November Birth Flower: The Expressive Chrysanthemum

Published April 7, 2021
Orange Flowering Chrysanthemum

The November birth flower is chrysanthemum and is better known as a mum. This November flower is easy to grow and makes a nice potted flower birthday gift.

Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower

Chrysanthemum comes from ancient Greek and means golden flower. Unlike the original chrysanthemums, modern mums are available in a wide range of colors.

World of Symbolism for Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are symbols throughout the world have many positive meanings. Chrysanthemums symbolize youth, longevity, and perfection. In Asian cultures, the flower is used for medicinal purposes, such as fortifying health. In the United States, mums are often associated as a funeral flower. It is also a popular Halloween and Thanksgiving floral decoration.

Thanksgiving pumpkins and red, yellow and pink fall mums

Chrysanthemum Color Meanings

Like other flowers, the various chrysanthemum colors have specific meanings. If you decide to send mums to someone with a November birthday, it may help to know what the color message is. Some of these messages are:

  • Deep passionate love is the red chrysanthemum message.
  • A love taken for granted is symbolized with yellow mums.
  • Pure love or innocence are the messages for a white chrysanthemum.
  • Romance, flirting, or affection are symbolized with pink mums.
  • Enthusiasm, interest, or passion are the messages for orange mums.
  • Well wishes or good luck is symbolized by purple mums.

How to Grow Chrysanthemums in Your Garden

You may decide you want to grow chrysanthemums in your garden. In fact, mums are perennials and don't need to be purchased each year. You can learn how to keep mums from dying off at the end of the fall season and revive them in the spring.

Direct Sow November Flower Chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum is a November flower and can be direct sow in early spring. You can plant the seeds in a garden flower bed. If you prefer, you can grow seedlings indoors at least two months prior to the last spring frost. Once the danger of frost has passed, you can transplant your chrysanthemums into a prepared garden bed, pots, or containers.

Chrysanthemum Care and Maintenance

A chrysanthemum needs a sunny spot in your garden. If you've planted your mums in pots and containers, you can set them out on a patio, deck or steps positioned so they are in direct sunlight.

Young woman planting flowers in pot plants

Plant in Well-Drained Soil, Compost, and Mulch

A chrysanthemum plant thrives in well-drained soil. Once the plants begin to grow, you can add compost and mulch.

Pinch to Increase Bloom Production

You can pinch back the first buds to encourage the mum to produce more flowers. This technique can be used throughout the growing season to ensure your plants are full of blooms and don't stop producing.

Fertilizing and Watering Mums

Mums can be fertilized just as they begin to bloom. You will water once a week with about one-inch of water.

Tips for Growing Chrysanthemums Year Round

As a perennial, chrysanthemums can be grown in your garden year round. However, most people think of mums as being annuals sold in containers or pots during the fall season.

Winterize Your Chrysanthemums for Spring Revival

You can turn potted mums upside down during the winter months to protect them. When spring rolls back around, all you do is turn the pots right side up.

Dig up Mums, Put in Pots, and Store in Basement

If you live in an extreme winter climate, you can dig up your mums and set in pots or containers. You will need to store the mums over winter in your basement.

Winterize Chrysanthemums in Flower Beds

If you decide to leave your chrysanthemum plants in flower beds, you can add layers of straw around the plants to insulate them against the harsh winter temperature. Using either method ensures your chrysanthemums can easily survive year after year.

Mum Flowers in autumn bloom

November Birth Flower With Chrysanthemums

If your birthday is in November, your birth flower is chrysanthemum. You can grow mums and enjoy their beauty from one year to the next.

November Birth Flower: The Expressive Chrysanthemum