10 Beautiful Pictures of Lucky Bamboo Arrangements

Published November 15, 2018

Lucky Bamboo: Symbol of Good Fortune


Lucky Bamboo is a popular and powerful feng shui cure. A symbol of good fortune, good health and prosperity, this beautiful plant attracts and increases the flow of positive energy throughout your home or business. At the same time, it reactivates any stagnant energy in the area ensuring that chi is able to flow freely throughout.

Number of Stalks in a Lucky Bamboo Arrangement


The number of stalks in an arrangement of Lucky Bamboo has a significant meaning. Traditionally, Lucky Bamboo arrangements have one to ten stalks, with many larger arrangements having twenty-one. Arrangements with an even number of Lucky Bamboo stalks represent the feminine as they are Yin numbers. These numbers stand for the passive side of nature. Arrangements with an odd number of stalks represent the active masculine side of nature, or Yang.

Even Number of Stalks


According to ancient legend, a Lucky Bamboo plant with two stalks is a symbol of double luck and happy relationships. Four stalks stand for a good love life, creativity and success in school. However, in the Chinese culture the number four is negative as the word for the number four is very similar to the word for death. A plant with four stalks would never be found in the home or business of someone from the Chinese culture. An arrangement with six Lucky Bamboo stalks means favorable conditions will provide a flow of money and good luck. Eight stalks symbolize good luck and fertility and ten stands for a life that is complete and fulfilled.

Odd Numbered Arrangements


According to ancient Chinese traditions, one Lucky Bamboo stalk signifies a simple and meaningful life with overall good fortune. Three stalks represents Longevity, happiness and prosperity. An arrangement with five stalks means balance in all areas of your life, filled with happiness and good luck. Seven stalks symbolize good health and good luck in all types of relationships. Nine stands for prosperity, good health and a happy positive love life. Eleven Lucky Bamboo stalks signifies overall good luck in all areas of life. A Lucky Bamboo arrangement with twenty-one stalks is a very strong and powerful all purpose blessing.

Lucky Bamboo Arrangement Shapes


Lucky Bamboo arrangements range from simple, such as one or two stalks beautifully displayed in a clear glass vase with pebbles and water, to fancy where stalks are curled, braided and interwoven. Other arrangement styles of Lucky Bamboo are trellis or lattice, tiered and layered.

The Five Feng Shui Elements


When used as a feng shui cure, a Lucky Bamboo plant generally includes all of the five elements of wood, earth, water, metal and fire. The Lucky Bamboo plant and the color green both represent wood. Earth is represented by the pebbles, rocks or soil and the color brown. Water is kept in the container and is also represented by the color blue. Metal, or metallic colored, figurines or ornaments can decorate the Lucky Bamboo plant or container to represent metal. The colors silver, gold, copper, brass or bronze also stands for metal. Red, maroon, pink or burgundy represents the element of fire for the container or one of the ornaments.

Lucky Bamboo as a Gift Idea


Giving someone a gift of a Lucky Bamboo plant increases the luck the plant brings. These relatively inexpensive good luck plants make wonderful gifts for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings and the holidays. They are also make great gifts for business grand openings. If you would like to buy a Lucky Bamboo plant for yourself, consider it a gift to your family, house or office.

Strength and Flexibility


A Lucky Bamboo plant is both flexible and strong. It symbolizes the ability to accept changes and move forward in all aspects of life.

Peace and Harmony


Adding a Lucky Bamboo plant to your home or office can bring a sense of peace and harmony. It can make you feel healthier and more alive as the auspicious chi flows freely throughout your space.

Lucky Bamboo Arrangements Are Easy to Grow


Although it is called Lucky Bamboo the plant is actually a member of the lily family named dracaena sanderiana and is also known as ribbon dracaena. A hearty and resilient plant, Lucky Bamboo grows well in almost any area of the home and prefers indirect low lighting conditions. Make sure you know how to properly care for your Lucky Bamboo plant.

10 Beautiful Pictures of Lucky Bamboo Arrangements