Put Antique Bird Cages to Use With 11 Creative Upcycle Ideas

From wedding decor to protecting your pets from toxic plants, there are tons of ways to put decorative bird cages to good use.

Published April 24, 2023


When it comes to flea market finds or antique store scores, it's pretty hard to beat a beautiful antique bird cage. These delicate structures might not be useful for holding birds anymore, but they can serve lots of different purposes in your home decor. From acting as a centerpiece on your wedding or holiday table to adding flair to your garden, these old cages have a ton of potential.

Create a Romantic Antique Bird Cage Centerpiece


If you want amazing wedding centerpieces that will wow all your guests, look in vintage stores for antique bird cages. You can fill them with baby's breath and other flowers to create super romantic arrangements for your table. These also work for holiday centerpieces if you fill them with flowers that people associate with the holiday (like poinsettias for Christmas).

Make a Bird Cage Light Fixture

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It's easy to turn a bird cage into a light fixture by adding an LED bird-shaped light or wiring it for a bulb. You can use a bird night light, or pick up a lamp kit at a home store. It makes a wonderful farmhouse-style decoration that can make your room perfect.

Need to Know

Avoid using light fixtures that get hot if you're using a wooden bird cage. The wood is dry, and you don't want it to become a fire hazard. Stick to the metal bird cages instead.

Display Sweet Treats With Vintage Style


If you find a vintage metal bird cage in good shape, consider making it into a display for treats. It can frame cookies, cakes, or other delicacies and give them more visual impact - perfect for a buffet or special meal.

Need to Know

If you're using a painted bird cage, avoid placing food in contact with the paint. Vintage and antique items often have lead paint, which is not food safe.

Make an Indoor Fairy Garden From a Bird Cage

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If you score a decorative bird cage at a shop or flea market, turn it into the ultimate indoor fairy garden. All you have to do is add fairy lights, artificial flowers, and a home for the fairies. A little wooden house or moss dwelling is perfect.

Show Off Ceramic Birds


Vintage ceramic birds look totally at home in an antique wooden bird cage, and you can make the display into a focal point on a dresser or table in your home. It will feel whimsical and fun and add a touch of spring to your interior, no matter what time of year it is.

Upcycle a Bird Cage as Plant Protection


If you have plants that squirrels or birds might enjoy just a little too much, you can protect them with a vintage bird cage. The light and air can still get in, but the critters can't (bird cages can keep things out just as well as they can keep things in).

Collect Cards in Vintage Style

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If you're having a wedding or big party, you can use a bird cage to collect them at the event. People can slip the cards between the bars of the cage, and it's way more stylish and fun than a standard card box. Add a fun sign to explain what they should do.

Protect Pets From Toxic Plants

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Cats and some dogs like to nibble on houseplants or bouquets, and it's amazing how many plants are toxic. From your bouquet of lilies to your favorite jade plant, it's important to keep these beauties away from your furry friends. A bird cage can be the perfect solution here! Just put the plant inside the cage where it can still get sunlight, but it won't be easy for your pet to access.

Make an Antique Bird Cage Wall Shelf

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Transform an antique bird cage into a wall shelf by cutting it in half and attaching a backing. The backing will give it stability and make it easier to hang on the wall. You can display knick-knacks or books inside the cage and have a beautiful focal point for any room.

Display Candles in Style


If you have an antique metal bird cage, you can use it to display candles and keep people from accidentally bumping them. Just choose a cage that's larger than the candles and place them in the middle. Open the door to light them.

Need to Know

Don't use an antique wooden bird cage for candles, since old wood is very flammable.

Use an Antique Bird Cage Stand for a Focal Point

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Many decorative bird cages are designed to hang from stands. Usually made of metal, these had weighted bases and hooks or frames for hanging the cage. If you're displaying candles, a favorite object, or anything else in the cage, a stand lets you put it anywhere you want. It creates an instant focal point in your room.

Need to Know

Antique bird cages are made of metal or painted wood, and they're not always safe for use with birds. If you're planning to use the cage for a real bird, skip the vintage one and buy a new model.

Antique Bird Cages Offer Lots of Decorating Possibilities


Vintage and antique bird cages offer all kinds of repurposing and decorating possibilities. You can find them in flea markets, antique stores, and second-hand shops. If you score a great one, put it to use in your home in lots of creative ways.

Put Antique Bird Cages to Use With 11 Creative Upcycle Ideas