10 Hilarious Retirement Gag Gifts

Updated January 21, 2019

Retirement Gag Gifts

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When it comes to picking out retirement gag gifts, the idea is to elicit the fast laugh. Gag gifts aren't just about humor, they are about the ability to laugh at yourself. This funny hat declares the retiree "under new management" - of the spouse! The hat is available from Etsy for around $15.

Officially Retired Napping Eye Mask

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If the joke around the office is that the retiree will spend a great deal of time snoozing, this 2-pack of napping eye masks are sure to get a laugh. They're available from Amazon for around $10.

Over the Hill Basket

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Not everyone who retires nowadays is actually "over the hill," making this gift basket even more of a gag. Starting at around $70, this basket includes snacks, books, candles, and more.

Senior Moments Decision Spinner

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What should the retired person do their first day of retirement? Take a nap? Drive really slow? Be grouchy? Priced under $10, this funny spinner will help them decide.

Retirement Schedule Pillow

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If you have joked that the retiree will spend a lot more time napping, this pillow makes the perfect gag gift! It spells out the retiree's schedule for the day, basically whatever they feel like doing. Buy for around $7.

You're Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

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Dr. Seuss had a way with words that children found irresistible; retiring adults will get a laugh out of this book about old age set in the same sing-song manner. Purchase this book for around $15 for a hardcover.

Potty Putter Golf

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What will the retiree do with all the extra time they have? This silly gift helps combine leisurely toilet time with a classic retirement activity: golf. This game is available for just over $10.

Retirement Corkscrew

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Retirement can mean it's always "wine o'clock," making this a good gift for a retiree who has made predictions about spending the majority of retirement with a wine bottle nearby. Buy for around $10.

Official Retirement Papers

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You're not likely to find a more "gag" retirement gift than this toilet paper serving as "official retirement papers." Buy a roll for around $6.

What You Don't Know

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This book, "What You Don't Know About Retirement", helps you answer all those niggling questions like what do you do with all that free time? And how do you maximize your retirement? A humorous present for some, it may also be useful to a retiree. Buy for around $7.

Make Gift-Giving Fun


If you search for a retirement gag gift with joy in your heart, you'll easily make the perfect choice. Purchase a gift that suits the recipient and will make them laugh. The right gag gifts can make any retirement celebration memorable, and don't forget to include a funny retirement quote in your card.

10 Hilarious Retirement Gag Gifts