How the Senior Sizzle Site Works

Senior couple

Senior Sizzle is an online dating site for adults over the age of 40 who are looking for sexual partners. This site is ideal for those wanting to browse photos of others and has unique features geared toward older adults.

Senior Sizzle Membership

Senior Sizzle is a members-only site that boasts features such as live webcams and chat rooms. The site also contains photo personals of other seniors who are looking for sex.

Using the Site

The site gives you the option to search for sexual partners in your location. In order to use the features, you must first join the site. To join as a Standard member, which is free, you have to fill out an online form and provide a valid email address. A password will be emailed to you, and then you can log into the site. Standard members can use chat, send instant messages and search the various profiles in the online database. Standard members also can access the interactive magazine that contains poetry, articles and answers to advice questions.

Paid Memberships

In order to take advantage of other features such as viewing member photos, being part of the Cupid match service, and using live video chat, you must pay a fee and join as either a Gold or Silver member.

Senior Sizzle Search Features

Members of either gender and any sexual orientation can search the site for people interested in similar activities. People visiting the site can narrow their search by country and state or province for people looking for partners in the U.S. or Canada. Members of the site can also specify the age range of the potential partners they are interested in. Other search options include:

  • Specifying your interest whether it be men, women, couples, groups or transgender
  • Interest in erotic chat and email
  • Looking for discreet relationships
  • Prefer one-on-one sex

Find Others Like You

Senior singles sites make it easier than ever for people to find like-minded companions to befriend either electronically or in person. Senior Sizzle has found a specific market for people who want to have a partner with whom they can express themselves sexually. What makes the site so valuable to many seniors is that it allows them to be very specific about the kinds of activities they are interested in pursuing.

How the Senior Sizzle Site Works