Where to Find Inspiration for Interior Design

Published July 17, 2018
Two designers planning room design

There are many places and objects where you can find inspiration for interior design projects. Some are obvious while others might be unique to the theme of your design. Explore new ideas by expanding your scope of interest.

Nature for Creativity

The most obvious way to gain inspiration to immerse yourself in nature. The wonderment of creation is awe-inspiring and can easily translate to your next design project.

Butterflies Bring Magic

What could be more magical than watching butterflies in their natural habitat? Visit a butterfly garden like the Durham, NC Museum of Life + Science's Magic Wings Butterfly House.

  • Stroll through lush plant life, listen to trickling water and watch colorful butterflies flutter about during the daily release.
  • Pay attention to the different butterfly color designs and combinations.
  • The whimsical nature of fluttering butterflies can bestow creative ideas for a youthful and energetic décor.
butterfly collection on dining room wall

Sunset Colors

The amazing color palette exhibited in a sunset motivates and stimulates creative minds. Watch a sunset in a relaxed setting to soak it up and use it to generate your own beautiful décor color palette.

Beach Retreat

The colors and textures of a beach scene are enough to captivate any imagination. The marine and sea life, sand, seashells, palm trees, birds, and the sun provide a wealth of inspiration for colors, shapes, and décor.

beach inspired bedroom interior design

NightScape for Monochromatic

Whether you are in the mountains, coast, or a high-rise city, the nightscape can offer dramatic contradictions of light and dark as well as colors. One inspiration might be a monochromatic design using any color.

Take a Ride!

Take a ride to clear your mind and allow new ideas to take root. The simple act of movement can free your mind to step outside the typical.

Steam-Powered Train

Capture a nostalgic ambience by taking a steam-powered train ride. Let your imagination loose to contemplate what it was like when it was the most modern form of transportation. Take in the sounds, smells, and décor and adapt it to your home.

Hot Air Balloon

You can gain a new perspective on life with a hot air balloon ride. The first thing you'll notice is how sound travels vertically when you're in the air. This can change your ideas on how to approach sound traveling in a room. The next thing is the vastness of the world above the ground and the many colors, especially in the fall. Blue sky, white clouds, and splashes of green and other colors can trigger a new design idea.

couple in hot air balloon

Convertible or Motorcycle Excursion

Take a ride in the open wind. Riding against the wind is a great way to connect with everything around you. Using your five senses, you may awaken an idea or thought that could lead to an inventive design solution.

Art for Creative Inspiration

There are all kinds of art forms, such painting, sketching, and collage. An afternoon visit to an art museum or gallery can have an inspiring visual impact. Notice how the artist used color and light to convey an emotion or idea. Duplicate these techniques in interior design.

art on wall inspires interior design

Craft or Hobby Techniques

You can spend a time doing enjoying a craft or hobby to refill the creative well and power-up your design senses. You may decide to start a new hobby or learn a new craft to stimulate ingenious and imaginative ideas for your design project.

  • Quilting presents color combinations and how the small pieces come together to great an overall design.
  • Cake decorating can inspire you to pay attention to colors, textures, shapes, forms and the flow of design.

Photography Perspective

A great way to gain a new perspective of the world around you is through a lens. Take photos of every day events/items to study, setting your mind free of all restrictions. If you don't like taking photos, visit a photo exhibition and study how the photographer framed the subjects. Can that same way of framing a subject work for a décor?

woman holding camera outside

Fashion Trends

The current fashion trends, such as styles, colors, patterns and textures, have an impact on home décor textiles. The more you learn about these textiles, the more ideas will begin to flow.

  • Visit a textile museum, go to a fashion show or lecture or take a class in fashion history.
  • Take in a jewelry or houseware trade show to discover next year's hottest trends.
dress designer measuring woman


Music can be an inspiration for other forms of art. Play a different music genre than your normal choice. Listen to new artists and feel the beat and rhythm and how it relates to the rhythm of a room design. Imagine how you can represent the song or concerto in a home décor design.

Moving Outside Normal Boundaries

The best way to find inspiration for interior design is to step outside your normal boundaries of creating and designing. Delve into a new expression through nature, art, or other medium and discover a renewal of excitement to create beautiful home designs.

Where to Find Inspiration for Interior Design