Significance of Feng Shui Shapes and Tips for Use

Published October 2, 2020
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The significance of feng shui shapes and tips for use are associated with the feng shui five elements. You can use this information to help you choose the right feng shui shapes to emphasize the element ruling each sector of your home and/or office.

Significance of Feng Shui Shapes and Tips for Use

You can use the shapes of a triangle, square, rectangle, circle, and wavy lines in your home or office furnishings. These patterns can be used in upholstery, draperies, pillows, rugs, wallpaper, art objects, and light fixtures.

What Are the Five Elements of Shape in Feng Shui?

The five elements of shapes are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each one brings specific and auspicious energies to its matching sector.

Rectangle Shape and Wood Element

The square shape is the symbol for the wood element. The wood element governs the east and southeast sectors.

Rectangle shape and wood element

What the Rectangle Shape Does in Feng Shui

The rectangle shape offers stability with wood being a building material. Wood is also a fuel that can be used to affect the sectors. The east sector governs your health luck. The southeast sector governs your wealth luck.

How to Use the Feng Shui Rectangle Shape

You can use the rectangle shape in your home and office décor with specific shapes, such as furniture choices, fabric selections, and art. For example, if your dining room is in the east or southeast sector, you can select a rectangle table for a dining room instead of a round table to reinforce the wood element and make sure the table is made of wood instead of the metal element, since metal destroys wood. If building a rectangle shaped home, make sure you keep the glass (water) and wood balanced. You don't want more glass than wood.

Triangle Shape and Fire Element

The triangle shape is the symbol for the fire element. The fire element governs the south sector of your home and/or office. The south sector governs your recognition and fame luck.

triangle shape and fire element

What the Triangle Shape Does in Feng Shui

The triangle shape focuses feng shui energies into beams that can quickly become negative as poison arrows. However, the shape is often combined to create other unique shapes like a star.

How to Use the Feng Shui Rectangle Shape

The triangle shape is the harshest feng shui shape with its three points. You don't want to use it for a room shape, house shape or lot shape. The south sector is the ideal location for anything triangle shaped. You can use a triangle shape to enhance your recognition and fame luck.

Remedies for Triangle Shaped House, Lot, or Room

A triangle house should be built facing the south or you could fuel the fire energy with a facing direction of east (wood) or southeast (wood). You can remedy this challenging shape with round shapes, since circles represent water and water destroys fire in the destructive cycle. A round window in a triangle shaped home, a round patio and/or pool on a triangle lot, and a round rug and/or chair in a triangle room are all possible remedies.

Square Shape and Earth Element

The square shape is the symbol for the earth element. The earth element governs the northeast (education luck) and the southwest (love and relationship luck).

square shape and earth element

What the Feng Shui Square Shape Does

The square shape is one of stability, foundation, and authority. A square is a solid structure that supports anything place on top of it.

How to Use the Square Shape in Feng Shui

The square shape is considered a great feng shui shape for commercial buildings. The simplicity of the shape and impressive strength it gives lends itself to the energies of businesses/corporations.

Decorating With Square Shapes

You can use earthen objects for your home or office. This includes marble, granite, and other stones that will reinforce a square building or the northeast or southwest sectors. For décor items, you can select fabrics with square patterns, square furniture, such as tables, stone flooring, carvings and sculptures, and tabletops.

Circle Shape and Metal Element

The circle shape is the symbol for the metal element. The metal element governs the west and northwest sectors.

circle shape and metal element

What the Feng Shui Circle Shape Does

The circle mimics the Earth and is often used as semi-circles as well as circles. You can find these shapes in many building designs. The compatible materials include glass, stone, and metal.

How to Use the Circle Shape in Feng Shui

You can introduce the circle shape in the west and northwest sectors of your home and/or office. This shape represents the metal element and can be used in your décor as textiles, furniture, such as chairs and table, and artwork. Globe and sphere shapes for lighting fixtures are also possible choices.

Curvilinear Shape and Water Element

The curvilinear shapes are often represented with wavy lines. This shape represents the water element. The water element governs the north sector of the bagua. The north sector controls your career.

curvilinear shape and water element

What the Feng Shui Curvilinear Shape Does

The curvilinear shape creates a flowing energy that resembles the flow of water. This shape can quickly become overpowering and generate too much energy, so you want to be careful when using in a home. The shape is an energy wave and if you aren't careful, you can create a tidal wave effect that is very detrimental.

How to Use Curvilinear Shapes in Feng Shui

You can add wavy lines in your home or office décor in the north sector to reinforce the water element. You want to make sure that you don't overdo with this design to maintain a good feng shui balance. A couple of pillows on a couch or a moderate size piece of art for an office are just the right touches for this water shape. It's ill advised to use this shape in home architecture.

Hexagon Shape in Feng Shui

The hexagon shape is found throughout nature. A beehive, turtle shells, snowflakes and even flowers have the hexagon shape. This shape is associated with longevity. The hexagon shape in feng shui is consider auspicious. You can add a few hexagon shapes to your décor for a boost in positive chi energy.

Octagon Shape in Feng Shui

In sacred geometry, the octagon contains two distinct shapes of the square and circle. These two shapes represent earth (square) and the celestial realm (circle). The Divine Turtle gave feng shui the pattern for the bagua from its shell. The bagua is divided into the eight sectors, with each ruled by one of the five elements.

The Significance of Feng Shui Shapes and Tips to Use Them

There are many tips for using feng shui shapes. The significance of feng shui shapes can be found in feng shui principles and the bagua.

Significance of Feng Shui Shapes and Tips for Use