June Birth Flowers: Beautiful Meanings of Rose & Honeysuckle

Published April 7, 2021
Romantic pink roses

There is more than one June birth flower that you can chose. The two June flowers are rose and honeysuckle.

June Birth Flower for Your Garden

The June flowers of rose (rosa) and honeysuckle (Lonicera) are known for their individual, yet very distinguishable fragrances. Both flower scents have undertones that are associated with romance and happiness. These meanings have followed both flowers through the centuries, with songs and poems created as expressions of the power each flower has.

Rose Is a Symbol of Love

The rose is a symbol of love as well as loving devotion. Each rose color has a specific meaning, such as white roses symbolize pure love, and red roses are symbols for passionate love.

Other Rose Meanings and Symbols Throughout History

The Victorians weren't the first to place different meanings and values on roses. Ancient Romans and Egyptians valued roses, too. In fact, Romans placed a rose on their doors as a "do not disturb" sign. Rose petals were used as confetti during Roman military and ceremonial parades.

Roses for Summer Joy

The summer fragrance of roses is unmistakable. Roses come is all kinds of varieties with over 100 different roses. You may decide to plant your birth flower and can choose from a climbing or climber roses, rose shrubs, miniature rose shrubs, hybrid tea roses, and old garden roses.

Rose arch in garden

Old Garden Roses

If you want an old-fashioned type of rose, the old garden rose, also known as heirloom rose, is the epitome of the traditional fragrant rose. You can choose the roses you want for your garden from over a staggering 200 types.

Floribunda Roses

The floribunda rose is a type of shrub rose that can have either double or single flowers. These roses produce in clusters throughout the growing season.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Each hybrid tea rose stem will produce only one rose bloom. Hybrid tea roses are the end result of the cross-breeding of two roses.

Climbing Roses

You can explore climbing roses for your June flower. These amazing plants are prolific repeat bloomers and can be planted along a wall, trellis, or other structure in your garden.

Rambler Roses

Not to be confused with climbing roses, rambler roses have only one bloom with no repeat blooms like climbing roses. Many gardeners train the stems to climb up arches, trellises and arbors. The blooms are small with up to 20 per stem and have a strong fragrance.

Roses Are Best June Flower to Send

If you want to send roses to someone with a June birthday, you can follow some of the Victorian meanings. The Victorians loved roses and assigned meanings to not just the rose colors, but the number of roses they sent, how the bouquet was decorated, which hand was used to present the roses, and which hand the recipient took the proffered bouquet.

Honeysuckle June Birth Flower

The North American native honeysuckle plant typically grows in the wild. You can often find it along roads as well as bordering meadows and fields. Honeysuckle often cascades over banks around a pond dam or river.

Blooming honeysuckle Bush

Vine and Bush Honeysuckle Species

Honeysuckle can be planted as a vine or bush. Some species were imported into the United States as measures against erosion and are considered invasive species. However, you can use this as an ornamental plant when you choose one of the native species. You can find blooms in scarlet, yellow, pink, and white.

Symbolism of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a symbol for happiness. The sweet fragrance attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, which are associated with good fortune and joy. The blossoms have a drooping and clinging shape that is often compared to lovers embracing.

Honeysuckle Plant for a June Birthday Gift

You can give a honeysuckle plant from a greenhouse or nursery to someone with a June birthday. You may also want to include a trellis for the vine to climb.

Explore a June Birth Flower

It is appropriate that a Gemini has not one but two flowers to represent her/his birthday. If you wish to give a June flower gift, then you may prefer to give your Gemini both flowers. And you can celebrate their birth month further with these fun June captions and quotes.

June Birth Flowers: Beautiful Meanings of Rose & Honeysuckle