Lillian Too's Perspective on Feng Shui in the Home

Updated November 16, 2018
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Lillian Too is considered the world's most renowned feng shui master of the 21st century. A self-made millionaire, Mrs. Too credits much of her success to the daily use of feng shui principles in her home and business.

Lillian Too's Feng Shui Teachings: Where It Begins

According to Mrs. Too's teachings, feng shui must begin at home, specifically on the outside of your home. In her many articles and books, she explains the importance of exterior feng shui. These same principles are also taught by Lillian Too in the seminars that she holds in her homeland, Thailand, and abroad. She's held seminars in many locations, including the United States of America, and occasionally offers online courses. This focus on the outside of your home is one of the first and foremost feng shui principles.

Outside of Your Home

Mrs. Too often discusses in her books and magazine articles that no amount of feng shui remedies inside your home can compensate for feng shui problems outside. The grounds surrounding your home must be brought into proper feng shui alignment. This is a feng shui tenet that's been taught from one feng shui generation to the next.

Feng Shui Landscape

There are four animals that are part of a true feng shui landscape. These include:

  • Black Tortoise: One of the most important features in your backyard should be a symbol of the black tortoise. This can be created by a berm and stone landscape feature. The black tortoise will give you support throughout life, similar to the support of a mountain. If you have a mountain behind your house, then you have the ideal black tortoise.
  • Red Phoenix: This animal symbolizes the front of your home. For landscaping purposes, you want the front of your home to be lower than the back. This helps to deliver opportunities and abundance to your front door.
  • Green Dragon: This animal is symbolized by land that isn't flat, but has rise and fall similar to that of the spine of a dragon. The dragon resides on the left side of your home. This means that you want the left side of your lot to be high higher than the right side, where the white tiger resides.
  • White Tiger: The powerful tiger energy complements that of the green dragon and is located on the right side of your home. This landfall should be lower than the left side occupied by the dragon. This creates an ideal balance between these two animals so that together they can protect those living in the house.

Learning Feng Shui for Home Applications

There are many other available resources for the feng shui student that can be found on Lillian Too's official website. Here, the student will find over 100 books written by this amazing feng shui guru.

Getting a Book From Lillian Too

The greatest challenge you'll face when deciding on a Lillian Too book is narrowing your selection. Titles such as, Lillian Too's Feng Shui for Interiors and Lillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home are two great books to start with as you explore Lillian Too's world and feng shui.

Declutter You Home

Probably the most basic of feng shui principles is the rule of decluttering. Every feng shui student should immediately declutter and clean her home. This alone will open up the flow of chi energy. In addition to typical things such as organizing drawers and closets, you also need to repair or replace any broken household appliances and fixtures. Burned out light bulbs should also be replaced.

Furniture Placement

Furniture should be placed so the natural pathways from one room to the next aren't blocked. The bedroom serves as a vital function to the health of the chi energy in your home.

World Of Feng Shui

In addition to her numerous books, Lillian Too hosts a large online shop, World of Feng Shui, as well as brick and mortar shops located throughout the world where you can purchase various feng shui cures and remedies.

Following the Example of Lillian Too

One of the best ways to measure the knowledge of a feng shui master is by the example of her life. If a feng shui master is successful in her own life, including career and home, then you can be ensured that she is quite capable and knows what she is doing. Lillian Too is an excellent example of how to be successful with applying feng shui principles to your home.

Lillian Too's Perspective on Feng Shui in the Home