11 Hilarious Cartoons for Senior Citizens

Updated March 21, 2019
Senior couple using tablet and laughing

For a giggle to a rousing horselaugh, start each day with cartoons for senior citizens! Many talented humorists craft a special perspective on what senior life is like.

Senior Cartoons

Some of these cartoons may run in your local newspaper while others may only be available online. Enjoy perusing these cartoons and find one that makes you laugh.

Bob Zahn

Cartoonist Bob Zahn has a wry and relatable outlook on senior life. Zahn has released many books and greeting cards, and his panels appear in many popular magazines. He focuses on lighthearted senior memories, as well as silly word play in the context of senior experiences.

Cartoon from Bob Zahn
Cartoon from Bob Zahn

Cartoonist Jerry King

Jerry King is featured on Cartoonstock.com. His comic strip takes a look at when grandparents visit and features a very funny play on words. His cartoon can be purchased and used on blogs and websites, as well as printed on gifts.

Mike Baldwin's Quirky Cartoon Strip

Baldwin is a talented cartoonist who has created nearly 5,800 cartoon strips. Baldwin's cartoon takes a unique look at what it's like to be a senior today. His cartoon can be purchased at Cartoonstock.com and can be printed on gifts or reposted online.

Maxine by Hallmark

Maxine, a feisty senior, has reached the age where she pokes fun of everything! Created for Hallmark by cartoonist John Wagner, this crabby lady is one of Hallmark Cards' most popular characters. You'll find her wicked wit on cards, cups, notepads, and e-cards. Her official fan site is complete with snarky comics guaranteed to make you giggle.

Off the Mark

For a little more edgy humor about aging, take a peek at Mark Parisi's panel cartoon Off the Mark. Off the Mark is widely syndicated and Parisi has been nominated twice for Best Newspaper Comic Panel by The National Cartoonists Society.

Geezer Planet

P&M Caregivers have put together a large selection of different senior cartoons on a blog entitled Geezer Planet. A word of caution: this is definitely an adults-only site, with a variety of mild to raunchy jokes and pictures. One of their cartoons focuses on an older woman buying a scout from a vending machine, while another pokes fun at The Village People.


Follow the antics of retired coupled Opal and Earl Pickles and their family in Brian Crane's comic strip Pickles. Crane started cartooning in his 40s, and based Opal and Earl on his in-laws. The comic strip appears in more than 300 newspapers and on comic websites. You can browse the cartoons by date.

The Back Pew

If you're into Christian humor The Back Pew by Jeff Larson is very entertaining. Larson combines family humor with Christian messages. His senior cartoons are especially lighthearted and focus on common issues and complaints that seniors may experience.

Swapmeet Dave

This site is loaded with hilarious comics and jokes created by seniors. These cartoons are updated fairly often but tend to focus on some religious humor, interesting life scenarios, and the differences between senior men and women.

Make Senior Cartoons of Your Own

If you have a fun story to tell about senior life, why not try cartooning? There are classes you can take at community colleges, or you can learn from online tutorials and books. The How to Draw Cartoons Kindle book contains methods for all types of cartooning and it's offered for free.

Enjoying Cartoons

Laughing at the joys and challenges of being a senior is a great way to embrace this stage of your life. Enjoy exploring different senior cartoon sites and find one that really makes you laugh.

11 Hilarious Cartoons for Senior Citizens