Ideas for Glass Mosaic Candle Holders

Updated July 12, 2019

Beautiful and Colorful Glass Mosaic Candle Holders

Glass mosaic candle holders offer a chance to add color and show creativity in your decor. Whether you are interested in buying a candle holder to add a fun flair to your table or you want to learn how to make your own mosaic candle holders, these images will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Gorgeous Earth Tones

Some candle holders can blend in with any decor and look gorgeous. One way to achieve a beautiful neutral look is to use earth tones like tan, amber, deep brown, and even some shades of green. These give a natural feel.

Mosaic Votive Cups
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Glass mosaic votive candle holders make a lovely gift for a friend or coworker. They also look lovely scattered around a room or across a larger table. You can use all one shade for a cohesive look or play with lots of different colors for a more eclectic vibe.

Mosaic Wall Sconce
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These beautiful wall sconces would be an elegant addition to your home. The key here is to keep the glass color simple so the sconces have a subtle and sophisticated beauty. Display them in pairs with a mirror or a favorite piece of art.

Battery-Operated Mosaic Candle
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For homes with pets and/or small children, battery-operated candles are a safe alternative to open flames. In most cases, you can't even tell the candle isn't real! You can buy a mosaic candle holder with a battery-operated candle or simply add a flameless candle to an existing holder.

Blue Glass Mosaic Plate for Pillar Candles
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This pretty blue mosaic plate would make a lovely holder for a pillar candle in your favorite scent. Pillar candles don't need an elaborate holder, but a plate like this looks gorgeous as the flames dance off the beautiful pieces of glass.

Mosaic Candle Holder Centerpiece

Turn any ordinary candle holder into a glass mosaic centerpiece by adding a reflective candle mat or mosaic tray beneath the base of the holder. You can use mirror tiles to do this and bring lots of sparkle to your table. Add some beads for even more glam. It's a great choice for weddings, formal dinners, and other important events.

Beautiful Home Interior With Mosaic Candle Holders

There are lots of ways to display mosaic candle holders in your home, from using them as centerpieces or sconces to scattering them across surfaces. One great idea is to use mosaic holders of different heights as a window display. They will add beauty inside and out. Be sure to move the curtains aside if you plan to light the candles.

Different Mosaic Shapes

You don't have to have square or rectangular glass pieces in a mosaic candle holder. In fact, you can use any shape you like, including circles. This simple style looks great because the mosaic pieces are all one neutral shade.

DIY Glass Mosaic Candle Holder

You can even make your own glass mosaic candle holder from a thrift store find. Choose any plain glass or glass and metal candle holder and use epoxy to attach flat glass beads or marbles to the outside in your choice of colors. This is a fun project to do as a holiday gift or simply to add beauty to your home.

Whether you choose a DIY candle holder project or purchase a ready-made mosaic holder, your table and home will be brighter and more beautiful. Have fun trying different colors and styles to see what you like best.

Ideas for Glass Mosaic Candle Holders