Fun Classes for Senior Citizens to Take

Published April 10, 2019
Senior Citizens students taking notes in classroom

There are a ton of fun classes available for seniors to take. Whether you're interested in an exercise class, or something more creative, there are definitely some great options for you.

Educational Classes

If there's a subject you've always been interested in, but didn't get a chance to learn about, you can try out an introductory class and then move on to more advanced classes. To find educational classes you can look up adult learning programs, contact the nearest college to see if they offer online or in person classes, and do a search online by typing in the subject you're interested in. You can also check out the site Udemy which offers a huge selection of online courses that are taught by professionals in almost every subject imaginable. Some educational class options include:

  • English, writing, foreign language, or literature classes
  • Science, government, and health education courses
  • Psychology and sociology classes
  • Biology and chemistry classes
  • Viticulture and botany classes
  • Movie critiquing classes
Senior women using laptops

Artistic and Creative Classes

If you have more free time now or are retired, unleashing your creative side is a great way to spend your day. Focus on activities that you've always wanted to do, but never had the time or a chance to get to. To find artistic or creative classes, you can search for them online, visit local community centers, find a nearby ceramics class or art class studio, and check out cooking classes at Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table. Some class options include:

  • Cake decorating and frosting classes
  • Specialty dessert classes like souffles and French macaron mastering
  • Bread baking courses
  • Water color or acrylic painting classes
  • Pottery classes
  • Music classes or lessons
  • Creative writing class
  • Wood working class
  • Interior design and staging courses
Seniors using pottery wheel in studio

Physical Activity Classes

Taking an exercise class or engaging in something physical is linked to lowering your risk of dementia. Doing so can also help increase your energy and overall quality of life. Local exercise classes can be found at a nearby gym, a yoga studio, or at rock climbing gyms. You can also contact local golf courses, country clubs, or search the app meetup to find exercise groups for seniors. Some exercise classes include:

  • Zumba or other dance classes especially for seniors
  • Yoga classes or Pilates classes to increase relaxation and improve core strength
  • Hiking clubs or groups
  • Rock climbing class
  • Golf and tennis classes
  • Spin class
Seniors with personal trainer in gym exercising

Searching for Classes

If you're having a hard time finding classes that interest you or a specific class, you can contact your local senior center, a house of worship, or AARP for more resources. Let them know a few classes that you'd like to take and they will most likely be able to point you in the right direction. You can also search sites like Yelp to find senior specific classes and read reviews that other participants have left. Even though it can be frustrating to spend lots of time looking for the perfect class, be patient and know that there are some great options out there for you.

Finding the Right Class for You

Taking classes can be a great way to engage in hobbies, learn something new, and meet people who have similar interests. Take your time looking for classes that you think you'll enjoy and give a few a try.

Fun Classes for Senior Citizens to Take