What to Put in a Care Package for Seniors

Published March 14, 2019
Young adult giving care package to senior

There are tons of great care package options to send to an elderly friend or relative that will truly brighten their day. Opt for items that you know they will find useful and thoughtful.

Types of Care Packages

There are many types of care packages that you can put together to give to your friend or relative. Think about what they will really enjoy and have fun creating an awesome care package for them. Don't forget to include a sweet note so they know who the gift is from.

Care Package for an Artist

If your loved one is artistic, you can create a unique care package for them filled with art supplies that you know they'll enjoy. Giving a senior art supplies can help them maintain their creativity while also giving them productive activities to occupy their time. Art supplies can be an especially great gift for someone who is retired. This can include:

  • Pastels, paints, colored pencils, or fine tip markers
  • Sketching paper, or a canvas
  • An assortment of adult coloring books

What to Get a Writer

A care package with writing supplies can facilitate your loved one staying mentally sharp while encouraging them to continue using their fine motor skills. If you're interested in getting a gift for a friend or family member who enjoys writing, you can consider:

  • A notebook
  • An assortment of pens and pencils
  • Writing guide books or grammar books

Care Package for Post Surgery

If your friend or family member just went through surgery, think about what they are able to do before purchasing a gift for them. To be extra considerate, you can include goodies for their family members who are staying at the hospital with them. Thoughtful gifts can help your elderly friend or relative feel comfortable and pampered which is something that a hospital stay can often take away from them. You can think about getting them:

  • Books, magazines, and word puzzles to help pass the time
  • Favorite foods or snacks for everyone to enjoy
  • A warm blanket and socks since hospitals can get a little chilly
  • A comfy pillow for them to sleep on if they didn't bring their own from home
  • A nice toiletry set with luxurious lotions, shampoos, body wash, soaps, and face wipes
  • A nice robe and candles to help make their hospital stay a bit homier

Care Package for a Sick Friend or Relative

If a sick friend or relative is in the hospital, a thoughtful gift can make all the difference to them. You can give them a care package with:

  • An E-reader so they can enjoy some reading when they're up for it
  • A nice, soft towel that they can use when they wash themselves if they're going to be there for a bit
  • Some comfort foods or treats that they can enjoy along with their visitors if appropriate
  • Nice chapstick and hand cream since hospitals tend to run cold which can lead to dry skin
  • Puzzles, word searches, or sudoku books

These gifts can help your friend or relative engage in brain boosting activities and self care which is incredibly important for older individuals to prioritize.

An Entertainment Care Package

If your friend or relative is into movies and books, you can put together an entertainment care package to re-spark their passion. This gift is great for older individuals who need a bit of a mood boost. In it you can include:

  • A Kindle or tablet
  • A few books that you think they would enjoy
  • An assortment of movies
  • A gift card or pre-paid subscription for Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix
  • Popcorn, candy, or any other movie theatre themed treat
  • Nice headphones

Relaxation Care Package

If you're looking to inspire a little relaxation, a care package is a great way to put together a few nice items for your loved one. Often times older people put their needs on the back-burner, so encouraging self care and relaxation is a great idea. In it you can put:

Senior woman using essential oil diffuser
  • A diffuser and some lavender essential oils
  • A lumbar pillow
  • A sleep mask or nice socks
  • A few assorted candles with soothing scents
  • Coffee, hot cocoa, or tea
  • Home-made soup and bread
  • Body lotion with a relaxing scent
  • A weighted blanket

Just Because Care Package

If you're thinking about a friend or relative and just want to show them how much they mean to you, giving them a thoughtful care package is a great way to do so. This can help boost their mood and put a smile on their face. In your care package you can include:

  • Customized mugs or napkins
  • Favorite goodies, or homemade treats
  • A coupon for a week's worth of homemade dinners at any time
  • A gift certificate for a massage
  • New, fuzzy pajamas
  • Manicure set or grooming kit
  • Cute tea towels

Importance of Care Packages

Gifting a care package shows your loved ones that you are thinking of them. When creating a custom care package think about your loved one's likes and needs and put together something thoughtful and special.

What to Put in a Care Package for Seniors