Financial Tips for Geminis

Published July 16, 2019
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Money means different things to different people and for a Gemini, money is simply a means to an end. They work hard because the money they make represents the freedom to do what they want. To a fun-loving, freewheeling, and easily bored Gemini freedom is everything.

Gemini and Money

A Gemini never wants to be without money but rarely worries about where their next dollar will come from. They want the fun of making money but are spendthrifts who have an "easy come easy go" optimistic attitude when it comes to their finances. Due to their dual nature, a Gemini can at times be frugal and save for their future, but most often they're happy-go-lucky spendthrifts who are all about spending their money on a good time, no matter how short-lived it might be.

Tips for a Spendthrift Gemini

A Gemini has no problem making money, but they do have problems hanging onto it. They can lessen the damage to their bankroll if they avoid using credit cards, and stick to a monthly budget that includes automatically saving a specific amount each month for the future.

Marriage and Money

It's also best if a Gemini marries a person who understands their spendthrift nature and can handle the family finances. The problem is that a Gemini won't be told how to spend their money, so as you can imagine they can expect there will be problems to work out when it comes to family finances.

The Excitement of Money

Boredom and routine are big issues Geminis who can also be risk takers and wheeler-dealers. Which means they can get into financial difficulties looking for excitement. Whether it's taking off on a vacation rather than paying their bills, making impulsive buys, playing the stock market, hitting the casino, or becoming dissatisfied with their current job or living situation, dropping everything and moving on, a Gemini is prone to gamble with their financial future. And if they hit the financial skids, they just roll with it. Geminis are clever and always seem to have some money-making scheme up their sleeve.

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Gemini Career Choices

Geminis are born entrepreneurs who tend to be extremely independent and self-reliant. They're great multi-taskers who want their work to be like play and have difficulty focusing on the same project for a long period and should avoid mundane jobs that are extremely detailed. Their best career choices are in sales, media, advertising, marketing, journalist/writer, teaching, or delivery/driver.

Finding Money in a Gemini's Horoscope

If you're a Gemini keep in mind that finding money in your horoscope takes more than just knowing your Sun sign. It requires complete birth data (date, time and location) for an accurate birth chart and most likely a professionally certified astrologer who can accurately assess the condition of each money house and well as the signs of the all the planets and the aspects each makes.

The Astrological Money Houses

Each of the 12 astrological houses can say something about money, but the traditional money houses are the second, eighth, and eleventh houses.

  • The second house is the house of personal assets and wealth.
  • The eighth house is money accumulated through inheritances, partnership and/or marriage.
  • The eleventh house is personal assets accumulated through business and career.

When looking for money in a birth chart professional Astrologers look at:

  • The zodiac sign on the cusp of each money house
  • The house in which the ruler of those signs resides
  • Note if the rulers make hard or soft aspects to other planets
  • Considers the planets in each money house and the aspects they make to other planets
  • They also consider Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn

Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Money

If you ask novice astrologers what indicates the potential for "wealth" in a chart, they will say to look for Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (money) connections or for Jupiter in the second house. But many ultra-rich types have Saturn (the taskmaster) and Venus connections in their charts. Although they aren't Geminis, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg all have Venus and Saturn conjunct in their birth charts.

Saturn and sun in outer space

Gemini Donald Trump

The perfect Gemini example is Donald Trump, who not only has Venus/Saturn conjoined in his birth chart but also Jupiter in the second house. True to his Gemini penchant for being a wheeler-dealer and risk taker, The Washington Post fact-checkers reported that Trump gambled and lost six times (6 bankruptcies) but cleverly made the losses work in his favor.

Gemini's Double-Sided Nature

Of course, every Gemini is different related to their entire birth chart, but typically the double-sided nature of Gemini makes them capricious, and this quality can extend to their financial decisions. One side may say "spend" while to the other side may say "save". But the truth is a Gemini thrives on excitement, change, variety and can be cunning and crafty in order to make sure they can have what they want and live the life they desire.

Financial Tips for Geminis