12 Flowers That Attract & Feed Hummingbirds

Hum along with happiness when you're planting flowers that'll bring the hummingbirds to your yard.

Published March 1, 2023

There's something beautifully whimsical and ethereal about hummingbirds. From their tiny, tiny wings to their tinier feet, these miniature creatures are elusive. Unless you thoughtfully build a garden all about drawing in and attracting the hummingbirds. When you fill your garden with hummingbird flowers, you'll become the hit of the neighborhood for the local hummingbird population.

Butterfly Bush for Hummingbirds


More than just a pretty plant to attract butterflies, butterfly bush is not only easy to care for, but it blooms multiple times a year. The long arms of blossoms are the perfect shape for a hummingbird to swoop out of the air for a snack.

Bee Balm


These colorful pink, purple, white, and red blossoms are not only perfect flowers for hummingbirds, but they also attract butterflies. These beauties blossom in mid to late summer, perfect for those late summer days of sitting in the garden bird watching.

Coral Bells


Coral bells are unassumingly easy to grow, but know that they can spread quite easily. For those who struggle to cultivate a garden year after year, coral bells are the answer for low-maintenance flowers that attract hummingbirds.



Like the butterfly bush, these long flowers are the perfect buds for hummingbirds to easily feast on nectar. It sure doesn't hurt that these are stunning. And with just a little pruning, your beardtongue can have a second bloom - all the better for attracting even more hummingbirds.



The beloved flower that seems to sprout everywhere in everyone's garden is one that hummingbirds love, too. With early springtime and summer blooms, if you're a fan of blossoms that can come in nearly every color from blue to pink to, well, multicolor, then irises are an irresistible addition to your hummingbird garden flowers.



These tall flowers stand shoulders above the other hummingbird flowers and come to life in the spring, making them easy for hummingbirds to spot early in the season and continue to return all summer long. The bell-shaped blossoms require little care despite all their beauty.



Similar in looks to the foxglove, lupine is a tall, perennial flower with hundreds of varieties. Like the foxglove, the lupine blossoms in spring, but you'll also find these blooms well into the middle of summer. It's the perfect flower to lure hummingbirds to your garden once the foxgloves have stopped blooming.



Did you know that those petunias you see everywhere would draw the attention of hummingbirds? With a full three seasons of blooms and colors for each stripe of the rainbow (plus several more), you can hang them outside your window, leave them in planters, or grow them in the ground. Although, you may find hummingbirds flocking to the hanging flowers, thanks to the safety they offer.

Scarlet Sage and Perennial Salvia


A plant by any name still tastes just as sweet to the hummingbirds. With blooms from spring through fall, you'll find they could be the shorter siblings of the foxglove or lupines. Colorful flowers that'll bring hummingbirds closer in hues of blue, purple, yellow, and pink, they're a hearty plant that'll thrive in full sun.



Hands down one of the most well-known flowers, you may not know that hummingbirds are attracted to lilies. Not only do you find these fragrant flowers attractive, but the hummingbirds will flock to these colorful, exceptional beauties.



A flower with lengthy blooms all the way from spring through fall, these clustered blooms are a colorful draw for hummingbirds. With varieties that are closer to the ground and those that grow up to six feet tall, you can add these to your window boxes or hanging planters to attract the hummingbirds to your home.



You may not think of the hostas as a hummingbird plant, but their tall, bell-shaped blossoms are the ideal food source for hummingbirds. For you, they're not only easy to care for, but they're also easy to propagate all over your garden.

Colorful Flowers for Hummingbirds


It doesn't matter whether you've seen a hummingbird swoop by your flowers once or one hundred times, there's something otherworldly about those tiny, iridescent birds. Grab a trowel and plant some flowers that'll attract hummingbirds to your yard all summer, spring, and fall long.

12 Flowers That Attract & Feed Hummingbirds