What Color Bedding Goes With Beige Walls?

Published July 26, 2018
Beautiful bedding in master bedroom

It's easy to decide what color bedding goes with beige walls since beige is considered a neutral color. In theory, that means almost any color can be used with beige, much the same way as with white.

Layered Beige and White

Beige master bedroom with fireplace

The beige wall color is repeated with a beige upholstered headboard. The bedding also repeats the same beige with a pair of pillow shams, a bed skirt and a bedding layer between the top sheet and bedspread. Matching off-white pillow shams are layered between the beige shams, brown throw pillows and a brown and blue pillow. While it isn't necessary to repeat the beige color in your bedding, it does provide a more cohesive design.

Satin Beige and Chocolate Brown

Satin beige and chocolate brown bedding

Another way to capitalize on the beige wall color is to repeat that color in the bedding and add a darker color in the brown family. This bedding features a satin beige comforter with a brown satin throw styled over the lower portion of the bed as though it were a wide stripe. Long beige bolster pillows support the matching lumbar pillows featuring a brown stripe.

Yellow and White Quilt

Yellow bedroom linens

The use of beige walls allows you to change the look of your room by switching out the bedding. This is an excellent example of neutral-colored walls and colorful bedding use. This old-fashioned yellow and white floral quilt is complemented with a mix of beige and yellow lumbar pillows and pillow shams. Beige sheets and pillowcases complete this ensemble.

Chocolate and Blue

Chocolate and blue bedding

You can choose any value of brown along the color scale of beige to dark brown to add depth to a room painted in the lightest color. This bedding ensemble of chocolate and blue features a chocolate colored bed skirt. The comforter is a striking, clean line boutique design that emphasizes rectangular shapes. Matching pillow shams make this a uniform and attractive choice.

Yellow and Gray Stripes

Stylish interior of contemporary room with comfortable bed

The beige wall color doesn't necessarily need to be repeated in your bedding. Gray is also considered a neutral color and just like white or black (both neutral colors), it can easily be used with beige walls. This bedding ensemble includes a stunning yellow and gray pleated, stripe design comforter with a white accent color. Matching pillow shams, gray bed sheets along with pleated yellow and gray throw pillows provide a layering of color and texture complete with a striped lumbar pillow and decorative floral pillow.

Masculine Taupe, Gray and White

Taupe, gray and white bedding

You can use a graduation of color to include beige and taupe along with other neutral colors, such as gray and white. This more masculine bedding option is centered around a gray sheet set. The quilted coverlet features a taupe, white, beige and gray stripe. Simplistic in design, the set includes matching pillow shams and a gray bed skirt. The lumbar pillow is the accent piece in a swirl pattern of beige and dark gray.

Beige and Powder Blue

Bedroom in soft beige colors with blue decoration.

Colors can stand out and be striking when used with beige. This boutique-style beige and powder blue comforter set features a pintuck beige comforter with a powder blue stripe. Matching beige pillow shams repeat the powder blue comforter detail. A powder blue bed skirt anchors the bedding design. Decorative pillows in different sizes and the same two colors add a layered depth to this bedding ensemble.

Grays and Browns

Cozy bedroom. Bed with pillows and striped blanket at cozy light bedroom

A bedding option in various values of gray and brown creates a very compelling bedding design. This set features not only beige, tan, brown and gray, but a splash of crimson red woven into the various stripe patterns. The Jacquard patterned stripes are contrasted with white and chocolate brown. Matching pillow shams are supported by white pillows further layered with a deep brown pillow and beige lumbar pillow.

Color Blocking With Burgundy and Chocolate

Burgundy and chocolate bedding

You can go bold with a block design in beige, burgundy and brown comforter set for a good color combination. This design is a great choice for any bedroom styled in color blocking. The varying color values give this selection a depth that accentuates the beige patterned walls.

Coral, Beige and Brown

Beige, coral and brown bedding

This micro-suede comforter features beige and brown stripes that allow the striped coral color to stand out as an accent color. The coral color can be repeated throughout the room decor. The bed is layered with variations of the stripe effect, along with a decorative coral lumbar pillow. A chocolate bed skirt completes this lush bedding ensemble.

Colors That Go With Beige

When designing with a neutral wall color, such as beige, you have just as many bedding options as you would with white walls. You can create a very cohesive design when you select bedding that features beige with other colors.

What Color Bedding Goes With Beige Walls?