues. For example, adding feng shui lighting in a bedroom is an easy fix when you need to infuse more yang energy. The theory in feng shui regarding lights and the illuminating of problem areas is, as in all things feng shui, about chi energy. Light is the physical manifestation of the sun (solar energy). It also produces heat, which, of course, is yet another form the energy takes.

Use Light to Balance Chi Energy

Light is very important in creating a home conducive to balanced chi. A home that is too dark will have too much yin energy. Windows and skylights can help, but in cases where there aren't enough windows or enough light entering your home, you can remedy this with appropriate lighting placement within your rooms.

Add Lamps for More Light

Lamps are one of the easiest and best ways to introduce more light into certain areas of your home. The rooms where you perform more activities and tasks require excellent lighting, such as the kitchen, hobby room, and reading areas.

Woman on couch between lamps
  • Add floor lamps and table lamps to introduce more yang energy.
  • Floor lamps, especially torchiere lamps, brighten dark corners.
  • A torchiere floor lamp is an excellent choice since the light shines up to the ceiling and is reflected back into the room.
  • The upward lighting can serve as a cure for overhead beams by negating the inauspicious energy associated with beams.

Light Entrances

You want to make sure the entrance to your home or office is well lit. Lights on either side of the outside door are the ideal to draw positive chi inside. Make sure you replace any burned out light bulbs. Many businesses leave the outside lights on day and night to ensure a continual attraction of business.

Add Wall Sconces

If you have a home office, you can use wall sconces on either side of the door to your office. Sometimes adding wall lighting can present more expense and structural problems, so you may wish to use floor lamps instead. Don't forget to add a few plants to help create healthy chi in your office space.

Use Light Cures For Balancing Elements

If a certain area of your home has too much wood energy, then you can counter it with bright lights since fire is the element associated with light. Some feng shui practitioners suggest the combination of light and fan overhead fixture since the movement of the blades will fan the fire of the lights.

Choose Full Spectrum Lighting Correctly

Full spectrum lighting is the best lighting you can have in the areas of your home where there's activity. Full spectrum lighting is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Avoid placing full spectrum lighting in your bedroom and opt for other kinds of light bulbs that provide softer light conducive to relaxing.

Avoid Low-Suspended Light

Feng shui principles dictate that symbolism can be powerful. This holds true for lighting fixtures. For example, you should avoid a low-suspended light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. In feng shui, this symbol is one of hanging and considered very inauspicious for those who dwell in the home.

Low-suspended lighting

Avoid Over-Brightness

For a room that is too dark and you need more lighting, you'll want to be careful not to make the room too bright. As with all things feng shui, you want to make sure your lighting has a good balance and isn't harsh. You may need to add more than one lamp to ensure that the lighting is balanced.

Avoid Shadows Caused By Lighting

In the same respect of lighting, multi-faceted lights that flash shadows over the ceiling or walls are consider inauspicious. The reasoning behind this is that light should illuminate (yang energy) and should be the predominant, not the dark and splotching shadows (yin energy).

Use Dim Lighting for Bedrooms

If you have a room that is dedicated to rest, such as your bedroom or a meditation room, then lighting plays a very important part of the room function. You don't want light that is very bright in your bedroom. Choose what's called soft light for your bedside lamps and avoid harsh overhead lighting and wall sconce lighting, unless your light control has a dimmer switch on it. A light fixture directly over the bed is considered inauspicious and can lead to health issues with your liver and eyesight.

Don't Forget Exterior Lighting

If you have an imbalance outside your home, you can often use lights to remedy any issues. Many times you can install floodlights, landscaping lights, wall sconce lights, and ceiling lights to correct feng shui problem areas. If your home has a missing corner, a light placed in the missing corner can often be all you need to do in order to restore balanced chi.

Your Lighting Affects Chi Energy

You can use lighting in feng shui to continue your goal of balancing the chi energy in your home.

Important Lighting Tips in Feng Shui