Qigong Classes You Can Take Online

Updated May 20, 2019
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You can take online Qigong classes for a great way to learn this ancient art form of physical conditioning. You can find quite a few websites that offer various Qigong classes online. In addition to the lessons, many of the websites offer free tips for how you can gain the most from your Qigong practices.

Energy Arts Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Program

If you're looking for one Qigong exercise that will reward you with the most benefit, according to Bruce Frantzis of Energy Arts, the Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Course is it. This 10-week course is taught by Bill Ryan with end-of-program bonus training by Bruce. The cost is three payments of $97 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Qigong

Bruce learned this Qigong set from Zhang Jia Hua, a Chinese medicine doctor during his 10 years in China. Hua taught over 20,000 instructors who in turn taught the Dragon and Tiger Qigong set to over 20 million Chinese students. According to Bruce, the 1,500-year-old Dragon and Tiger Qigong Set is a self-healing movement system that gives 80% of the same benefits of longer, more complex forms. This medical Qigong set activates the acupuncture meridian lines and clears out energy blockages and cleanses your entire body. The exercise is easy for anyone at any age to learn.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Course

You will learn the 7 simple movements in this course. This program includes:

  • Over 9 hours of video that can be downloaded, for a total of 30 videos
  • 20 Guided Practice videos (between 3 and 5 each week)
  • Access to Facebook Energy Arts Training Forum
  • Downloadable "Practice Logs" for easy tracking of your progress
  • Access to online group for 18 months from purchase date; all videos downloadable for you to keep
  • End of course bonus training footage from Bruce Frantzis (56 videos, +8 hours)

Be sure to check out the many other classes under the Products tab as well as books.


Student testimonials from long-time practitioners of Qigong and novices are positive and often grateful. These include comments such as "unparalleled in the complete method of teaching" and "very new and interesting parts of a familiar practice". A seven-year Tai Chi instructor said, "...great course and it has allowed me to deepen my practice."

The Chi Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation

Founder of The Chi Center, internationally recognized teacher and healer Qigong Master Mingtong Gu was trained by several Grandmasters in China. He also trained at the world's largest Qigong hospital ("medicine-less") Zhineng Qigong Center. The facility has successfully treated over 200,000 patients (over 185 different illnesses) and the hospital claims a 95% effective improvement rate.

Multiple Course Offerings

Three online courses are offered. These courses are different from some online classes since they are real-time live streamed sessions. The sessions are video recorded and accessible during the entire course. Examples of courses and their costs are:

  • Your Beginning Years: Wisdom Healing Qigong accelerates healing with high energy levels. This is a year-long immersion program includes videos, practice sessions and online live-stream Q&A, and workshops led by Master Gu. Cost is $670 if paid in full or $67 per month. You cannot cancel or pause this program.
  • Qigong for Life: This is a year-long immersion program includes videos, practice sessions and online live-stream Q&A and workshops led by Master Gu. It is the same program as Your Beginning Years. There are two differences. You pay by the month for a cost of $67 per month. You can cancel or pause the program at any time.
  • 4-Month Health Practitioner Program: Introductory 4-month course for health practitioners. This program trains health practitioners to use qigong in their practices and to teach qigong to patients. Cost is $348 or 4 monthly payments of $87.

Basic Course Features

Basic features of courses are available with the courses above, although some may include additional features, are:

  • Exclusive live stream classes recorded for later viewing
  • Review video lessons: Each session recorded and available
  • Course Managers live stream Q&A periodically
  • Recorded bonus video lessons for some courses
  • Practice portal: Practice sessions accessible through a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Access to group online practice weekly: Practice in your home with other students around the world through Master Gu's recordings.
  • Free tech support


You can find testimonials throughout the website from students of all walks of life that include instructors, psychologists, psychotherapists, Chinese medicine doctors and various medical professionals around the world. One student commented, "I cannot think of a time I have gained more valuable learning from a course." Another student wrote, "Lesson 7 was profound and very deep for me - even life changing." Stories of individual healings are posted for readers.

Discover the Fire

Sifu Jeff Simonton, certified Medical Qigong Instructor, offers a unique take on the online learning experience. Discover the Fire is a monthly subscription based portal for learning Qigong. There are currently 11 courses available to subscribers that are taught by different instructors. The courses are described as being "high-quality audio, video, and written documentation for the very best learning experience."

Course Descriptions

Each course has its own page that features a brief overview of what the Qigong set accomplishes, such as the strengthening of body organs. Course descriptions vary with what's included; there is no description of how many videos or the length of the course. A bio of the instructor also follows the description.

Membership Inclusions

  • Instant access to all online courses
  • Monthly Medical Qigong Mastery (MQM) Training Program
  • Mentoring sessions with professional Qigong Instructor, Jeff Simonton
  • Structured training self-healing and cultivation
  • Member only access to group healing sessions & online events
  • Members online community
  • Growing library of free downloadable/streaming meditation music


There three memberships available and each has a set of benefits. The benefits for the yearly or month-to-month options are the same, with the only difference being the price, while the private student will receive different benefits.

Yearly $97 or Monthly $14 Private Student $47/Month
All regular courses included All courses are included
Weekly group meditations Weekly Individual Qi healing session
Can ask teacher questions Good for students with health issues
Customer support Fast results
Limited to 5 students each month


Member comments include the following positive comments on the website's home page:

  • "The exercises seem perfectly selected both for beginners and slightly more experienced practitioners," said one member.
  • One member with a physical problem commented, "...all kinds of trouble with my back and other issues and I'm happy to say that I can feel the strength returning and the pain is gone. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this practice into my life."
  • Members also comment on how they enjoy being a member and that the videos are "really a big help and are almost like taking a live class."

White Tiger Qigong Online Classes

Quite a different type of online learning takes true advantage of all modern technology at the White Tiger Qigong Online Courses. The White Tiger School is led by Master Instructor Trevia Feng. The classes consist of a series of videos. Many include an ebook while others classes has individual ebooks available for purchase (optional).

Ancient Chinese Qigong Practices

Master Feng shares many ancient Chinese secrets in his classes. He states that he is sharing some of these techniques for the first time. He offers nine Qigong online courses. The cost ranges from $49 to a bundle course of $597.


Many of the testimonials are videos that are insightful since the person's enthusiasm comes across better than written testimonials do sometimes. Students said, "I have been to China to train Qigong and Kungfu, but Tevia's training was so much more detailed and thorough explanations that I never got before." Another student said, "The man is a gold mine of knowledge and experience in the Martial Arts." And all seem to agree with how one student summed up the training, "Tevia is one of the best teachers I met."

Other Online Qigong Classes

There are other online courses you can take, as well.

  • Long White Cloud Qigong: Several online courses are offered that include a comprehensive 12-week program as well as scheduled Qigong instructor certification programs for specific practices. All coursework, including certification programs operate on the philosophy of "Give Freely/Receive Freely" basis. This means you pay what you think the course is worth or how much you can afford.
  • Chikung Unlimited: If you're looking for quite a bit of free information and detailed instructions, this is a resource that provides you with both. Some courses require prerequisite exercises with many of these offered for free or for a small fee. You have many choices for ebooklet instructions for specific health issues or general Qigong practices. The course prices are as low as $9.95 to $25 with some longer courses involving more than one ebooklet that cost more. Comparatively, the courses are modestly priced.

  • Sounds True with Lee Holden: Lee Holden is well-known for his instructional DVDs and offers an online course through Sounds True website. This is a self-guided video course consisting of six hours of video instruction, six hours of audio, and two Q&A audio sessions, and online workbook. The cost is $137.

  • Udemy Qigong Courses: There are many Qigong courses available that consist of video lectures ranging from 30 minutes to 8.5 hours with pricing beginning around $11.99 to $12.99. Trying one of these might be a good option for an introduction into Qigong and to experience its benefits.

Learning Qigong Online

A self-directed process is in keeping with the overall philosophy of feng shui and Qigong therapies. You must take responsibility for self before you can advance to any level of spiritual awakening. Qigong conditions your body to accept that guidance through the flow of qi energy. Overall, the online classes are very instructive and easy to follow. You can learn various techniques and with the aid of videos, you get the benefit of an experienced instructor demonstrating the correct way to perform each exercise.

Cost per Lesson

There is a wide discrepancy in the cost of Qigong lesson that can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Because there is such a chasm in the price points, you want to do some research before shelling out any money. Typically, online classes are cheaper than in-person classes for the obvious reasons that online classes don't require one-on-one instruction or the overhead costs of running a brick and mortar facility.

Free Lessons

One of the best benefits of online classes is that many offer free lessons in addition to the paid ones. This gives you the opportunity to test drive the product before purchasing. You can evaluate the instructor and how you respond to his or her style of teaching. You also gain a free introduction to Qigong to assess if it's the type of exercise you enjoy.

Qigong and Feng Shui

It might not seem as though Qigong and feng shui are connected, but they are very similar in philosophies and practices. Just like feng shui, Qigong is focused on the flow of chi (qi) energy and some practices are aligned with the five element theory. In feng shui, you want to free up the outside and inside space of your home or office so the chi energy can flow naturally through your environment. When this energy is balanced in your body, just like feng shui applications, you'll function at optimum levels for good health and well-being.

Qigong Classes You Can Take Online