11 Stores With Great Senior Discounts

Kohl's store

Many post-war baby boomers are reaching retirement age, and a variety of retailers are appealing to this demographic by offering senior discounts. If you shop at stores with senior citizen discounts and satisfy the eligibility requirements, you can enjoy significant savings on your purchases.

Apparel and Department Stores With Senior Discounts

Department stores sell clothing, but they have a wide selection of other merchandise as well, often including accessories, shoes, housewares, and appliances.

Stage Club 50 Plus

Stage has a club 50 plus program that offers members 50 years and older 20 percent off on Tuesdays. This discount is available in stores and online. Fragrances, gift cards, and beauty products aren't eligible for the discount.

Kohl's Senior Discount Days

Seniors Days at Kohl's are happy days. Kohl's offers seniors 60 years and up a 15 percent discount every Wednesday upon proof of age. Kohl's carries toys, furniture, clothing, and housewares.

Ross Senior Discount Tuesdays

Ross is a discount retailer that provides people 55+ years with a 10 percent discount on Tuesdays. You can shop for clothes, shoes, housewares, fragrances, and accessories at Ross.

Grocery Stores With Senior Discounts

Grocery stores today often provide pharmacy and delicatessen services on site, and some sell wines as well. Many offer discounts to senior citizens.

Albertson's Senior Savings Day Discount

Albertson's Market gives customers 55 years and over a 10 percent discount on the first Wednesday of every month. Albertson's sells wines, baked goods, deli meats and cheeses, in addition to groceries.

Bi-lo Senior Bonus Card and Discount

Bi-lo provides a free Senior Bonus card to its 60+ customers that lets them save 5 percent on Wednesdays. Some products are excluded from this discount, like prescription drugs, money orders, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages. Bi-lo accepts both paper and e-coupons.

Gift Shops With Senior Discounts

Looking for a gift or greeting card? If you're a senior, you may be able to receive a discount.

Hallmark Senior Discounts

Hallmark stores may offer seniors a 10 percent discount one day per week. The age requirement and day of the week can vary, so you should ask your local store for details. Hallmark carries gifts, Christmas ornaments, and a large assortment of greeting cards for all occasions.

Other Gift Shops

Some independent gift shops and hospital gift shops offer discounts to seniors. These discounts often aren't advertised, so it is best to ask before buying a gift at one of these establishments.

Hardware and Home Improvement Stores With Senior Discounts

Even home improvement stores may offer discounts for seniors on certain days.

Ace Hardware Senior Discount

Ace Hardware offers a 10 percent senior discount at many locations. The age requirement can vary from 55 to 65, depending on the location, so you'll need to ask your local store for details. Ace Hardware sells home improvement products like paint and lumber in addition to the merchandise typically found in a hardware store.

True Value Senior Discounts

True Value provides a senior discount at some locations, and you must ask at each store for availability and details. True Value sells a wide range of merchandise for the home and garden, including tools, canning supplies, lumber, and paint.

Pharmacies With Senior Discounts

Many pharmacies offer discounts and perks to seniors.

Rite Aid Wellness 65+ Program for Seniors

Rite Aid provides a program called wellnes65+ for seniors aged 65 and above. The program is free to join and offers several benefits, including a 20 percent discount all non-prescription products on the first Wednesday of each month. Members of the wellness65+ program also earn points on their purchases that can be used to obtain wellness rewards.

Lewis Drug Monthly Senior Citizens' Day

Lewis Drug sponsors a Senior Citizen's Day once a month, when seniors can receive 10 percent off their purchases and get a free cup of coffee, free donut, and get their blood pressure checked for free. Alcoholic beverages, smoking products, gift cards, and a few other items are excluded from the discount.

How to Receive a Senior Discount

The best way to find out if a store offers a senior discount is to ask. Although information can be obtained online about stores that offer reduced pricing for seniors, discount availability can vary by location, and the age requirement can vary also, so it is best to ask at the store. Pay attention to notices posted in windows of the stores you frequent, because some stores post fliers advertising special "Senior Days" when discounts are available. Friends who are seniors can also be good sources of information.

A few stores offer senior discounts daily, while others set aside one day per week or month to allow discounts. Some stores provide you with a free card that you'll need to show to receive the discount, while others will offer discounted pricing if you just tell the cashier your age before she rings up the transaction.

Where to Obtain Some Other Senior Discounts

Stores aren't the only providers of senior discounts. Some public transportation carriers like AMTRAK and Southwest Airlines offer discounts to seniors, and so do a number of restaurants, including fast food places like Hardee's. Many movie theaters, hotels, and car rental agencies also provide senior discounts. When a business offers a senior discount, this creates a win-win situation, since the stores that offer these discounts can increase their sales, and seniors can take advantage of the lower prices.

11 Stores With Great Senior Discounts