10 Minimalist Touches to Add to Your Garden for a Zen Vibe

Add touches of minimalist design to your garden to create a low-maintenance, serene outdoor space.

Published March 15, 2023

There's nothing quite like a tranquil retreat from the clutter and complications of life. Don't worry if you don't have the greenest thumb ever; it's actually really easy to create a minimalist garden that's low-maintenance and restful.

Use Planters for Structural Shape


Give your garden structural shape and plenty of height by using elevated planters and trimmed shrubs. Choose varieties that fit your growing area and require minimal care. You can install an automatic watering system or sprinkler to keep maintenance to almost nothing, too.

Embrace Native Grasses


There's just something super relaxing about watching grasses blow in the breeze. If you plant native grasses that tolerate your local weather, you'll have minimal upkeep. Tall grasses can shade out weeds, and they often require less water than non-native species or standard lawn grass.

Helpful Hack

Before choosing plants, look around at what grows naturally in your area. If this plant survived here already, chances are it won't need a ton of care from you. Then, keep plantings simple to maintain that uncomplicated look.

Think Vertically


Don't have a ton of space for greenery? No worries. You can make a simple vertical garden by hanging planters or installing a trellis on a patio wall. Choose succulents or low-maintenance vines that grow well in your area.

Build in a Water Feature


Water features can be very low maintenance, especially if you don't go too crazy with the plantings. Keep the area around the water feature simple with interesting rocks, gravel, and easy-care shrubs. You can do a backyard waterfall or simply set up a birdbath with fresh water for your feathered friends.

Install a Zen Garden


You know those relaxing tabletop Zen gardens everyone had on their desktops for a while? You can make one of those in your yard or on your patio for a relaxing and very low-maintenance minimalist garden. Bring in sand or fine gravel and accent it with rocks in different sizes. You can rake patterns into the sand or allow the rain to add its own texture.

Paint a Simple Succulent Rainbow


Succulents are some of the lowest-care plants you can add to your garden, and they offer a tranquil, minimalist look to any landscape. Design a succulent garden with a rainbow of different colors and textures to provide plenty of variety without feeling cluttered.

Choose Easy-Care Perennials


Some perennial flowers are very easy to care for and perfectly suited to your landscape. Depending on where you live, plants like coneflowers can add a ton of color without requiring any complicated care. A little water and enough light is all they need to provide beauty year after year.

Layer Hardscapes and Minimalist Plantings


Create a serene corner with a privacy fence or wall and layered hardscapes like patios, decks, and gravel or woodchips. You can bring in some low-maintenance plantings like mature trees or large shrubs to add greenery without adding a lot of extra complication.

Make the Most of Moss


If you have a moist and shady place in your garden, you can create a cool minimalist retreat by introducing moss and pretty rocks. Growing moss is very easy if you have enough water and shade, and you can transplant it easily from other gardens in your area (ask first, of course).

Add a Spot to Sit in Serenity


Don't forget to add a spot to sit and enjoy your minimalist garden. A hammock, bench, or a chair or two is plenty. You just need a spot to sit back and relax in your tranquil space.

Create a Low-Maintenance, Serene Space Perfect for Chilling


Give your garden a worry-free vibe where you can chill without a care in the world. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor space.

10 Minimalist Touches to Add to Your Garden for a Zen Vibe