Using Magnetic Energy and Feng Shui to Enhance Your Life

Updated May 5, 2019
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Magnetic energy is what controls a compass by directing you to magnetic North. It's the basis of all maps. The practice of feng shui relies on natural magnetic energy in its use of compass readings to help provide the ideal layout for the spaces you live, work, and play.

Magnetic North and Feng Shui

To understand why the function of the magnetic North is important in feng shui, you need to understand what magnetism is.

Earth Is a Big Magnet

The modern belief that the earth is one huge magnet is based on the scientific theory that the earth's core is composed mostly of iron ore. This ore is constantly compressed by the molten outer core of the earth's mantle and encased by the earth's crust. The two inner spheres of ore and mantle are constantly moving which creates an energy we know as magnetism. This magnetic energy field is called a magnetosphere. The magnetosphere encapsulates the entire earth and creates a field that cycles from north to south. This field provides a shield that surrounds the entire earth. The magnetic shield protects the earth from harmful solar winds that are constantly blasting the planet.

Illustration of earth's core and magnetism.

Because the earth is a big magnet, even the earth's crust is magnetized. It may surprise you to know that you also have a magnetized energy field that surrounds your body.

Using a Feng Shui Compass

The feng shui theory of directions and chi energy demands knowing true directions. Compass Feng Shui delivers the best possible information to determine your best directions for sleeping, eating, and working in your home and office.

How Magnetic Energy Affects You

Magnetized energy surrounds you and everything on the earth. These frequencies are known as electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). You may know the latter by another phase, electro pollution.

Possible Negative Effects

All electronic pieces of equipment emit EMRs. This is why you hear so much in the media about the possible ill-effects that your home appliances, cell phone, computer, televisions, microwaves, and any other electrical appliance or tool may have on your health.

How EMFs and EMRs Are Harmful

It's important to note most modern conveniences don't emit strong enough EMFs or EMRs to be harmful to you. Unless the appliance is damaged and leaking harmful energy, the EMFs and EMRs won't penetrate your body. If they did, however, your internal organs could be affected. If these currents were to enter your body, then they could interfere with your body's normal electrical impulses that transmit signals between your brain and nervous system in the autonomous regulation of your bodily functions.

Use Feng Shui to Lessen Electro Pollution

You can mitigate the negative effects of living in a modern world by applying feng shui principles to your home and life. In addition to feng shui, there are many devices on the market that claim to prevent or reduce the amount of harmful EMFs and EMRs you receive daily.

  • Cell phone chips - You can purchase an electronic chip to place in your cell phone that blocks EMRs and EMFs.
  • Catalysts - The manufacturers of this kind of product claim it collects the EMRs and EMFs produced by computers and other electronic equipment and transforms it into resonant energy.
  • Wireless routers - Reduce the emission of harmful EMRs and EMFs.

Separate Work Areas From Sleep Areas

If you examine some of the basic feng shui principles, you may be surprised to discover how the ancient science protects you from modern equipment pollution. For instance, the feng shui mandate that states it's best not to have a computer or television in your bedroom can protect you from harmful EMFs and EMRs. While the ancient reasons are different from modern concerns, the logic behind separating work from your sleeping area is time-tested and based on sound principles.

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Use Magnetic Energy for Healing

Not all exposure to magnetized energy is negative or has an unhealthy impact on you. Chi energy is a form of magnetic energy. Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Tia Kwon Do and other forms of exercise and martial arts recognize the power of chi energy and its effect on the body's energy fields or chakras.

How Healers Use Energy

Healers know how to ground themselves to the earth's magnetic energy so they can use the chi energy to assist them in manipulating a person's energy fields. Through this manipulation of the body's energy fields, a healer can realign your energy fields or help reconnect those that have closed off. In acupuncture, the needles draw electrical currents to them and help reconnect your body's energy circuitry.

Using Magnetic Energy in Feng Shui

Magnetic energy can be used to enhance your life when applying simple feng shui principles that magnify the positive chi and reduces the negative energy.

Using Magnetic Energy and Feng Shui to Enhance Your Life