Yin Yang Meaning in Love and Relationships

Published January 4, 2019
symbol yin and yang

The meaning of yin yang in love or any relationship isn't necessarily dependent upon your gender. The positive and negative aspects of yin and yang represent a desire for a balanced relationship.

Yin Energy Versus Yang Energy

Ancient Chinese yin yang philosophy divides chi energy into equal but opposite halves. One half is female (yin) while the other half is male (yang). That doesn't mean that the female energy belongs strictly to a woman or the male energy belongs strictly to a man. A person should have a healthy balance of both energies.

Attributes of Yin Energy

A person with prominent yin energy exhibits a passive attitude to life. This person is laid back and often fairly quiet in social situations. A yin person enjoys solitude and a quiet, peaceful environment. Yin people are very nurturing and enjoy creating a home (nest) for themselves and their family.

Attributes of Yang Energy

A yang person has high energy levels and is constantly on the go. There is a strong creative streak that demands expression. The yang energy can become overwhelming if not balanced with yin energy. Too much yang energy will make the person very aggressive and demanding. A yang person appreciates the talents and gifts in other people and a yin person can often stabilize a yang person by providing restive nurturing.

Balanced Chi in Relationships

These two chi energies identify polar opposites that attract each other and together create a whole and balanced energy. This energy balance can exist within a romantic love relationship regardless of the genders of the couple. As a couple, these energies can be dispersed in varying degrees and amounts. The balancing of these energies will unite the couple in a harmonious relationship.

Yin Yang in Love Relationships

The exchange of energies in a love relationship is more powerful than you may realize. There are times when one person will have more yin energy and the other will have more yang energy. There are also times when those combined energies of the couple may have more yin energy than yang energy and vice versa. This is normal and should be expected, but eventually, you want those energies to recede and a more balanced chi to return.

Too Much Yang Energy

Just as in feng shui, the couple should focus on finding a balance of yin yang energy for their relationship. If one person is overly yang energy driven and the other person maintains a balance of yin and yang energy, then the relationship will be confrontational as the yang energy seeks to dominate and siphon needed yin energy. If both people are more yang energy, then there will be a never-ending struggle for power. Each will try to one-up the other or dominate the other. Yang energy is the driving force of aggression. Both will seek the calming yin energy from the other that isn't available and could cause the yang energy to escalate.

Too Much Yin Energy

If the couple has too much yin energy, there won't be a great deal of creativity or advancement in the relationship. The couple will be rather passive and lack the energy to transform the relationship into more. This type of relationship eventually becomes stale. The couple may feel as though they are stuck in a rut and can't find a way to change things. Restoring balance to the individuals can remedy the relationship energy.

Yang Person and Yin Person

A relationship where one person is mostly yang and the other is yin may appear to be a harmonious blending, but the truth is, this imbalance will create conflict and discord. At some point, the yang person will feel the lack of yin energy in their own life and the yin person will grow depressed without the motivating yang energy in their energy makeup. This can set up a cycle of codependency between the two people with neither feeling whole without the other.

How to Balance Your Chi Energy

There are many ways you can bring your chi into a balanced state of being, such as with yoga, meditation and the practice of Tai chi or Qigong. Join a class as a couple to experience the benefits of these practices together.

Unfolding Energies of Yin & Yang

Infuse Yin or Yang Energy Into Your Relationship

The first place to look for an imbalance of personal chi is your home. The feng shui of your environment impacts your personal chi dramatically. You can turn to various feng shui remedies to address either too much yang or too much yin in your home. Pay close attention to the southwest sector (love/relationships) of your home and correct any afflictions residing there as well as your bedroom by using feng shui methods.

Infuse Yin Energy

If you need to infuse more yin energy, start with feng shui restive colors, darkened environment and nature sounds that are relaxing. You can also wear yin colors through specific feng shui fashion choices.

Add Environmental Yang Sounds

You can imbue yang energy into your environment through sound. Whenever possible you can use music, chimes, and drums for yang energy. Children and pets are especially good yang energy generators.

Restore Balance With Sound Bath

You can also try sound healing which is very effective for most people. As a couple, you can join a sound bath session. You won't actually take a bath. This is a yoga state of being accompanied by sounds created by singing bowls. The sound expert/healer will use a series of crystal or brass singing bowls. Once in a meditative state, the healer will conduct a series of tones specific to awakening and restoring chakra centers in your body.

Be Happy with Yang Energy

The emotion of happiness is a powerful yang energy and is infectious. Surround yourselves with very happy and positive people so some of that yang energy rubs off on you.

Ideal Yin Yang Between Two People

When a balanced state with yin and yang energies is attained, the two opposites become constructive. A couple with a balanced chi relationship will create, build and advance their lives together.

Yin Yang Meaning in Love and Relationships