How to Propagate Pothos With 2 Easy Methods

Published June 24, 2022
Woman propagating a pothos plant

If you're a fan of houseplants, chances are that your abode is home to at least one pothos (Epipremnum aureum), also commonly referred to as devil's ivy, money plant, or golden pothos. Wish you had even more of them? You may be surprised to discover just how simple it is to propagate this popular plant. When you learn how to propagate pothos, you'll easily be able to multiply the number of these easy-care houseplants in your possession, or even share the wealth with your friends and family.

2 Easy Ways to Propagate Pothos

There are a couple of very simple ways to propagate pothos plants. For either method, you'll need to snip off a length of stem from the plant you currently have. Take a cutting from a healthy plant that's five to six inches long. It should have at least four leaves and a node or two. Once you have done that, snip off the leaf nearest to the cut end but leave the leaf node (the growth/bump where the leaf connected to the stem) in place.

How to Propagate Pothos in Water

The fastest and easiest way to propagate a pothos is to place a stem cutting in a glass of water. If you plant to root multiple cuttings, place each one in a separate container. With this option, you'll be able to see the roots develop, so you will know for sure when your new houseplant is ready to transplant.

Devil's ivy in reused plastic and glass bottles
  1. Place the cut end of the stem into a canning jar, clear drinking glass, small vase, or another similar container.
  2. Add enough water so that the node near where the leaf was removed is covered by at least an inch of water.
  3. Place the glass in a well-lit area. It should be exposed to some natural light, but not direct sunlight.
  4. Change or add to the water as needed to keep it clean and ensure the bottom node remains submerged.
  5. Wait for roots to develop, which generally starts happening after about two weeks.
  6. Let the roots continue to grow for another few weeks, then move your new plant to its final home.

How to Propagate Pothos by Planting

It's also very easy to propagate pothos in soil or a soilless planting mix (which is ideal for indoor gardening). This takes a little longer than propagating in water, but the plant will already be in a container when it sprouts roots.

Woman planting pothos plants into new pots
  1. Fill a small planting container with soil or the alternate growing medium you prefer to use.
  2. Poke a small hole (or holes if you are rooting multiple cuttings) in the soil or other growing medium.
  3. Dip the cut end of your cutting into rooting hormone. (This is optional, but it may take your plant several weeks longer to develop roots if you skip this step.)
  4. Place the cut end of the stem into the soil and pinch the dirt around the stem to hold it in place.
  5. Water the newly planted cuttings, being sure that the soil is moist without being saturated.
  6. Continue to water as needed to keep the soil consistently moist.
  7. Roots should start to form within approximately three weeks.
  8. Let the roots continue to develop for another week or two before (if needed) repotting the plant in a larger container.

Prepare to Possess More Pothos Plants

While you're waiting for the roots to grow, take the time to expand your knowledge of pothos plants and/or plant propagation in general. No matter which technique you choose, it won't be long before you're the proud owner of some successfully propagated pothos plants. Keep your new plants in your home, display them in your office, or share them with some of your favorite people. The choice is yours!

How to Propagate Pothos With 2 Easy Methods