Using a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Bring Prosperity

Published September 25, 2020
feng shui wealth vase

A feng shui wealth vase is an ancient feng shui secret previously used only by the Chinese royals and wealthy. The hidden and powerful wealth vase tool of feng shui was revealed by Buddhist masters through sacred traditions using feng shui principles.

What Is a Feng shui Wealth Vase?

A feng shui wealth vase contains tremendous chi energy. This energy is infused into the vase through the various added ingredients and contents.

Size of Wealth Vase

You can choose any size of a wealth vase you want. Keep in mind that ancient emperors used huge floor vases as well as more discreet ones to attract and protect their wealth. Feng shui rules advise you to hide the wealth vase once it's complete, although if you are comfortable having your wealth showcased, you can display it.

Select Type of Wealth Vase

The type of wealth vase you use is important. You need a vase that has a base that is wider than its top. The classic ginger jar is the preferred choice since it has a wide opening, but the neck is narrow and comes with a lid. A regular vase doesn't have the lid and although you can use it, your wealth vase will be far more secure with a lid.

Five Essential Wealth Vase Ingredients

There are three essential wealth vase ingredients you will need to infuse it with the powerful money magnet energy that it's famous for bestowing to its creator/owner. These ingredients include soil, symbols of wealth, foodstuff, colored cloths, and ribbons.

1. Soil From Rich Person's Yard

The soil you will add to your wealth vase needs to be from the yard of a wealthy person. The soil must be given to you freely by the wealthy person. If you steal the soil without the owner's knowledge or permission, it won't work its magic for you.

feng shui soil

Substitute for Wealthy Person's Soil

If you can't get soil from a wealthy person, then you can substitute with a different soil. You will need rich fertile soil from an area that is thriving and flourishing with vibrant plant life and energy.

2. Symbols and Items of Wealth and Prosperity

You want to choose symbols and different items to represent the wealth and prosperity you wish to attract to you. You can choose from traditional feng shui symbols/items. You can also choose to include things that are your ideal symbols of wealth. Most people opt to have a mixture of traditional feng shui items and personal ones. Since it is your wealth vase, the choices are up to you. Some of the traditional feng shui ingredients to include in your vase include:

  • Crystal chips in an assortment to represent earthly wealth
  • Currency from different countries
  • Faux diamonds and gemstones
  • Five miniature globes of different colors
  • Gold bars and gold ingots (Real are best, but certainly faux can be used as symbols.)
  • Gold flakes for real gold element or pieces of gold jewelry
  • I Ching coins
  • One of the gods of wealth (Caishen)
  • Picture/photos of house, car, yacht, clothes, and material items you deem as status symbols of wealth
  • Photos of wealthy people you find inspiring
  • Ru Yi
  • Semi-precious gemstones
  • Six mini-crystal balls, smooth finish for harmony
  • Three Chinese brass coins from auspicious dynasty tied together with red string or ribbon

3. Cash From a Rich Person

You need to include cash from a rich person in your wealth vase. The easiest way to get this currency is to ask if the person can give you change for a larger bill. This allows you to swap the money in a fair exchange.

4. Feng Shui Tradition of Adding Food to Wealth Vases

The practice of placing rice and other grains in the wealth vase is an ancient feng shui tradition for imbuing wealth energy into the food. The grains were annually replaced with fresh grains and the wealth infused grains consumed over the course of the following year.

Modern Use of Food in Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Many feng shui practitioners instruct adding rice and grains without giving any further instructions. Unsealed rice/grains will go rancid, decay, and/or attract bugs. This will contaminate your wealth vase with catastrophic consequences for your wealth luck. For this reason, it is advisable to skip this traditional step. This omission won't affect your overall wealth outcome since the purpose of the rice/grains is for consumption. Instead of food, you can include symbols of food. If you still wish to add grains, it's best to place in sealable bags.

5. Five Pieces of Colored Square Cloth and Ribbons

You will need five squares of colored fabric cloth and matching colored ribbons. Each of the five colors represent the five elements. The colors you need are blue, green, yellow, red, and white.

Cleanse Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase Before Filling It

You will need to cleanse your feng shui wealth vase before placing anything in it. You can use a sandalwood incense cone or an incense stick placed in an incense holder.

  1. Set the incense holder on a table.
  2. Light the incense and place in the holder.
  3. Turn the vase upside down and hold the opening over the incense.
  4. Fill the vase with smoke from the incense to clear out any stagnant chi energy.
  5. Once you feel that the incense has cleared out the stagnant chi energy in the vase, turn the vase upright and set down on the table.
  6. Hold the vase lid over the burning incense to clear any stagnant chi energy tramped in it.
  7. Once you're satisfied that stagnant energy in your wealth vase has been cleared, you can either let the incense continue to burn or snuff it off.

How to Assemble the Ingredients in Your Wealth Vase

Once you've cleansed the wealth vase with incense, you're ready to begin assembling your wealth vase. You will assemble the ingredients in your wealth vase with deliberate intent. You want to have a sense of respect for each item you add into the vase.

blue ginger jar
  1. Hold the neck of the vase between your hands and focus your energy on the inside of the vase.
  2. Meditate on your intentions for creating your feng shui wealth vase and envision filling the vase with your desires, hopes, wishes, plans, and goals.
  3. Once you're satisfied you've imbued your energy inside the vase, you can begin filling it.
  4. Place the soil/dirt collected from a rich person's yard or other fertile soil in the bottom of your feng shui wealth vase. This soil becomes the foundation for your wealth building.
  5. If you've chosen to use grains, place inside your vase.
  6. Add the money and coins, gold bars and ingots, followed by the gemstones.
  7. Place god of wealth in the center of your vase, facing out (make sure you know where he is by making a tiny mark, piece of tape on the outside or bottom of the vase).
  8. Carefully, place the remaining items into the vase until it is three-fourths full to leave room for wealth to grow.

Sealing Your Wealth Vase

Once your wealth vase is completely full, you need to place the lid on it. You're now ready to add the five pieces of colored cloth and tie it the five colored ribbons to hold them in place.

  • Place the blue square of fabric over the lid.
  • In precise order, add the green, red, yellow, and white fabrics. You should end up with the white piece of fabric on top of the other cloths.
  • Tie the five colored ribbons around the vase neck to hold the fabrics in place.

Where to Place Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

There are several places you can store your wealth vase. The main thing you want is a place where no one will disturb it or accidentally overturn it. Always place your feng shui wealth vase with the god of wealth facing into a room, never facing out of a room, door, or window.

  • One good location for a wealth vase is your bedroom inside an armoire or cabinet with the god of wealth facing into the room.
  • Some people prefer to put their wealth vase on display.
  • You can place your feng shui wealth vase in the southeast sector of your home.
  • Your personal wealth sector according to your Kua number is another great location.

Annual Additions to Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Each year on the anniversary of your wealth vase creation, you will add one or two pieces of gold. This symbolizes that you are adding to your wealth by accumulating gold.

  1. Remove the ribbons and cloths.
  2. Open the lid to add real gold or faux ingots.
  3. You can also add coins or paper money along with the gold.
  4. Replace the cloths in the correct order.
  5. Retie the ribbons and set the vase back in its storage or display place.

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Stimulate Wealth Luck

The feng shui wealth vase is an ancient secret for accumulating wealth. You can use it to improve your personal wealth luck.

Using a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Bring Prosperity