What Are Some Different Names for Grandmother?

Alternative Names for Grandmother

What are some different names for grandmothers that grandchildren can easily remember? With more than one grandmother in a family, and many young grandmas preferring a 'hip' name, check out alternatives to grandma, gran and nana like Gigi or Nini.

Different Names for Grandma Give Her a Nickname

One of the most fun things about being a grandmother is the simple, yet special, nicknames that only your grandchildren use with you. Even if you've never had a special name before, your grandchildren may be the ones who come up with the perfect nickname. These are often one-syllable words that are easy to say and pronounce even for the youngest children. The many endearing names for grandmother are personal to a family, of course, but there are some universal names that have become popular.

What Are Some Other Names for Grandmother?

When it comes to alternative names for grandmother, it can only take a child a few tries for a name to stick, and last forever. Here are some examples:

Names Derived from Grandmother

  • Granna
  • Me Maw
  • Mam-aw
  • Mammie
  • Mams
  • Grand Mama
  • G-Ma
  • G-Mom
  • Nanny
  • Nana
  • Mom Mom
  • Marme
  • Granny
  • Grammy
  • Grams
  • Grandmom
  • Grahmcracker
  • Grandma Great

More Unique Names for Grandma

Looking for something a little more unique? Try something like:

  • BeBe
  • Burbur
  • Nonnie
  • Nini
  • Meme
  • Mia
  • Mimi
  • Sweetie
  • E-ma
  • Muminca
  • Moggy
  • Nina
  • Bella
  • Gigi

Grandma Names in Different Languages

Consider introducing a grandmother nickname that is part of your ethnicity or from a part of the world you love or want to visit.

  • Tutu (Hawaiian)
  • Nai Nai (Chinese)
  • Oba-Chan (Japanese)
  • Halmoni (Korean)
  • Lola (Filipino)
  • Oma (German and Dutch)
  • Yaya (Greek)
  • Nonna (Italian)
  • Abuela (Spanish)
  • Mor Mor (Swedish for mother's mother)
  • Mor Phar (Swedish for mother's father)
  • Grandmère (French)
  • Mémé (French Canadian)
  • Babushka (Russian)
  • Mica (Serbian)
  • Vovo (Portuguese)
  • Bubbe (Yiddish)

Family Names for Grandma

Another option for grandmother names is to simply use the first or last name and the word grandma (e.g., "Grandma Susan" or "Grandma Green"). This is an easy way for grandchildren to keep it straight as to which side of the family the grandmother is from.

Deciding on a Name for Grandma

In many families, the name that children call their grandmother evolves over time, while other families decide beforehand what the nickname will be. Here are some ways to decide on a name:

  • Ask the grandmother what name she prefers
  • Discuss the nickname as a family and make a formal decision
  • Have a less formal process where the first grandchild chooses a name that he or she can pronounce
  • Try on names from the past, such as the names of previous generations of grandmothers from your family
  • Play a game to choose a name and have everyone participate
  • Start with the name "grandmother," or "grandma," but be open to other possibilities
  • Use a name in another language from your heritage or a name you admire
  • Choose an alternative name for grandfather too

Once the nickname fits, it's easiest to keep it the same for all future grandchildren, although sometimes a child will come along who insists on a certain name.

Other Names for Grandma

When it comes to deciding on what are some different names for grandmother to adopt as her own, choose with care. No matter what name eventually works out, it should be a name that the grandmother is proud to respond to and a natural fit for both children and other family members to say in daily life.

What Are Some Different Names for Grandmother?