Should Books Be Behind Glass According to Feng Shui?

Updated May 9, 2019
Books behind glass

Open bookshelves are notorious for creating what's known as poison arrows or sha chi (negative chi energy) in feng shui. Placing your books in a bookcase, even one with glass doors, is preferable to storing them on an open shelf.

Bookshelves Create Poison Arrows

The lines created by open bookshelves present a unique dilemma for homeowners. Uneven books scattered on these shelves, some upright, others on their sides create more poison arrows as well as clutter. All of this can create potent and damaging effects to positive chi energy in your home.

Place Books Behind Glass Doors

One of the best solutions for books is to place them inside a bookcase. Solid doors are an ideal solution, but glass doors are sufficient in blocking the effects caused by open bookshelves.

Girl in front of books

While the books can create additional poison arrows, the main issue with open bookshelves are the shelves themselves. When placed inside a glass cabinet or glass doors built onto the shelving systems, the issues created by sharp angles created by the shelves are remedied.

Maintain Bookshelves

It isn't enough to simply place your books behind glass doors, you also need to adhere to basic feng shui principles.

  • Make sure books are neatly aligned upright
  • Keep shelves dusted
  • Replace books in organized alignment
  • Keep glass doors closed

Move Books to Edge of Shelf

If you can't add glass doors to your shelving unit, then you can try the next best form of remedy. Move all of your books to the very edge of the shelf. You want to make sure that you line up the books so that they are flush to the front edge of the bookshelf. This placement is effective in eliminating the harsh sharp line of the shelf. It's not a long-term practical solution if you use the books on a regular basis. Each time you return the books, you'll need to realign to the edge of the shelf.

Eliminate Book Clutter

It's important you keep your bookshelves neat and organized and use glass to mitigate poison arrows. Books, particularly if they're disorganized, can create clutter. If you don't read the books anymore, moving them to storage or donating may help eliminate a source of clutter in your home, allowing chi energy to flow unimpeded.

Help for Book Lovers

Many homeowners love their books, and the good news is you don't need to get rid of them if they have meaning to you in order to ensure proper feng shui. Instead, organize them carefully and place them behind glass to keep chi flowing freely.

Should Books Be Behind Glass According to Feng Shui?