Best Taurus Colors and Palettes to Help You Thrive

Published February 10, 2020
Best colors for Taurus

The best colors for Taurus and the color palettes that can help the bull thrive may surprise you. In fact, one color might be quickly rejected by some bulls!

Discover the Best Taurus Colors and Palettes to Help You Thrive

Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, the same planet that rules Libra. Unlike the selfless love energies Venus bestows to Libra, Taurus receives a more sensual and earthy kind of love vibe. Along with this energy, the colors forest and emerald green are prominent. Three other colors associated with Taurus include pink, white, and black.

Green Is Taurus' Power Color

Of the three colors in the Taurus color palette, green stands firm as the bull's power color. The green value is often described as forest green or emerald green.

Growth and Vibrancy

Green is the color most associated with growth. As an earth color, it is the color of plants and trees. Each spring new green emerges as the life cycle repeats. Green revitalizes Taurus and provides the energies that allow the bull to grow and expand in life experiences.

Wealth and Power

Green is also the color of money. The power and wealth of currency is attractive to Taurus. Venus bestows the love of earthy possessions along with a healthy dose of self-worth and self-love.

How to Use Power Color

There are several ways Taurus can tap into the abundant energy of this power color. The first is through home and office décors. The second is with wardrobe.

Putting on the Green

Putting on the green isn't just for St Patrick's Day. For Taurus, it could be every day since this color will give Taurus a boost of power needed for a meeting or special event. You can accessorize an existing outfit with an emerald necklace and earrings, or a pair of emerald cufflinks and tie clasp.

Green outfit with emerald necklace

Office Décor Options

Add a little green to your office décor with a few green accent pieces. Place a green jade or green aventurine carved dragon on your desk or a jade vase. Other green object can be used, such as ceramics and wall art. You may decide a green rug design will give your office the power boost it needs.

Home Décor Using Green

Taurus can use green in home décor choices. Other colors in the Taurus palette can be incorporated, such as black accent pieces or black and green upholstery fabrics.

  • Select a light green paint for the walls.
  • Choose an emerald green accent wall in the living room or bedroom.
  • A pink and green palette for a sunroom or bedroom may be just the power color combination needed.
  • Green plants in black, white, pink, or green planters are ideal ways to introduce a color palette.
Asian woman watering green plants

Lucky Color for Taurus Is Pink

Pink is the color Taurus can use to attract luck. Whether you need luck in business or your personal life, you can add a little pink or go all out.

Adding Pink to Décors

You can introduce pink into your home or office décor with pink flowers. Choose a silk arrangement for a permanent pink touch. Other options include decorative pillows, accent pieces, artwork or something as simple as a throw or blanket.

Wardrobe Options

Pink represents the higher love vibration of Venus. If you need a little luck in your love life or need a new opportunity in business, try wearing pink.

  • You can carry a rose quartz in your pocket or purse.
  • You may prefer to wear pink jewelry for a more personal connection with lady luck.
  • A pink shirt or blouse contrasted against a black suit, another Taurus color, ensures luck.
  • A pink dress with matching shoes and purse will attract all the luck you need in love or business.
wearing pink dress holding pink shoes

Taurus' Favorite Color Choices

Most bulls will be drawn to a specific color. Consider the Taurus color palette of green, pink, white, and black. Consider each color separately to gauge if you feel a special connection with one. Whichever color you feel represents you, use it as often as you can when making color choices to reinforce its positive energies in your life.

Taurus Color Palettes

Taurus can create several color palettes to use in various facets of life. In design, the ideal color combinations are groups of threes.

  1. Green, pink and white
  2. Pink, black and green
  3. Black, white and pink
  4. White, black and green
green, white and black decor

Using Taurus Color Palettes

You can select one or more color palettes specific to Taurus to use in designing your wardrobe, home décor and office décor. If you have your own business, choose a Taurus palette for your company colors and use them whenever possible. You can even choose your vehicle based on your Taurus colors.

Exploring the Best Taurus Colors and Palettes to Help You Thrive

Color can be a powerful tool for Taurus. Once you understand how to use the colors in a Taurus color palette, you can take advantage of the energies each one brings to you.

Best Taurus Colors and Palettes to Help You Thrive