Making the Most of a West-Facing House in Feng Shui

Published September 21, 2020
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A west-facing house in feng shui provides auspicious chi for the abundance and wealth of your children. In classical feng shui, the west sector governs your descendants' luck sector and can generate auspicious energy for not simply good luck but also wealth luck.

Make the Most of West-Facing House in Feng Shui

The west sector element is metal. You can use metal elements at your front door and front side of your home to activate the creativity and abundance of energy that children exhibit. One of the easiest ways to activate the metal element is to install a steel front door or a door with metal ornamentation.

Not All West-Facing Houses Are Front of House

It's important to understand that not all west-facing houses will be the front of the house. In classical feng shui, the facing direction is determined by the most active side of the home. If you have a back street or side street that is busier and more active than the street of your front door, then the other street will be used as the facing direction. This is the side you'll use to take your compass reading.

Front Door Used as Example

For the sake of argument, the front door is used in examples. If the side of your house or back of your house is your facing direction, substitute it where front door is mentioned. The chi energy doesn't know the difference between these areas and is only attracted to the yang energy.

Metal Element Colors for West-Facing Front Door

You can use the colors for the metal element to paint your door in a true feng shui manner. Some of these colors include white, gray, bronze, brass, gold, silver, pewter, nickel, and other metal colors.

Metallic, bronze, silver, gold, chrome gradient

Use Earth Element Colors

You can also use the earth element color, ochre, and dark browns (also stains). The earth nurtures and produces metal in the feng shui productive cycle.

Element Colors to Avoid

You want to avoid the colors for water, fire, and wood. In the exhaustive cycle, water destroys metal. In the destructive cycle, fire destroys metal. The colors include blue, black, red, purple, orange, and various hues of pinks and mauve.

Making the Most of Feng Shui West Facing House

You add various textiles in metal and earth colors. These are especially fun when you are decorating a porch, patio, or deck. Use an umbrella or awning in one of the favored colors. Metal plaques, wall art, sculptures, and furniture will also work.

Use Element Shapes

You can use the shapes of metal and earth to emphasize the elements. For example, you can use round objects, circles, spheres, or globes for metal symbols. The earth shape is a square. Square metal flowerpots, side tables, or ottoman are great choices.

Feng Shui West-Facing House and Good Luck Directions

Classical feng shui provides more ideas to help you make the most of a west-facing house. A west-facing house matches perfectly with a kua number 6. This is determined by the Eight Aspirations Theory that reveal the Eight Mansions of four good directions and four bad directions.

Sheng Chi Wealth Direction for West-Facing House

If your house is west-facing, the sheng chi (wealth) is in the west. If your front door is centered on the front side of your home, then it is in line with the sheng chi direction. Other west group kua numbers will find this a good direction, although it may be a different feng shui sector than kua number 6.

Step One: Find Your Kua Number

You first need to calculate your kua number using a simple formula. This number will reveal if you're in the west group or east group of Eight Mansions.

East Group Kua Numbers

West Group Kua Numbers

1, 3, 4, 9

2, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Step Two: Best Facing Directions for Kua Numbers

If you are in a west group, then a west-facing house is auspicious for you. Below is a chart that reveals your kua number and its facing direction.

Kua Number

Best Facing Directions



Southeast facing direction



Northeast facing direction



South facing direction



North facing direction


5 (male)

Northeast facing direction


5 (female)

Southwest facing direction



West facing direction



Northwest facing direction



Southwest facing direction



East facing direction


Step Three: Feng Shui House Facing West Bagua Grid

The west-facing bagua grid below reveals the four good directions and four bad directions. You can compare the assigned directions for your kua number to determine how they fit the west-facing bagua. If your kua is different from kua 6, you can still find a west-facing house in feng shui a good fit since you share the same good directions. However, your kua number will have different attributes assigned to the four good directions and four bad directions.

Step Four

You can superimpose the bagua grid for the west-facing house over the layout of your home. West should be positioned at your front door (or yang side of house).

Tien Yi (Health)

Good luck direction


Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts)

Bad luck direction


Ho Hai (Bad Luck)

Bad luck direction


Lui Sha (Six Killings)

Bad luck direction


Kua Number 6
(West Group)

Chueh Ming (Total Loss)

Bad luck direction


Fu Wei (Personal Growth)

Good luck direction


Sheng Chi (Wealth)

Good luck direction


(Front Door)

Nien Yen (Love)

Good luck direction


Step Five

Once you superimpose the bagua grid over your house layout, the west direction of sheng shui should be at the center of the west-facing wall, typically the front door. You are now able to see which rooms are in your good directions and bad directions.

Best Front Door Location for Sheng Chi

The best location for your front door is the center, so you are making the most of a west-facing house in feng shui. This placement ensures the auspicious chi energy can freely enter your home to travel throughout the rooms. The rooms you want in your good directions are the master bedroom, dining room and living room.

Feng Shui Solutions to Minimize Bad Luck Directions

You can minimize bad luck directions by making sure they fall into areas prone to inauspicious energies such as a bathroom, laundry room, storage area, walk-in closet, and sometimes a kitchen.

laundry room

Feng Shui Remedies for Bad Direction

You can weaken the inauspicious energies of a bad direction by using an element from the exhaustive cycle. For metal, this element is water. You can use wavy lines, a water shape, to weaken the negative chi. This is especially helpful if your kua number falls in the east group. Be careful not to over-compensate since you want the sheng chi to continue to nurture your home chi energy.

Best Solution for West-Facing House Feng Shui Cure

If your kua number is in the east group, you can remedy a west-facing house by choosing to use a different door than the front door. Choose one that is in one of your four good directions.

Facing Direction Just One Piece of Feng Shui Puzzle

You shouldn't pack up and move if your kua number doesn't match your west-facing house direction. You can use various feng shui remedies and cures to counter such an inauspicious placement. Keep in mind that the facing direction of your house plays an important role, but it isn't the only feng shui aspect that goes into making a good feng shui design.

Making the Most Feng Shui With a West-Facing House

When you follow feng shui principles, you can create a comfortable and harmonious home for your family. You want to always maintain a good yin yang balance of chi energies.

Making the Most of a West-Facing House in Feng Shui