Catchy Slogans to Save Water and Encourage Water Conservation

Updated December 15, 2019
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There is a worldwide water shortage that affects all the continents in the world. Slogans are an easy and quick way to raise awareness about this urgent crisis, and help in conserving water.

10 Well-Known Sayings and Slogans

Slogans and sayings that inspire people to conserve water come from a variety of sources. Choose one that best conveys the message you wish to share.

  1. "Make every drop of water count." Unknown author
  2. "Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man." Stewart Udall, former politician and environmental advocate
  3. "Life depends on water, but the reservoir depends on you." Unknown author, Food Engineering
  4. "The Third World War will be about water." Rajendra Singh, the water man of India

  5. "Bright futures begin with clean water." The Water Project
  6. "Water for life." This saying was the slogan used by the United Nations (UN) for the International Decade for Action Water for Life (2005-2015) campaign.
  7. "Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) in via BrainlyQuote.
  8. "Rainwater tank, won't break the bank." Unknown Author
  9. "Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink." Samuel Taylor Coleridge in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (part II) via Poetry Foundation
  10. "A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man." Unknown author

More Slogans About Saving Water

All the water environmental slogans and saying ideas below are original to Vijayalaxmi Kinhal and Sally Painter.

Importance of Water

Select a short quote or saying that helps get the message about the importance of water.

  • Water is the substance of life. Treasure it!
Underwater treasure
  • Water is formless, tasteless, and colorless, and is yet the crucible of life.
  • Waterless planets have no life.
  • The common denominator of ALL people is water. Save it!
  • Water matters!
  • All living things depend on water.
  • Water is life!
  • You can't live without water!
  • A world without water is just a big dust ball!
  • Life without water is death!

Sustainable Use of Water

Make sure everyone understands the future of water and sustainable use with these sayings:

  • The circle of life follows the cycle of water. Don't break the circle!
  • Don't waste water - it is the lifeline of economy.
  • Waste water today and face a dry tomorrow. Spare water today to thrive tomorrow.
  • Save water every day and keep disaster away.
  • Conserving water ensures your future!
  • Conserve water, reuse greywater.
  • When you conserve water, you save the future.
  • Greywater is twice as good.
  • Cisterns = Water on demand.
  • Wash it away with recycled greywater.
  • Greywater lets you use water twice.

Avoid Water Pollution

Keep water pollution at bay with these slogans:

  • Pollute water at your own peril.
  • What goes around, comes around - especially if it floats!
Trash Polluting Waters
  • Forget fertilizers and remember your water sources.
  • Stop gagging your water sources! Don't choke streams and oceans with plastic.
  • Water should be sipped, not polluted!
  • Clean water = Healthy life!
  • Trash belongs in bins, not the ocean!
  • Save the oceans and save the future.
  • Stop water pollution-Don't litter the beach!
  • Water is absolute! Don't pollute!

Get Proactive to Conserve Water

Inspire water conservation with these great sayings:

  • Grow forests, harvest rainwater.
  • Guilt-free gardening starts with water savings!
  • Plant native vegetation, spare irrigation.
  • Turn off that tap!
  • Reduce, recycle, and reuse water at home.
  • Gutters can carry water to rain barrels!
  • Collect gutter water for thirsty gardens!
  • Be a good water steward.
  • Conserving water means enough for everyone.
  • Minimize water use so it goes farther.

Act Now to Save Water

In 2019, the World Resources Institute (WRI) reported that 17 countries suffer from "extremely high levels of baseline water stress." This has severe consequences in food security and biodiversity, and can lead to economic loses. It is imperative that people act on the level of individuals, communities and nations to preserve this precious natural resource. Sayings and slogans can spur everyone to take action.

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Catchy Slogans to Save Water and Encourage Water Conservation