8 Spring Flowering Bulbs to Awaken Your Garden From Winter

Prepare for a stunning garden with these spring flowering bulbs planted in fall and winter.

Published March 15, 2023

Plant flowering spring bulbs in late fall and even in the winter for a gorgeous spring garden. A few helpful gardening hacks will have you ready for springtime blooms before you wave goodbye to fall. With these early spring bulbs, your garden will beam with color and beauty as soon as the warmer season rolls around.



Violet-blue blooms are the signature shade of bluebells, and they bring pollinators like bees, butterflies, and moths to your garden. Plant these bulbs in fall for a spring bloom. Be sure the bulbs are facing upwards when you plant and aim for a hole about three times the size of the bulb itself. You can also plant these bulbs in spring, but don't expect a bloom until the following year.



A beloved spring flower, tulips are vibrant and bring warm shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink to your garden alongside white and purple. Plant tulips until the late winter to see them bloom in spring, and make sure your bulbs are six inches deep when you plant.



Allium, available in nearly every color, is a whimsical bloom with full flowers and a thin stem. Plant allium bulbs six to eight inches deep in soil during the fall for a vibrant spring sprout.



Daffodils along the roadside tell you that spring has finally sprung. Prep your own garden for sprouting daffodils in the early spring. Make sure you give your bulbs plenty of space between one another, at least six inches, and plant them six to eight inches deep in soil. You can plant daffodils as early as October, roughly two to four weeks before the ground freezes.



Snowdrops, in their unmistakable white and bell-like appearance, will be some of the first signs of spring in your garden. Snowdrop bulbs will need partial shade to flourish, and they only need a two to three-inch depth when planted. October or November planting should bring an early spring bloom for your snowdrops.



Crocus, an early spring flower in many gardens, shines with its contrasting shades of white, purple, and yellow. Plant crocus bulbs in the fall with full sun and partial shade to see the signature colors sprouting as spring begins. A three-inch depth is perfect for the crocus bulb.



Graceful and unmistakable for even the most novice gardener, lilies are a must for spring garden plans. Make sure you plant lily bulbs in an area sheltered from the wind so they can flourish before sprouting season. Plant your bulbs in late fall, roughly six to eight inches deep, and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor in early spring and possibly again in the fall.



Hyacinth blooms in the spring, and the rich pink, purple, and blue colors are stunning to behold. Add these tall and luscious blooms to your garden by planting the bulbs until late winter, depending on your location. Two to three inches of depth when planting is perfect for these spring sprouts.

Plan Your Spring Garden Now


Any combination of these spring flowers will have you prepping for a gorgeous garden before fall has fully arrived. The key to an effortless flower garden in the spring is to do as much prep as you can in the late fall and early winter months. With these gorgeous spring-flowering bulbs, you are well on your way to having the most stunning garden on the block once spring rolls around.

8 Spring Flowering Bulbs to Awaken Your Garden From Winter