Eros in Astrology

Updated November 13, 2018
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Astrology is rooted in the planets, but also includes other celestial objects and astronomical events. One such object is Eros, an asteroid that affects love and sex in an astrological chart. You can find your own Eros sign and learn how this asteroid applies to you.

The Power of Eros

Meteor upon earth

Somewhere between here and Mars, a chunk of rock circles the Sun. That asteroid is called Eros, and it is the second largest of the near-Earth asteroids. Its unstable orbit suggests that it has the potential to become an Earth impactor on the same scale as the asteroid that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

In astrology, the behavior of a body in space (whether a planet, asteroid or luminary) has a great deal to do with its meaning. As well as studying the physical body, astrologers look to its name to find its meaning. Eros is the god of physical love and lust. That's a lot of power for such a tiny bit of rock! The power of Eros is not rooted in its size, but its proximity and potential danger.

Deeper Than Just Sex

Eros is erotic love, attraction, turn-ons, and titillation. It encompasses that feeling of 'oh yes!' in many areas of life, not simply sex. Eros represents the promise of sexual desire, the transformational power of unity with another being. It's pure attraction rather than true compatibility.

Eros shows where erotic attraction might get you in trouble, and it also reveals what your best, healthiest erotic life can look like. Humans are erotic beings and Eros wants you to say 'yes.' The rest of your birth chart will help to guide you on when and where you can give in to this impulse, and when it's best to pull back.

Eros Through the Signs

The sign Eros is found in isn't necessarily a big factor in a person's life. The major planets simply outweigh it. This tiny, very minor asteroid, however perilous it may prove to be, offers the icing, not the cake (though the icing is so sweet). When Eros is highlighted, however, it can prove to be a potent force.

Find your Eros sign at Cafe Astrology using their chart and then learn what it means below.

Eros in Aries

When you want something, you want it now. You throw yourself at new passions with such energy that the objects of your desire may be as likely to run as to stay. This passion may be short-lived, as your changeable attention span swiftly shifts focus to a new attraction. It is possible for you to cross the line into abuse without noticing as you need to develop sensitivity to others' needs and feelings. Your erotic life is a constant adventure, and you will be either the hero or the villain of the story, likely both at different times according to your evolution. And you must evolve.

Eros in Taurus

Eros in Taurus

Your body itself is a wonderful source of erotic pleasure. Your favorite turn-on is skin contact; you may not know if you are into somebody until you touch, and then that person's body becomes your world. You love sex, but there is no goal. The fixed, sensual nature of Taurus makes it easy to stay present with each caress. When you enjoy your senses, the world is a sensual paradise. Your biggest issue is overpowering possessiveness; you can't stand to lose anything, ever. Since losses are part of life, your lesson is to let go. Surrender to the grief, cry as deeply as possible for as long as you need to and then return to your senses.

Eros in Gemini

It's very difficult to know what you really want. Your mind is involved, and it is so changeable. You are a butterfly, turned on by variety and novelty. Your primary organ of erotic attraction is your mind; fantasies and sexy stories are big for you. The mind is a powerful venue, and so the downfall of Eros in Gemini is distractibility. You find yourself thinking of other things when you need to be in your senses. Pay attention to what you are feeling and learn to quiet your mind. Try keeping an erotic journal. Writing down what you want and articulating the fantasies can help to get them out of your head and make your desires clear.

Eros in Cancer

Eros in Cancer is turned on by feeling safe, comforted, nurtured and loved. If you feel at all scared, this is a signal to you that something is not right. You're so sensitive and vulnerable sexually that it can take time for a new lover to feel safe and right to you. You need to take all the time you want! It's perfectly all right to get to know somebody well before you open all your secret places to them. For you, if something does not feel right, then it is definitely wrong. You may well say 'yes,' and then change that 'yes' to a 'no.' You are changeable and sensitive, so own that. Only you know what is right for you.

Eros in Leo

You are turned on by feeling admired! When somebody picks you out from the crowd and gives you special attention, your feathers preen. You are an easy 'yes,' but when you out, invalidated or otherwise set aside, you are swift to anger. Your pride can be a problem, but it's better to end a sexual relationship or scene than to deny it. Humiliation can poison your very soul. Insist on being treated as somebody important to your lovers - you have that right. Don't forget though that they are important too. Treat your lovers like royalty and expect no less from them in return.

Eros in Virgo

Eros in Virgo

You can be finicky about what turns you on, but you really love when your partner allows you to give to them. You are sensitive to others' bodies and you love to help people feel good. Giving is better than receiving to you. You may enjoy submitting to a dominant partner, however, and if you are an abuse survivor, you might too easily find yourself recreating abusive situations. Sexual and emotional healing are crucial. You are acutely sensitive to harsh and abrasive situations; you prefer the lights to be low, the music soft and the textures smooth. When you are able to let go, you are highly uninhibited and sensual.

Eros in Libra

You love to flirt and feel attractive, and it turns you on when two or more potential partners compete for your attention. It might be enough just to know that they want you; you are very choosy about who you finally let in. Love is your bottom line and your ultimate goal is a committed relationship. You tend to look at every new potential partner in the light of what sort of life mate they would be. You have a tendency to project though and to act as if your unstated assumptions are the truth. Communication is key! Learn to be direct and clear in asserting your needs.

Eros in Scorpio

Everything turns you on, Scorpio Eros! You are deeply tuned in to the sexual pulse of the universe. You know exactly how to push the buttons to make someone desire you; you love to experience deep, intense sexual intimacy. You crave it, and as much as you enjoy exerting your sexual power, you are also compelled by it, helpless in the face of the forces that drive you. When you make love, you can virtually become that person, you feel them all the way down. Yet you can become cold and distant after the fact. It's not easy for you to admit to how vulnerable you truly are, but true, lasting intimacy demands it.

Eros in Sagittarius

Sex is a lot of fun for you though not particularly deep or emotional. You enjoy the romping, playful physical act, and you love to try new things. You are bored by the same old thing, and if you are in a relationship that confines you, you can easily wander. The physical act doesn't seem so important to you, so it might not be easy to see the point of sexual fidelity if you are with a partner who needs that. Choose your partners wisely! There are others out there who love what you have to offer, and who share your preferences.

Eros in Capricorn

You enjoy sex a lot, but you are not interested in a lot of erotic foreplay. When it's time for sex, you tend to be ready and you don't like investing a lot of time and attention in the preparation. You like to be in charge of yourself, so loss of control is a turn off for you. You have a high sex drive, but you don't like sex to get in the way of things you deem to be more important. Sex should be available to you when you want it though you are smart and pragmatic enough to see that compromises need to be made.

Eros in Aquarius

You enjoy fantasies and you are highly turned on by physical appearance. You prefer exotic and unusual styles in potential partners; you seek novelty. You have an ideal vision of the person who is right for you even though that person in all likelihood does not exist outside your mind. All of your turn-ons begin mentally. You can be seduced by a story or image and feel disillusioned by the real world which tends not to look much like the fantasy. Accepting the reality of 'what is' can be your greatest challenge.

Eros in Pisces

Eros in Pisces

You have very erotic dreams and you can adapt easily to any sexual situation. You are capable of being anyone you want and you are endlessly inventive with a penchant for role play. You are highly sensitive and can easily be seduced by others' desires of you, having difficulty telling the difference between their feelings and your own. You need lots of time alone to get clear of others' energies. You are very empathic and compassionate and love easily.

A Deeper Understanding of Desire

Leaning more about Eros and how it affects your life gives you more power to fulfill your true desires appropriately. Once you understand the connection, you can use this information to make better choices and not succumb to every temptation that presents itself.

Eros in Astrology