Aquarius Birthstone Facts and Meanings

Published May 11, 2020
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The meanings of various birthstones for Aquarius can provide you with facts about the properties attributed to each. This information can help you decide which birthstone you want to use.

Aquarius Birthstone Color Meaning for Amethyst

Amethyst is considered the most powerful birthstone for Aquarius and it is believed to hold the same energies as Uranus. The planet Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and the planet carries powerful energies. Since ancient times, amethyst has been the gemstone associated with Uranus.

Amethyst Powerful Properties

Amethyst properties include healing energies and the energy of the violet flame of St. Germaine, an ascended master. All these powerful energies are available to Aquarius to provide inner strength and the power to break addictions - especially alcohol - earning amethyst the nickname of "sobriety stone."

  • You can wear an amethyst ring with a matching necklace and earrings for a powerful jewelry combination when going out on the town to ensure you don't become intoxicated!
  • You may prefer a simple approach by wearing just an amethyst bracelet to give you the inner strength you need to ask for a raise.
  • You can place an amethyst cluster by your bed to assist the healing energy of sleep.
Amethyst crystals


Garnet is another Aquarius birthstone that is also considered very powerful. In fact, garnet symbolizes victory over challenges.

Garnet Meaning and Uses

Garnet is a highly prized stone believed to imbue purity and the love for the truth to those who wear it. A garnet birthstone can be used as a protection talisman against all forces of evil. It can also be used for grounding whenever you feel you're under spiritual attack.

  • You can use a garnet stone for a palm stone to counter any negative forces during meditation or while conducting a psychic reading.
  • You can wear a garnet necklace to protect you from black magic, such as evil eye or mental depression or fear induced by a black magic spell.
  • Placing a garnet stone in your home can attract good luck and positive and abundant energies to create a harmonious home life.
Garnet Mineral

Rainforest Jasper

The stone known as rainforest jasper is also called green rhyolite. It is used as a grounding birthstone for Aquarius.

Meaning and Uses for Rainforest Jasper

You can use rainforest jasper as a catalyst or energy conduit to delve deeper into your spirituality. The energy of this birthstone vibrates to the frequency of your heart chakra.

  • You can use rainforest jasper to open a closed heart chakra by wearing it on a long chain, so it falls over your heart chakra. This birthstone will attract positive and joyous energies.
  • You can allow rainforest jasper to boost your spiritual growth by focusing on a rainforest jasper wand or monolith when undergoing meditation or trance practices.
  • Rainforest jasper is believed to have healing energies for emotional/heart/love related matters.
Rainforest Jasper Rhyolite

Sugilite and Its Aquarius Birthstone Colors

Sugilite is a rare Aquarius birthstone that has a range of color from pink to purple. This rare crystal is believed to have spiritual healing energies as well as awakening energies for psychic abilities.

How You Can Use Sugilite to Grow Spiritually

Sugilite is touted as an energizer for all things spiritual. This can mean personal spiritual growth and enhancing various psychic abilities.

  • You can wear pink sugilite jewelry to activate or empower various psychic abilities, such as the channeling of spirits, boosting ESP, and enhancing your intuition.
  • You can choose a magenta sugilite crystal in a healing session to mend a broken heart or soothe other emotional sadness.
  • If you suffer from chronic physical pain, a violet sugilite crystal can be used as a conduit of healing energy that calms inflammation and subsequently treats pain.
Sugilite Crystal Gemstone

Learning Facts about Various Aquarius Birthstone Meanings

Selecting the right birthstone for Aquarius requires fully understanding its metaphysical attributes. You can learn about different Aquarius birthstones and their meanings to better understand how you can use them.

Aquarius Birthstone Facts and Meanings