Number 4 Meaning in Feng Shui

Published February 23, 2019
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In feng shui, the number 4 meaning is considered unlucky since the word sounds like the Cantonese word for death. This is the only reason it is dubbed unlucky. The Chinese avoid using the number 4 in all areas of life, not wishing to invite the bad luck associated with this number.

Superstition of Number 4 Meaning in Feng Shui

The superstition surrounding the number 4 is so prevalent in China that people go to some rather extreme lengths to avoid using it. For example, the number 4 is avoided when numbering floors in buildings. Elevator buttons simply don't show a number 4 since that floor number is skipped and becomes floor 5. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a 4 in any public building or anywhere in public.

No Number 4 for Personal Numbers

The Chinese avoid having any numbers assigned to them with the number 4, such as an address or ID number. The avoidance goes even deeper. The number 4 is avoided when getting a telephone number, driver's license or a license tag.

Cultural Avoidance of Number 4

The stigma of bad luck associated with the number 4 in feng shui is driven by the cultural belief that the number is the worst omen of bad luck, especially if you happen to be tied to the number. For example, companies avoid having the number 4 in any of their numbers, such as bank accounts, business ID numbers telephones, floor numbers, or any products they manufacture or use. Think of the number 4 as a plague that no one wishes to have anything to do with it.

Number 4 and Gift Giving

It is considered a death wish if you give a gift that has the number four, such as a lucky bamboo plant with 4 stalks. In China, you simply won't see a lucky bamboo with just 4 stalks. It's considered extremely rude to give someone four gifts. You should give either three or five. Simply put, if you give a gift of four, such as a necklace with four diamonds, the person receiving the gift will take it as a message that you wish them to die.

House Numbers With Number 4

It doesn't matter if your house number has only one number 4 or a series of number 4s in it, it's still bad luck. You can weaken that bad luck by encircling the house number in red. It's believed that this color symbol of fire will burn away any bad luck while the circle shape will contain the evil energies of the unlucky number. Another cure is to use a house number sign that is circular or oval shaped.

Birthdates and Kua Number 4

Don't panic if you have a number 4 in your birthdate or your kua number is 4. These aren't numbers you can control like an address or telephone number.

Birthdates With Number 4

You have to be realistic when considering feng shui and the number 4. Remember that the number 4 is considered bad luck because of the Cantonese language. What does the number 4 sound like in your language? Chances are, it isn't death or anything that is considered unlucky.

Kua Number 4

The kua number 4 has auspicious and inauspicious directions like the other kua numbers, so you should focus on the auspicious directions and take full advantage of the positive energies of those four directions.

Instances of Neutral Number 4

The number 4 is considered almost a taboo number. However, there are instances of it being benign within feng shui.

Four Pillars

There are four pillars (Bazi) that use your birth month, day, year and birth time to determine your destiny.

Four Seasons

The four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter are recognized in feng shui. The seasons are a natural cycling of life and neither auspicious or inauspicious.

Understanding Number 4 Meaning in Feng Shui

Numbers have a significant meaning in feng shui. You can use feng shui to remedy and understand how the Chinese view number 4.

Number 4 Meaning in Feng Shui