The South-Facing House in Feng Shui: Tips & Benefits

Published September 21, 2020
red front door

A south-facing house in feng shui is often considered the most auspicious house direction. However, when you use your kua number to determine your best directions, you may discover a south-facing house isn't your ideal match.

Benefits of a South-Facing House in Feng Shui

In feng shui, the biggest benefit of a south-facing house is the auspicious energy that pools and then enters your home through the recognition and fame sector. This chi energy flow will stimulate and support your career and other endeavors that gain you positive recognition and even fame.

Not All South-Facing Houses Are Front of House

Most of the homes south-facing homes are at the front side of the house. However, if your house has a side or back street that is far busier than the front of your home, then the busy street wins out. The yang energy (active) is where the chi energy comes from and what you want to attract into your home. If the south-facing side of your house isn't the front of your house, you will still treat it with the same care and feng shui attention as if it were a front door, since in Classical feng shui it is considered to be the entrance into your home.

Colors for a South-Facing Front Door

You can take advantage of the south energy of fire by choosing a good front door color. You may decide to go with a fire color. This includes crimson, sunflower yellow, marigold, violet, eggplant, deep orange, or ginger, which are great colors for a south-facing front door.

Wood Colors to Fuel Fire Element

You may decide that a wood color is best for your home. Since wood is fuel for fire, you can choose from peanut, mocha, caramel, coffee, chocolate, emerald, olive, pine, basil, or fern wood colors.

Wood Ring Pattern Blocks

Colors to Avoid for South-Facing House in Feng Shui

Avoid earth colors, metal colors, and water colors when choosing a front door paint color. Earth and metal weaken fire in the exhaustive cycle. Water destroys fire in the feng shui destructive cycle. You don't want to do anything to weaken or destroy the fire energy of the south sector.

Feng Shui Tips for Decorating a South-Facing Front Door

There are many things you can do to further decorate the area surrounding your south-facing front door. Depending on the amount of space you have or if you have a front porch, you can use potted plants and plants in hanging baskets to further fuel the fire element of the south sector.

  • If you have a porch or large stoop, you can select wood outdoor furniture.
  • You can choose fire or wood colors for any cushions, pillows or outdoor rugs.
  • You can use the feng shui shape for fire by hanging a triangle shaped banner by the front door.
  • Keep the outside lights by the door on at least five hours each day to attract positive chi energy.
  • You can light candles on the porch.
  • You can string miniature lights along the porch to generate more energy.

Is a South-Facing House in Feng Shui Good for Everyone?

In classical feng shui, the south-facing house in feng shui is the recognition and fame luck sector. This makes it a desirable direction for anyone with a kua number 3 since it matches the eight aspirations. That doesn't mean other kua numbers can't live happily in a south-house in feng shui. It also doesn't mean a south-facing house is the perfect house for everyone.

Step One: Find Your Kua Number

You can calculate your kua number very easily. Your kua number will determine if you are west group or east group. You can then determine which sectors are your four auspicious (good luck) directions and four inauspicious (bad luck) directions. These eight directions are known as the Eight Aspirations Theory or the Eight Mansions.

East Group Kua Numbers

West Group Kua Numbers

1, 3, 4, 9

2, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Step Two: Determine Best Facing Directions for Kua Numbers

Use your east or west group to determine if your home facing direction is one of your good luck directions. The chart below gives each kua number, facing direction and to which group the number belongs.

Kua Number

Best Facing Directions



Southeast facing direction



Northeast facing direction



South facing direction



North facing direction


5 (male)

Northeast facing direction


5 (female)

Southwest facing direction



West facing direction



Northwest facing direction



Southwest facing direction



East facing direction


Step Three: South-Facing Chart

The south-facing chart reveals the nine-grids (sectors) and which of the eight mansions fall in each. You will use this to determine each sector in your home.

South-Facing House in Feng Shui

Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts)

Bad luck direction


Tien Yi (Health)

Good luck direction


Lui Sha (Six Killings)

Bad luck direction


Chueh Ming (Total Loss)

Bad luck direction


Kua Number 3

(East Group)

Fu Wei (Personal Growth)

Good luck direction


Ho Hai (Bad Luck)

Bad luck direction


Sheng Chi (Wealth)

Good luck direction


(Front Door)

Nien Yen (Love)

Good luck direction


Step Four: Superimpose Grid Over Floor Plan

You can then superimpose the south-facing house nine grid chart over the layout of your home. South will be positioned at the front of your house, preferably the front door (or yang side if facing direction isn't at front of house). Now that you know your kua number and which group, west group or east group it is in, you can determine if a south-facing home is your ideal feng shui home.

Step Five: Match Your Eight Directions to House Eight Directions

If your kua number reveals you are a match for an east group home, you can study each good luck direction to see how it matches up with your eight aspirations. While your eight mansion may not match those of a south-facing home, you can still live happily in it. For example, you may discover that your nien yen (love) is in the house's sheng chi (wealth) position. You can still capitalize on these auspicious energies for your love relationship.

Sheng Chi Best Front Door Location

The ideal location of the front or main door of your home should be in your sheng chi (wealth) direction. The ideal placements for your bedroom, living room, and dining room are in one of your four good luck directions.

Front Door Location Challenges

If your door isn't located in the middle of the front of your home, check the grid to determine is it is in the southeast or southwest of the front side of your home. The worst location for the font door in a south-facing house is the southwest.

Front Door Should Be Centered

In feng shui, you always want the front door to be centered on the front side of your home. Having a front door in your bad luck sector (southwest) is a prime example of why this feng shui rule exists.

Remedies for Front Door in Bad Luck Southwest Sector

There are a few things you can do to remedy the southwest inauspicious front door placement. Start with the first recommendation to see if it has a positive change in your love life.

Use a Different Door

You can choose to use a different door for daily use to minimize the traffic (chi) flow from the negative front door placement. This may not be an issue for you since many people don't enter their homes through the front door. They often use a back door or side door. If you have a garage, chances are you use the door leading from the garage into your home. There are a few cures you can try if you are using a different door, but still feeling the negative impact of your front door placement.

Slightly Weaken the Earth Element

You can also consider the element of the sector where the door lies. In a south-facing house, this would be the earth element. To weaken this element, you need to use the exhaustive cycle. This would be introducing metal to this area since it weakens earth. Don't be overzealous, you don't want to destroy this energy, since it is your love & relationship sector. You can use a metal plaque or a metal flowerpot by the door.

green front door with metal plaque

Symbol of Protection

You can always add a symbol of protection at the front door. In feng shui, that would mean a statue of the goddess of mercy, Quan Yin. You probably want to steer clear of using an aggressive figure like a god of war, since this symbol could scare off or damage any love relationships. You may prefer to use some other symbol that is more to your faith or a symbol that resonates with your own brand of spirituality. After all, this is your home, so you should use a symbol of protection that fits your life best. You should use only one symbol in order to maintain good chi balance.

Don't Panic If House Is Bad Luck Direction

You shouldn't panic if your home is in one of your bad luck directions. Keep in mind that other factors are taken into consideration in classical feng shui. You don't want to make a conflicting kua number the most important aspect of your feng shui design. Always keep in mind that it is just one of several things to consider to help you bring balance and harmony to your home.

How to Plan Around Bad Luck Directions

You can use your bad luck directions to place rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, storage room, and garage. These areas generate sha chi (negative energy) and by placing them in your bad luck sectors, you can either suppress or mitigate the negative energies in your home. This will prevent these inauspicious energies from working against you.

Luxury bathroom in white

Feng Shui Remedies for Bad Luck Directions

You can use the feng shui weakening cycle to exhaust bad luck directions. Each sector is ruled by a specific element and you can use these to weaken the negative effects on your bad luck sectors. Just be careful not to overdo you remedies and set up a yin yang imbalance.

The feng shui exhaustive cycle includes:

  • Water weakens metal.
  • Metal weakens earth.
  • Earth weakens fire.
  • Fire weakens wood.
  • Wood wakens water.

Tips to Benefit From a South-Facing House in Feng Shui

When you understand some of the feng shui benefits and possible challenges in a south-facing house, you can take steps to counter them. You can lessen many negative aspects of a south-facing house when you use feng shui remedies and cures.

The South-Facing House in Feng Shui: Tips & Benefits