Simple Tips for a North-Facing House in Feng Shui

Published September 21, 2020
Elegant front door

A north-facing house in feng shui can become a career magnet with a few simple tips. In classical feng shui, the north sector governs your career and a north-facing house can generate auspicious energy for excellent career good luck.

North Facing House Feng Shui Tips

Water is the element for the north sector. You can capitalize on this powerful energy to boost your career and propel you up the corporate ladder,

Not All North Facing Houses Are Front of House

While the majority of north facing houses will be the front side of the house, this isn't always the case. If you live where a side street is busier than the street at the front of your house, then that side of the house is your facing direction. That's because it has the most yang energy (activity). In classical feng shui, yang energy always wins out over a front street with little traffic/activity. You will apply feng shui rules to that side of your house as though it were a front door entrance.

Feng Shui Water Element Colors for North Facing Door

Your front door is the entrance that allows auspicious chi energy into your home. With a north facing house, you can paint your front door either black or dark blue, the two colors that are associated with the north sector. Black and blue represent deep waters and shimmering blue surface waters.

front porch patio

Metal Colors for a North Facing Front Door

The element, metal, attracts water, so if a black or blue door isn't appealing to you, then go for a metal-colored door. Some of these colors include steel gray, pewter gray, copper, gold, silver gray, platinum, bronze, and brass.

Colors to Avoid for a North Facing Front Door

You want to avoid destructive and weakening element colors. These include fire, wood, and earth elements.

  • Fire colors: Hues of red, yellow, orange, purple
  • Wood colors: Greens and light browns
  • Earth colors: Ochre, chocolate, cocoa brown, burnt umber, chestnut, and dark browns

Simple Decorating Tips for a North Facing Front Door

There are several simple things you can do to decorate your front door area. You can place a water fountain/feature.

Feng Shui Taboo Water Feature Placement

Standing inside your home and looking out the door, you can place a water fountain or feature on the left side of the door. In feng shui, it is taboo to place a water feature on the right side of a front door. This is considered an inauspicious placement since it opens the door to infidelity in a marriage or relationship.

Water falling from fountain

Use Water Element Symbol

You can use the water and metal elements to decorate your front door. This include decorate any front door stoop, porch, patio, or deck.

  • Use a steel door instead of a wood door.
  • You can use the water element symbol of wavy lines in metal artwork or yard art.
  • Choose metal outdoor furniture for a porch, deck, or patio.
  • Place flowers and plants in metal black and/or blue flowerpots.
  • Choose a wavy pillow fabric or border for outdoor privacy curtains/screens.
  • Use the colors blue and black along with any of the metal colors for an attractive north-facing front entrance.
  • Welcome mats can be in feng shui water or metal colors.

North Facing House in Feng Shui Auspicious for East Group

In classical feng shui, the north-facing house direction is the career luck sector. This direction is ideal for anyone with the kua number 4 since it matches the eight aspirations. The north facing house features the sheng chi (wealth) at its door. Other kua numbers can find a north facing house auspicious.

Step One: Find Your Kua Number

The kua number can be calculated using a simple formula. Once you determine what group you're in, you can see if a north-facing house is a good match for you.

East Group Kua Numbers

West Group Kua Numbers

1, 3, 4, 9

2, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Step Two: Find Best Facing Directions for Kua Numbers

If you are east or west group, you can quickly determine if your north facing home is in one of your good luck directions. The chart below provides your kua number, facing direction, and group.

Kua Number

Best Facing Directions



Southeast facing direction



Northeast facing direction



South facing direction



North facing direction


5 (male)

Northeast facing direction


5 (female)

Southwest facing direction



West facing direction



Northwest facing direction



Southwest facing direction



East facing direction


Step Three: North Facing House Chart

You will use the north facing house grid below to determine the four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions of a north facing home. Once you know if your kua number is in the east group, you can determine if a north facing home is your ideal feng shui home.

Step Four

You can then superimpose the north facing nine-grid over the layout of your home. North will be positioned at your front door.

North Facing House Grid

Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts)

Bad luckdirection


Tien Yi (Health)

Good luck direction


Fu Wei (Personal Growth)

Good luck direction


Lui Sha (Six Killings)

Bad luck direction


Kua Number 4
(East Group)

Nien Yen (Love)

Good luck direction


Ho Hai (Bad Luck)

Bad luck direction


Sheng Chi (Wealth)

Good luck direction


(Front door)

Chueh Ming (Total Loss)

Bad luck direction


Step Five

With the grid superimposed over your house layout, you can see which of your rooms are in your good directions and bad directions. These eight directions are determined by the Eight Aspirations Theory and are known as the Eight Mansion.

Other Matching Kua Numbers for North Facing House

Since the north facing house is part of the east group, anyone with kua numbers 1,3, 4, and 9 will find this an auspicious home. The sheng chi (wealth) sector is located at the center of the front of the house. The front door should be in the center of the front side of the house for optimum chi energy. This layout perfectly matches kua number 4. The other east group kua numbers 1, 3, and 9 will find a different aspiration at the front center.

These include:

Kua 1

The kua 1 sheng chi (wealth) is in the southeast sector. The north sector is where your fu wei (personal growth) is located and is one of your good luck directions.

Kua 3

The kua 3 sheng chi (wealth) is in the south sector. The north sector is where your tien yi (health) is located and is one of your good luck directions.

Kua 9

The kua 9 sheng xhi (wealth) is the east sector. The north sector is where your nien yen (love) is located and is one of your good luck directions.

Best Front Door Location for Sheng Chi

While the ideal location for your sheng chi (wealth) is the front door of your home, you can live auspiciously in a north facing home if your Kua number is in the east group. Your best locations for the living room, bedroom and dining room are in one of your four good directions.

Best Rooms for Bad Luck Directions

In addition to four good luck directions, you have four bad luck directions. You can mitigate the negative impact of these directions when they are located in a bathroom, kitchen, garage, or storage room. These locations stymie the negative energies.

Conflicting Kua Numbers for North Facing House

If your kua number falls in the west group, a north facing house will be in conflict with your good and bad directions. You can counter some of these challenges by using a different door for entering and leaving your home. This is the best solution to a bad luck direction.

Don't Panic Use Feng Shui Remedies

Keep in mind that other factors come into play with feng shui, so don't make a conflicting kua number the most important aspect, since it isn't. It is just one of several to consider when decorating and living in your home.

Weaken the Water Element

If using another door is not an option, you can weaken the water element for a north facing home that conflicts with your kua number group. When weakening an element, go gentle and don't overkill since you still want your career energy to be strong.

Add Wood to Weaken Water Element

The wood element weakens the water element in the exhaustive cycle. You can use a wood door, wood furniture, a wooden plaque, or wood artwork. You only need to add one wood representation since you don't want to destroy the water element and hence your career.

Simple Tips for North Facing House in Feng Shui

You can take advantage of feng shui principles for a north facing house. You can use simple feng shui tips to make your home a harmonious place to live.

Simple Tips for a North-Facing House in Feng Shui