Vastu for the Bedroom: Simple Tips to Promote Peace

Published November 6, 2020
 Vastu for the Bedroom

Using Vastu for bedroom design can provide you with beneficial energies. When you know the correct Vastu Shastra for bedroom designs and décors, you can enjoy restorative sleep.

Vastu for Bedroom Décors

There are a few compass directions that are the best quadrant locations for a Vastu bedroom. These include the south, southwest, east, west, and northwest. The other three compass directions of north, northeast and southeast should be avoided.

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra

You can use the five elements in Vastu Shastra applications to help you decorate your bedroom. Each element can be used with its coordinated compass direction.

  • Water: Northeast. This is a sacred direction and not favored for a bedroom placement.
  • Fire: Southeast. This direction is rarely used for a bedroom placement.
  • Air: Northeast. Again, this is a sacred direction.
  • Space: Center. The space is called Brahmasthan (universe). The home is often designed with the center left open for a courtyard.
  • Earth: Everywhere. This element governs all directions.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom Colors

You can use colors to strengthen the positive energies of a Vastu Shastra décor. You will want to use more than one color in your bedroom design by choosing a secondary color and an accent color. You can use the colors assigned to each compass direction to help you decide on the primary color for your bedroom color scheme and possibly other colors. In Vastu Shastra, pale colors are preferred over dark ones.

South Bedroom

The colors for a south quadrant bedroom are shades of red. These can range from pale pink, blushing coral, and passionate red. You can select a pale pink or soft coral color for the main colors and use splashes of red to stimulate the passion energies. You can use a cream color or white for an accent color. A comforter fabric colors of soft coral and touches of cream and/or white can tie your décor colors together.

East Bedroom

An east bedroom is assigned the color white. This gives you a clean slate for adding your secondary and accent colors. Various values of white, such as ecru or slightly dark values, can be used with pale blue for a stunning and inviting bedroom color combination.

West Bedroom

The west bedroom's main color is blue. Some practitioners use gray for this direction. You can use a soft pale blue and layer a slightly darker blue hue along with a pale gray to create a restive and calming bedroom décor. You may choose a themed design, such as nautical, to take advantage of this color combination or go with a beach theme.

Northwest Bedroom

A northwest bedroom color is white. You might decide to add various white hues, such as ecru, taupe, tawny, or other light colors. Pale blue makes an excellent secondary color since the northwest elements are water and sky.

Southwest Bedroom

As the ideal master bedroom directions, you can use pale pink, light brown and even a pale blue for a color combination. If you won't wish to use the blue, you can add a few red accent pieces or choose pink and red comforter. You may decide that a southwestern theme works well with this color combination.

Quadrants to Avoid for Bedrooms

There are three quadrants you should avoid using as a bedroom. The north quadrant is such a powerful magnetic pole that it is advised to be used for your facing direction for the front door, if possible. The northeast quadrant is a sacred direction and should be reserved for a meditation/altar room for your personal spiritual growth. The southeast quadrant is governed by the fire element and considered to energized to be a good bedroom choice.

Least Desirable Directions for a Bedroom and Their Colors

Often, there is no choice but to set-up a bedroom in one of the three quadrants Vastu Shastra advises you should avoid. In such an instance, you can use the appropriate color(s) to aid the positive energy needed for a restful sleep.

  • North bedroom: Green
  • Northeast bedroom: Various greens, some practitioners prefer to use yellow in this quadrant.
  • Southeast bedroom: Silver white

Child's Bedroom in East Quadrant

A child's bedroom is often located in the east quadrant. However, the north and east corners are best if kept empty of furniture and decorations. A child is advised to sleep with their head pointing east to receive the positive energies for their minds, especially memory and intelligence. This is important since the child is still growing and developing and will find the positive energies of the east beneficial.

Gender Assignment for Bedroom Directions

In traditional Vastu Shastra, gender is clearly defined in various principles. You can choose not to follow these examples if you prefer a gender neutral approach to your Vastu Shastra bedroom design. For those who prefer to follow traditional Vastu Shastra, you can observe the following:

  • Male members of the family were assigned the west and northwest bedroom since these are the commanding directions.
  • Female members of the family were assigned bedrooms that faced the south or southeast to received happiness and good health energies.

Guest Bedroom in Northwest Quadrant

A guest bedroom can be placed in the northwest quadrant. In Vastu Shastra, the northwest quadrant is the most unstable of all directions. This makes it an ideal bedroom location for guests, since they are not permanent residents and will be staying for a short time frame.

blue bedroom

Type of Bed for Vastu Shastra Bedroom Design

You want to use a wood bed for the best positive energies while you sleep. A metal bed should never be used since the metal serves as a conduit for electricity and magnetic energies. Sleeping on this type of bed will mean a restless and often nightmare filled sleep.

  • You should avoid an oval or round shaped bed.
  • Couples should sleep on one mattress and not two put side by side.
  • Your bed should always have a solid and substantial headboard.
  • The ceiling should be level and not round or oval shaped.

Ideal Placements of Furniture in Bedroom

Once you've placed your bed, you need to figure out where to set the rest of your bedroom furniture. You can use a few Vastu Shastra principles for these placements.

  • The ideal direction for placing a bedroom closet, armoire or wardrobe is either the northwest or south.
  • You should never leave the southwest corner of the bedroom empty, but decorate it and if possible, place a piece of furniture there.
  • A heater in the bedroom should be placed on the southeast wall or corner.
  • Vastu Shastra advises against sleeping in total darkness and recommends a nightlight always be on.
  • If you have a television in your bedroom like most modern people, the ideal direction is in the southeast corner.

Paintings and Art Objects for Vastu Shastra Bedroom

You can use paintings and art objects in your bedroom, but there are certain subject matters you should avoid. These include wild vicious animals, war scenes, fighting, turbulent oceans scenes, any type of death or destruction images, weapons, or war machines. You can use paintings or photos of beautiful naturescapes, landscapes and pastoral scenes in soft cool colors of blues and greens. You can also use floral paintings/photos. When choosing art for your bedroom, ask yourself if it evokes a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. If it does, then you've hit the mark!

A few things to avoid bringing into the bedroom include:

  • Avoid using artificial or dried flowers in the bedroom.
  • Don't display photos of deceased relatives.
  • You should avoid placing any type of statue, figurine of a deity, photos of children/family, or calendars in the bedroom.

Helpful Vastu Shastra Tips for Peaceful Bedroom

You want each bedroom in your home to be peaceful and provide a respite. When a bedroom is inviting and has a calming effect, you and your family members will sleep well and enjoy good health. Follow a few easy tips to ensure your bedroom designs take advantage of Vastu Shastra principles.

  • When facing the foot of your bed, the husband should sleep on the right side and the wife should be on the left side.
  • Avoid electronics in your bedroom since the energy can interfere with your sleep.
  • Never sleep underneath a beam since the house presses it down and suppresses your luck.
  • Don't place a bedroom directly above a kitchen since this will cause restless sleep.
  • Don't place your bed so your legs are pointing toward the door to your bedroom. This bed placement creates nightmares.
Young couple relaxing in bed

Keep Area Under Bed Clear

You should keep the area underneath your bed clear of all clutter. Storing items underneath your bed generates negative energy and prevent positive energy from moving underneath and around your bed.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Poor Sleepers

If you don't sleep well, try adjusting the direction your head is pointed when sleeping to the south compass direction. You may discover this sleeping direction solves your frequent waking during the night or even in some cases insomnia.

Vastu for the Bedroom

When you use Vastu Shastra principles, you can design the ideal bedroom. Vastu for the bedroom gives you many options for creating a bedroom that provides you with beneficial positive energies.

Vastu for the Bedroom: Simple Tips to Promote Peace