Where to Play Rummy Online for Free

Published July 31, 2018
Playing Rummy

Rummy is one of the oldest and most popular card games in the world. It can be a calming source of stress relief and a great way to pass an afternoon with friends, but what if no one is around to form a table? Fortunately, all you have to do to enjoy a great game of rummy is to fire up your computer's web browser. You can play rummy online against a computer or join in an online game of gin rummy versus live opponents.

Play Rummy Against a Computer

There are many websites where you can play card games online for free, including standard rummy (also known as traditional rummy). No registration is needed for any of the sites listed.


Developed by Einar Egilsson, CardGames.io boasts several classic card games that you can play against two, three, or four computer-controlled opponents. The cartoon-inspired visual style is decidedly simple and straightforward, utilizing free clip art graphics. The game will pop up with "warnings," like when you are attempting to discard a card that could be laid off onto an existing meld. You can also automatically sort your hand with a single mouse click.

Play Rummy Online

The appropriately named Play Rummy Online offers a singular focus on a website that consists only of a single page. When you arrive on the website, you are immediately presented with your first one-on-one rummy game. There are no options for choosing additional players, changing the layout, or any other configuration settings. Your hand is fanned out near the bottom of the page and the random computer opponent has its hand fanned out at the top. The playing area is flanked on either side by ad banners. For ease of reference, rummy game instructions are included further down the page.


The layout of Rummytastic is virtually identical to that of Play Rummy Online with fanned out card hands. Similarly, this website also consists of but a single main page where you can play a game of rummy. The key difference is that there are no advertising banners on this page, making for a more distraction-free experience. Basic text rules for how to play the game are also offered.

Where to Play Gin Rummy Online

Among the many free online games you may want to play, gin rummy is a terrific option that can be played by between two and six players.


PlayOK is a website where you can play online games against live opponents. In addition to board games like chess, checkers, and shogi, the website also offers gin rummy. If you check the website's homepage, you'll see the number of players currently online in parentheses. While registration is not required and you can play as a guest, registering for a free account allows for rankings, private messaging and other features.

Game With Pals

Allowing you to play with real players around the world, Game With Pals offers a choice of backgrounds and the ability to add other players as friends. You will need to register for an account to get started, but the multiplayer experience itself is free. You get competitive leaderboards and the opportunity to wager in-game chips against other players. You are provided with free chips every day, but you can buy more if you'd like. To play on your computer, use your Facebook account. Alternatively, the game is also available for iOS and Android devices as a free download.

Microsoft Store

If you have a Windows 10 PC, then you can pick up the Gin Rummy Multiplayer app for your computer via the Microsoft Store as a free download. This game offers online multiplayer support, as well as the option to play against the computer, across four different game types: gin rummy, straight gin, Oklahoma gin and Hollywood gin. The visual style is that of a classic casino card game.

Count Up the Cards

While rummy may have a reputation as a game for seniors to play, it can be enjoyed by anyone at almost any age. Whether you're interested in playing traditional rummy against computer opponents or you want to test your gin rummy skills against other human players around the globe, there's a website or app that'll get you a seat at the virtual table.

Where to Play Rummy Online for Free