Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui for Luck in Love

Published September 14, 2020
A couple of mandarin ducks

Mandarin ducks in feng shui are used in pairs for a classical feng shui cure for a troubled or broken marriage or other romantic relationship. Knowing the correct feng shui placement for mandarin ducks ensures you achieve the desired results.

What Does Mandarin Duck Feng Shui Symbolize?

The mandarin ducks mate for life, and this lifelong bond is a symbol of a couple staying together. In feng shui, a pair of mandarin ducks is the symbol of this steadfast, devoted, and romantic love and loyalty. Mated for life, the pair of mandarin ducks are never separated. If a mandarin duck loses its mate, it doesn't find another one. Instead, it remains heartbroken and forlorn for the rest of its solitary life.

Mandarin Ducks Are Symbol of Chinese Lovebirds

Mandarin ducks are often referred to in feng shui as a pair of lovebirds. The ducks' ability to devote themselves exclusively to each other for life offers great inspiration and symbolism.

Feng Shui Lovebirds Placement

Once you understand the importance of a pair of mandarin ducks in feng shui, you need to find the ideal placement for these love birds. There are a few options available for you depending on the schools of feng shui you follow.

Classical Feng Shui Placement of Mandarin Ducks

The classical (traditional) feng shui placement for a pair of mandarin ducks is in areas specific to marriage and love relationships - southwest. This means you need to place the pair in the southwest sector of your home to bolster your marriage or fortify a romantic love relationship.

Placement of Mandarin Ducks in Bedroom

You may decide to set the pair in the southwest corner of the master bedroom. In classical feng shui, this placement ensures the auspicious energy brings good luck to your marriage or relationship. Feng shui practitioners often suggest adding a pair of mandarin ducks to the bedroom southwest sector as a cure for an ailing marriage or romantic love relationship.

Other Areas to Place Pair of Mandarin Ducks

If you prefer to place the pair of mandarin ducks someplace other than your bedroom or the southwest sector of your home, you can opt to place the love birds in the southwest corner/sector of your living room or home office. Either of these areas will give your marriage or romantic love relationship the jolt it needs.

BTB Feng Shui Placement of Mandarin Ducks

If you practice the Western School of Feng Shui known as Black Hat or BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist), then compass directions aren't used for placements. Instead, you will add the duo to the upper righthand corner of your home to activate the love and marriage good luck energies.

Use Your Personal Direction to Place Mandarin Ducks

Another placement choice is your Nien Yen (Romance direction), which is determined by your kua number. You can ensure your marriage or romantic love relationship is stable and full of joy and devotion.

Feng Shui Rules for Mandarin Ducks

Once you decide where you wish to place a pair of mandarin Ducks, you must decide on the type of representation of this cherished feng shui symbol. You have a few options available that should be an aesthetic choice.

Male and Female Mandarin Ducks as Symbols of Love

Whatever type of representation you choose for a pair of mandarin ducks, you want the pair to represent a male and female duck. This means the male mandarin duck with be glorious in his colors and plumage, while in comparison the female duck will appear rather plain and mundane.

Keep the Pair of Mandarin Ducks Together

You can select either a painting, drawing, or photo of a pair of Mandarin ducks for your love symbol. If you choose a painting, drawing or photo, you want it to contain just two mandarin ducks. This will be a male and female and they need to be together in the depiction. You don't want two paintings of individual ducks, since this represents being solo and separate from each other.

Mandarin Ducks Painting, Drawing, or Photo

Some feng shui practitioners believe the two mandarin ducks should be swimming, standing, flying, or walking in the same direction to signify unity. This also symbolizes the couple shares the same ideals, goals, and dreams to present a strong bond that can't be broken.

Depictions of Opposition

A pair facing each other can represent being on opposite sides or having opposing viewpoints that challenge each other. A painting that shows the ducks swimming away from each other or in opposite directions also symbolizes a lack of togetherness and sharing the same life and everything that goes with that unity.

Mandarin Duck Figurines

One of the most popular depictions of mandarin ducks is rose quartz carvings. Rose quartz is associated with love and marriage and makes the perfect material for mandarin duck figurines. This an ideal choice since the southwest is governed by the earth element. Crystals and gemstones are feng shui symbols of earth. If you don't want to use rose quartz, you can use any kind of porcelain or pottery figurines instead.

Single People Can Also Use Mandarin Ducks

If you are single and wish to attract a mate, you can also take advantage of the mandarin duck good luck symbol. Place the pair of ducks in the center of your dining room or living room to activate your love luck.

For Those Seeking a Marriage

If you're in a loving relationship but it hasn't gone to the next level of marriage, you can encourage this action by tying a red ribbon, string, or cord around the ducks' necks to symbolize tying the knot. This will also solidify loyalty and fidelity in all couples.

Mandarin Duck for Feng Shui Love Luck

The use of a pair of mandarin ducks in feng shui serves to activate your love luck. This duo will work its magic for married couples, romantically involved couples and singles to attract love and devotion.

Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui for Luck in Love